YeCh’Ti’Wawa’s Kennel Lvl.96

Required Level : level 96
Location : Ruins of the Asparah Gorge! You’re almost level 100, keep going ! You are now ready to confront the YeCh’Ti’Wawa ! Run without fear, adventure, because Method did a whole guide for you ! The dungeon is not difficult, the mechanic is pretty simple and I will detail it all on that page. Though, there is one important thing to know about those monsters :
When you kill one of them (except for the Boohemoons), it will not die instantly but transform into ice (K.O. in 10 turns). Only the Boohemoons are able to revive them, so be careful and always focus the Boohemoons or you might have to kill some monsters twice !

First Room

Composition : 2x Boohemoons, 2x Crobamoons, 2x Crobamoths
Sans titre

All the monsters will have those two buffs. So if you end or start your turn near an enemy, you will lose 3% of your max HP. Also, all the monster will heal themselves while attacking you. That can be a bit annoying ! The more Cold Blooded the target is, the greater the heal the monster will receive. For each level of Cold Blood, the number of HP stolen by Boohemoths will increase of 15%. You lose 1 level of Cold Blood at the start of each turn.

crobamothThe Crobamoths level.90 : They have 3 spells and are weak to many elements, especially earth, so enjoy ! Slide : Adds 1 level of Cold Blood and attracts the target (They can attract you in a Cold Blood cell, so don’t end in line with them). Frozen Crobill : Deals water damages and adds 1 level of Cold Blood. But the strongest spell is Caw Cry : Removes 2 MPs, 2 Range, 30 Dodge for 1 turn. When you kill them, they turn to ice.

crobamoonThe Crobamoons lvl.93 : They have 3 spells as well but they are a bit more resistant ! Lament : Deals air damages and adds 1 level of Cold Blood. Destabilizing Cry : Removes 25 Dodge and 35 in critical. And finally, Explocry : this one is a bit particular because the Crobamoon has to target a block of ice (his ally in ice) to cast an AoE around it. It deals AoE damages and removes 2 MPs. So don’t end near a block of ice. When you kill them, they turn to ice.

The Boohemoons lvl.96 : As the others, the Boohemoons have 3 spells, they’re weak to water. Boohemurmur : Deals good fire damages and steals 1 MP. Gorge : Unknown. Their most annoying spell.. Refreezing : Revives an ally in ice. They can revive an ally only once, after that, he has the state “Refrozen” which means he has already been revived. The monster also wins a buff for 1 turn “Refreezing” : +4 APs, +4 MPs, damage doubled. They don’t turn to ice when killed.


Second Room

Composition : 2x Boohemoons, 2x Crobamoons, 2x Crobamoths, 1x Enraged Boohemoth


The Enraged Boohemoths lvl.100 : Boohemoths have 3 spells and are weak to air ! They are really strong so try to avoid close combat. Howling : Buffs an ally with 1 MP and 50 elemental mastery. Disembowel : Deals a lot of earth damages and removes 40 Dodge. And finally, Rescue : casts sacrifice on an ally. If that ally is hit, switches places so the caster takes the damages. When you kill them, they turn to ice.

Third Room

Composition : 2x Boohemoons, 2x Crobamoons, 2x Crobamoths, 2x Enraged Boohemoths

Boss Room

Composition : 2x Boohemoons, 2x Crobamoons, 2x Crobamoths, 2x Enraged Boohemoths, 1x YeCh’Ti’Wawa


The YeCh’Ti’Wawa lvl.110 : The YeCh’Ti’Wawa has… you thought 3, right ? Wrong, he has 5 deadly spells ! Chill-Wawa : Adds 3 levels of Cold Blood (the maximum). Overpow-Wawa : Deals good water damages and gives Gangrene (Gangrene : When a spell is cast -50 HPs air by AP used). Mirrawr : Deals high water damages and switch places with the target. Icy Wa-Wheeze : Deals high water damages, removes 40 Dodge and adds 1 level of Cold Blood. The most annoying one is Wawa-Webound : Stabilizes the YeCh’Ti’Wawa and applies Wawa-Webound aura on himself (and his ally in an AoE of 2 cells). This aura will make every single target spell rebound on you !

The Strategy : Always focus on the Boohemoons first because they will revive their allies which can be very dangerous in the boss room. The Yech’Ti’Wawa will cast Wawa-Webound every 2 turns. It makes every single target spell rebound on you. The solution ? Hit him with AoE spells ! Do not target him directly and he will take the damages.


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  • Dungeon drops :


  • Boss drops :



  • Ice Rage I : Complete the dungeon
  • Ice Rage II : Kill the boss first
  • Ice Rage III : Kill the boss last
  • Ice Rage Final : Complete Ice Rage I, II & III – Rewards : YeCh’Ti’Wawa Statue

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