Xelorium Past Lvl.155

Required Level : level 155              Recommended number of characters : 1


It is finally time for you to get to the last dimension : Xelorium ! That dimension is divided in two parts and you will start your journey in Xelorium Past. To access this area, you will have to go through some quests again ! Don’t be afraid, they’re not really hard. You should be able to get it done in less than an hour and the best part is that you should get enough EXP to reach the level 156 and therefore, enter your first dungeons in Xelorium : The Mecha Factory and Ow El dungeon !

1 – New Horizon

“You have collected enough Wakfu charge to permanently ractivate the I.D.S. It is time to go back and see Max Arturio, Enurado’s dimensional Sage, so he can give you the coordinates for your next destination.”

  • Go back and see the sage of Enurado Temple

Reward : 20 000 000 xp

Tips : Max Arturio is at the back of the temple ! If you did Enurado’s questline, you can just use the I.D.S. to go directly to the end of the temple. If you did not, go to Enurado’s quest page here.

2 – Beyond Time

“Enurado’s dimensional Sage has given you the coordinates of your next destination. Go through his bookcase to use the dimensional portal he has created. You need to go to a new dimension and meet the Dimensional Sage who is hiding there to get the latest information on where the divine power is being kept.”

  • Go to Xelorium

Reward : 40 000 000 xp

3 – Timely Gateway

“After crossing through the portal, you have arrived in a place where time seems to have stood still. There is no doubt about it, you are in the god Xelor’s dimension. There is no time to lose, go and look for the Sage who is hiding in this dimension. He has some precious information to share with you, which might offer a better understanding of exactly what’s going on.”

  • Survive the Sram ambush

Reward : 100 000 000 xp

Tips : Pandora and Chad will join the fight. The goal is to get Pandora to the other end of the map. If you kill a Sram, a new one will pop up randomly on the field. The best solution is to kill only the ones blocking you and running towards the end of the map !


“While you were surrounded by Sram’s henchmen, a dimensional voyager who is the spitting image of Pandora appeared out of nowhere and helped you escape by crossing through a type of rift. You have had a bumpy landing in what seems to be a house, and now youhave a lot of questions. Who is this person ? Where are you ? And why is it that every time you take rifts or portals, you always land hard on your tailbone ?”

  • Speak with the Explorancient
  • Rest is the Explorancient’s house

Reward : 40 000 000 xp

Tips : Simply use the bed downstairs.

5 – Grumpy Awakening

“You are woken up in the middle of the night by the Explorancient. Chad and Pandora seem to have disappeared and Srams have invaded the bedroom. Get rid of them and fin your companions.”

  • Confront Sram’s henchmen

Reward : 100 000 000 xp

Tips : You will have to fight them twice. The strategy is simple, srams hide in shadows, you will have to light up chandeliers by hiting them. When you light up a chandelier, a blue area will appear. The srams are only vulnerable when they are in that area so light up all the chandelier and attract them in the area !

6 – Betrayed

“Incredible ! Chad has been lying to you since the very beginning. He has been working for Sram all along, and he used you. But now’s not the time for self-pity. The Explorancient knows a way to get back to present. Follow herinstructions and head off in search of Chad and Pandora. Hurry up before it’s too late !”

  • Speak to the Explorancient

Reward : 25 000 000 xp

7 – Against the Clock

“To get back to Present Xelorium, you’re going to have to pass through a large time rift. According to the Explorancient, time is mixed up in this place, and the few inhabitants of the Xelorium who have passed through there have gone mad. However, it’s your only chance of reuniting with your team.”

  • Go to the time rift

Reward : 150 000 000 xp

And now you need to reach level 160 to get to the part II of the quest !

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