Xelorium Present Lvl.160

Required Level : level 160              Recommended number of characters : 1

Here we are, finally the second part of the quest, and this time, in Xelorium Present ! This is for now the end of the questline, there is no other quest when you will level up, so enjoy ! Since it’s the last, this temple is pretty complicated, be brave. You should be able to get it done in less than an hour and you will get enough exp to level up 161. I advise you to do the mercenary quests, the licence costs 320 000 k, but the exp is really good and you will get Bygone fragments at the end of it, which should make up for those 320 000 k ! You will also obtain your last artifact : Xelor’s Sandglass (Click here to check to which new chests you can have access now !).

1 – Looking to make up for lost Time

“The Explorancient wasn’t lying to you, this place is unsettling. Time is all mixed up in a strange way here. Find a way to travel through the eras and get back to the present.”

  • Cross the time rift

Reward : 17 745 000 xp

Tips : to go through the portal, you will have to deal with three different “fights”, the principle is really easy. For the first one, you need to stay hidden in order to not get damages. You will have to get closer and to kill the two orbs around him to make him vulnerable. Without that, he’s invulnerable !

Second fight : Switch between shadow and light to survive to the Crolk’s mood ! Kill all the orbs to damage the Crolk.

Third fight : This time, there are four enemies. You are safe as long as you stay in the square in the middle of the field, if you get out, the monsters will attack you. Otherwise, they won’t even move. Once again, kill all the orbs so the monsters become vulnerable.

2 – Passing Time

“You did it ! The crossing wasn’t without its difficulties, but you made it to the other side. You’re now back in the Present Xelorium. All you have to do now is find the Dimensional Sage who’s hiding in the area and see if he can help you pick up Chad’s tracks.”

  • Go to the Present and speak to the Sage

Reward : 25 000 000 xp

3 – Deactivation of the Dimensional System

“A Dimensional barrier is preventing access to the portal that leads to Inglorium’s Temple. To destroy it, you need to find and destroy three dimensional beacons. The Sage has told you where you can find these beacons. Nothing left to do but get going !”

  • Deactivate the “Ex” dimensional beacon
  • Deactivate the “Wye” dimensional beacon
  • Deactivate the “Zedd” dimensional beacon

Reward : 75 000 000 xp + Desactivation Data (USB)

4 – It was Time

“The last beacon has been deactivated, which means the barrier that was blocking you has disappeared ! Make sure you’re well-prepared before you get there, there’s a good chance that Chad has beaten you to it. It’s time for him to pay for what he has done. There’s no way he’s getting away this time.”

  • Go to the dimensional portal

Reward : 25 000 000 xp

5 – Whatever will be, Wilby !

“Sram had no pity for your companion. But when he wanted to travel through the portal, it reacted strangely, sending him violently back into his dimension. The path is now clear, and the time has come to finish what you started. Travel through the portal and take control of the divine power.”

  • Step through the Dimensional portal

Reward : 10 000 000 xp

Tips : You will have to choose between keeping Pandora or Chad alive. No, there is no way to save both unfortunately.. The one you will choose will become one of your sidekick that you will be able to use in the hero interface. Chad is a melee character while Pandora is range. It’s all up to you ! The choice won’t change anything to the questline.


6 – Dimensional System Strenghtened

“You have found Xelor’s Sandglass, a powerful artefact that will allow you to use time rifts without taking any risks. Use it wiselyto deactivate the temple’s various beacons and, in doing so, gain access to the room where the Divine Power is hidden.”

  • Deactivate the first present beacon
  • Deactivate the second present beacon
  • Deactivate the first past beacon
  • Deactivate the second past beacon

Reward : 75 000 000 xp

Tips : Go in the room on the right to confront the first Krosmogolem ! That Krosmogolem is the longest to kill, but have no fear adventurer, it’s not difficult and I will explain it all to you.
That Krosmogolem is invulnerable, in order to remove this state, you have to hit him with 10APs/MPs x Number of fighters in the back, sides and front. He has a state that tells you to hit in the back, make it up to level 10 (with attacks for 10APs/MPs) then it will change to sides and then to front.. After these actions, the Krosmoglob will get out of his armor, when he does so, every players around it are pushed of one cell. But if you’re against a wall, you will get hit by 2000 damages so be careful !
Sans titre
Congrats, you did it, now the Krosmoglob is out of his armor for 3 turns. You now have to take the Krosmoglob to the center of the map on the blue glyph. Each attack will push him of one cell. Another solution is just to go there, the Krosmoglob usually follows you and ends his turn next to you. Repeat this operation 3 times (I said it was the longest to kill !).

You killed the first Krosmogolem, now go to the room on the left to confront the second Krosmogolem. This one has a different strategy. You have to hit him with 20 AP/MPs in the back, after what the Krosmoglob goes out of his armor for 3 turns. Be careful again, every players around will be pushed and if you’re against a wall, you will get 2000 damages ! Now, as for the other one, just bring the Krosmoglob to the blue glyph. This time, you have to do that only once !

Take the content of the chest (a key) and go to the Orbs’ room, on the right. Take the artefact from the chest. Deactivate the yellow orb and go through the time rift on the left of the room.


Attack the security Krosmogolem. A new strategy again ! To defeat this one, you have to get the 3 Krosmoglobs into the glyphs. Again, you can push them by casting any spell them, they will be pushed by one cell every time.


Deactivate the first security system, go down for two rooms to find a chest, take its content (an another key). Go back to the precedent room and go through the time rift.
Go back to the Orbs’ room and activate the yellow orb again. Then go to the first room on the left and go through the time rift.

Open the door, deactivate the security system and go through the time rift on the right.

Again, open the door and deactivate the security system. Then go on the left to fight another security Krosmogolem. As for the first one, get his 3 Krosmoglobs into the glyphs to defeat him. Finally, deactivate the last security system.

Go back to the orbs’ room. Now the path to the room on the top is open. In that room, open the chest to get the “Boss Key”, the last one ! Go through the door.

7 – Pandora

“Pandora’sbox is guarded by a modified Krosmogolem. And it doesn’t seem to want to let you go through. This is the final obstacle between you and the Divine power, and you have no choice but to find a way to destroy it.”

  • Break into the box’s security system

Reward : 100 000 000 xp

Tips : You are now facing the last obsctacle between you and the Divine Power : The Mega-Krosmogolem. That boss has 4 buffs : Anti-earth rune, Anti-air rune, Anti-fire rune, Anti-water rune. On the ground, you will see 4 unusual glyphs, each with an element. You guessed well, you have to get the Mega-Krosmogolem to walk on each glyph to remove his invulnerability to the elements ! After doing so, he will get the buff “Elemental armor” and will summon 3 Krosmoglobs. To finally kill that Krosmogolem, you will have to push the 3 Krosmoglobs in the glyphs like you did before.


8 – Divine Comedy

“The Mega-Krosmo has been defeated. Now all you have to do is cross these last few meters that separate you from the box. After so many twists and turns, you’ve more than earned its contents.”

  • Open the box of “God’s knowledge”

Reward : 10 000 000 xp + Shard crystal

9 – Déjà Vu

“The vision you just had was insane ! The box contained a piece of the God’s knowledge, and you’re going to need some time to take it all in. Go back and speak to the old Dimensional Sage in Inglorium. He will no doubt be able to point you in the direction of your next adventure.”

  • Speak to the old Sage

Reward : 10 000 000 xp + Xelor’s Sandglass

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