Wild Estate Lvl.50

Required Level : level 50              Recommended number of characters : 1

This area is for players level 50 to 70. To get to it, you will just need to board a boat from any docks of the World of Twelve. You will then arrive directly at the dock where you will be able to start exploring this mythical area. The quest will unlock at level 50. if you complete it, you will be rewarded with a new precious artefact : The Excarnal Scepter (Click here to check to which new chests you can have access now !).

1 – A deserted Camp

“All that’s waiting for you on the island is what’s left of an archaeological camp. Look around it for clues and try to find out what happened there.”

  • Find the clue that explains where you are
  • Find the clue that explains who was here
  • Find the clue that explains what happened here

Reward : 40 000 xp

Tips : The three clues you need to examine are circled in red on the image below.


2 – Where’s Gobbaldo ?

“The clues indicate that this is an Amaknian archaelogy camp that was suddenly attacked by Wild Gobballs. You’ve found some tracks which are still quite fresh… It looks like the camp’s inhabitants headed north! Follow those runaways!”

  • Find the Bwork footsteps
  • Find the humanoide footsteps
  • Find the Enraged Gobball tracks
  • Find out where the footsteps lead

Reward : 40 000 xp

Tips : examine the footsteps on the road coming from the camp and going on the right. Those are the 4 ones you are looking for !


3 – Another Deserted Camp

“Another deserted camp… and this one is scattered with the remains of Bworks and Wild Gobballs. Have a look around and see if you can’t find something interesting here.”

  • Find some clues on the excavation site

Reward : 40 000 xp

Tips : Click on the Worm-eaten Plank to get into the excavation website.


4 – The Pick, the Brain and the Bomb

“After giving the corpse on the excavation site a little shakedown, you are the proud owner of some excavation gear and its owner’s journal. Apparently, the Bontarian archaeologists offered to help the Bworks dig out some ancient artifacts, but no sooner had they started than they were attacked by Gobballs. A group headed to the bottom of the site. Use your brand new gear to clear the way and find out where they are.”

  • Clear away the loose blocks

Reward : 40 000 xp

Examine the guard’s body to get some excavation gear. It triggers a fight against one Skeletal Gobball. Continue and use your excavation gear on the Loose blocks to clear the way. In the second room, kill the three gobballs and break the other loose blocks.


5 – The Pick, the Brain and the Bomb II

“There are Skeletal Gobballs everywhere! You keep finding corpses, and the only clues you have are the archaeologists’ rambling descriptions of how the Bworks unearth their artifacts. You’re going to have to keep going until you find a way out.”

  • Keep going until you find a way out

Reward : 100 000 xp

Examine the Head foreman’s body, he has a letter saying there is no way out. You get attacked by 6 Skeletal gobballs that time ! Kill them, use your excavation gear to break the loose blocks for the last time and get out.


6 – To a New Camp

“You’re finally out of the Bontarian excavation site, where you found some snippets of information suggesting that there’s an archaeology camp somewhere to the north of this one.”

  • Find the Brakmarian Archaelogy site

Reward : 60 000 xp

Tips : The location of the Brakmarian excavation site is indicated by an orange dot on your map.


7 – The Brakmarian Camp

“Amid the excavations at the old Bontarian camp, you found traces of the long-lost archaeologists, who were heading for another camp: the Brakmarian archaeology camp. Find this, and you’ll probably find an archaeologist. Simple !”

  • Find some clues on the excavation site

Reward : 60 000 xp

Tips : Examine the Suspicious Crack to get into the excavation site.


8 – Not much of an Explorer

“In the rubble of the old Brakmarian excavation site, you find a fair new clues indicating that a group of humans and Bworks held the fort against a flock of angry Wild Gobballs.”

  • Find some clues about the Brakmarians Archaelogists

Reward : 40 000 xp

Tips : Read Lebbocq the Arkaelogist’s journal.


9 – 70% of Archaelogy is done in the Library

“As you read the journal, you relive the archaeologist’s experiences. Lebbocq was following a trail leading to a Bwork treasure vault. Now it’s up to you to help him find a way to open the door.”

  • Find a way to open this door

Reward : 60 000 xp

Tips : Examine the stele to read the instructions.


10 – Elementary, My Dear Lebbocq

“Of course! You must use the workshop to complete a staff – a staff that can then be inserted into the model! You’d better get searching for the components right away.”

  • Find the unfinished staff of Arrrghhh
  • Find the Headpiece of Arrrghhh
  • Create the Staff of Arrrghhh
  • Insert the Staff into the model
  • Get your hands on all the treasures

Reward : 60 000 xp

To find the unfinished staff of Arrrghhh, you need to dig up the “mixed mug pies”. The items you find are random, keep going until you find the staff.


When the staff is finally yours, you need to get the headpiece. Go on the left of the map, there are Skeletal Gobball groups. You need to kill them in order to drop 3 headpiece fragments. The fights are a bit special though. You don’t have your usual spells !

  • Call a miner” : Summons a bwork miner, they are support and CC DD characters.
  • Call a Bomber” : Summons a bwork bomber, a range DD.
  • Call a Warrior” : Summons a bwork warrior, a CC DD capable of buffing his allies if they end next to him.
  • Whip Crack” and “Health Steal” : spells that deal fire damage.

You don’t have a lot of HPs and only 3 APs and 5 MPs. The Skeletal Gobballs only have 200 HPs. Summon the bworks to work for you !


When you finally have the 3 pieces, use the items to make the Headpiece. Use the bwork Arkaelogy Workshop to craft the Staff of Arrrghhh. Place it on the Wild Estate Model to open the door and reach the treasure room ! … Or not…

11 – Garbage Day !

“Empty. The Bwork treasure room is empty, according to Lebbocq’s journal. He seems to have been convinced that the Sufokian archaeologists grabbed the treasure first! His notes indicate that the Sufokian camp is further to the west of the island.”

  • Find out where in the Sufokian Camp the treasure is hidden

Reward : 40 000 xp

Tips : The location of the Brakmarian excavation site is indicated by an orange dot on your map. Enter the Storeroom Door.


12 – Help Thy Neighbor

“The Sufokian Reserve contains loads of old artifacts, but nothing really amazing. The weird thing is that there’s a Bwork standing in the middle of the room, casting frightened glances all around, murmuring crazily, and regularly jumping in surprise for no apparent reason. This might be your only chance of gleaning information from a real, live source. Have a word with him, and try to make sure he cooperates.”

  • Help the frightened Bwork
  • Find out more from the frightened Bwork

Reward : 40 000 xp

Talk to the frightened Bwork, it starts a fight against two Angry Excarnates. They both have 500 HPs. Kill them and speak to the bwork again.


13 – Bwork No. 5

“The Bwork Miner that you found has advised you to go and see the Bwork Chief to find out more about the archaeologists. But if you want their esteemed leader to give you the time of day, you’re going to need to conform to his aromatc standards. An armful of Worn Wild Gobbal Wool will set you on the right track for concocting a “perfume” reminiscent of a Bworky stench.”

  • Collect 10 worn Wild Gobball wools
  • Go back to see the frightened Bwork to create the Essence of Bwork

Reward : 45 000 xp

Tips: The piles of Wild Gobball wool are indicated on your map by little green dots.


14 – Interview with a Bwork

“Now that tou smell the part, any Bwork will welcome you with open armpits! Head to the Bwork Chief’s quarters right away, and ask if he has any information about the archaeologists.”

  • Go to the Bwork Chief’s tent
  • Speak to the Bwork Chief

Reward : 15 000 xp

Tips : The Bwork Chief’s tent is indicated by a green dot on the picture below (roll on hover).


15 – Like a Bwork

“The Bwork Chief has explained that he needs your help to solve the problem of the Bwork Foo epidemic. But first, he wants to put you to the test. There’s nothing better than a little game of Bworkball to make sure you’re up to the job ! Make your way to the Bworkball Field and take on the teams you find there.”

  • Go to the Bworkball field
  • Beat the Juicy Larvae at Bworkball
  • Beat the Featherless Albatrocious at Bworkball
  • Beat the Bworkboys Athletic at Bworkball

Reward : 120 000 xp

Tips : The Bworkball field is indicated by a green dot on the picture below (roll on hover).

Now you will have to win 3 matchs of Bworkball ! To win the match, you need to carry the bworkball into the enemy end zone and make a touchdown. You don’t have your usual spells anymore.

  • Recruit a Passer” : Summons a bwork passer, he keeps the bworkball moving and passes it to teammates.
  • Recruit a receiver” : Summons a bwork receiver, he has speed and dodging skills, he’s the one receiving the bworkball and running to make a Touchdown !
  • Recruit a Blocker” : Summons a bwork blocker, he has impressive lock and can prevent others from moving, he can also clear the field thanks to his “Shield Blow”.

You also have the spells :

  • Winged Boots : +3MPs
  • Shield Blow : Pushes back from 2 cells
  • Pass : Passes the bworkball to a teammate
  • Taking a Bullet : Takes the bworkball
  • Touchdown : Makes you win the match if used into the enemy end zone


16 – Like a Bwork II

“You’ve won all your Bworkball matches! Go back and see the Bwork Chief so he can tell you about his plan to gain access to the Bwork Temple.”

  • Speak to the Bwork Chief

Reward : 15 000 xp

17 – Bwork Foo Fighting

“According to the Bwork Chief, the only way to enter the Bwork Temple is by finding a remedy to Bwork Foo fever, an illness that drives Bworks crazy. The first Bwork infected is being held at the top of the mountain to the east of the Bwork Camp. Go there now and find a way to make Bwork Foo Zero come to his senses.”

  • Go to the Quarantine zone
  • Speak to the Bwork Cook

Reward : 30 000 xp

Tips : The location of the Quarantine zone is indicated by a green dot on the picture below (roll on hover). Talk to the Bwork cook.

18 – Bwork Foo Fighting II

“The Bwork Cook has already tried several different mixtures, but none of them have any effect on Bwork Foo fever. He has one last idea, but he needs your help. Go and collect bits of flesh from the monsters he locked in his storeroom and bring them back to him.”

  • Collect 10 Mobbits
  • Give the ingredients to the Bwork Cook

Reward : 90 000 xp

Tips : Go on the right, into the Cook’s reserve. You will have to fight level 50 monsters from each Nation by group of 3. Treechnid for Bonta, Darth Mussel for Brakmar, Spear Shark for Sufokia and Ancestral Crackler for Amakna ! You get 1 Mobbit for each monster killed so you need to kill 10 of them.


19 – Bwork Foo Fighting III

“The Bwork Cook has made his “special”: a Bwork Burger with an odor that would repel even the most starving Gobball.”

  • Give the Bwork Burger Special to Bwork Foo Zero

Reward : 90 000 xp


20 – Bwork Foo Fighting IV

“The dish the Bwork Cook has prepared did not have the desired effect on Bwork Foo Zero. Go back and see the Cook to see if he’s got another idea.”

  • Go back and see the Bwork Cook
  • Use the casks of beer to “cure” the Bwork Foo Zero

Reward : 45 000 xp

Tips : To win this fight, you need to force the Bwork to drink the beer (the bwork is invulnerable). To do so, break a barrel a maximum of 2 cells away from the bwork. Careful to break only one barrel per turn ! If you break two, the other one won’t count and you will be out of barrel in no time. Be careful, if you lose this fight you really die and reappear at your pheonix !


21 – Clearing the Way

“The remedy for Bwork Foo fever is none other than Bwork Beer! You can now venture into the Bwork excavation site without having to fear for your life. Use the Bwork Beer wisely and make your way to the entrance to the Bwork Temple.”

  • Speak to the Bwork Cook
  • Go to the Bwork excavation site
  • Make your way to the Temple

Reward : 90 000 xp

Enter the Excavation site. In the first room, kill the 4 Bworks foo. They are level 70 and have 600 HPs. In the second room you will have 5 more to kill ! In the third and last room, you have 6 of them to kill to finally access the Temple !


22 – The Archaelogist and the Temple of Doom

“A Temple of Doom. Several possible routes. Find the Bworks’ artifact and you’ll be made of money !”

  • Open the passageway to the Artifact room
  • Take the Bwork Artifact
  • Leave the Temple

Reward : 300 000 xp + Excarnal Scepter


I advise you to follow this order. First go to the left, to the Infinite Rooms. Take the door on the right, then the door on the left and finally the door in the middle !


Now you arrive in a room with 2 Angry excarnates, kill them and talk to the Arkaelogist. He gives you the earth gem.

Head down the corridor to the Bwork Foot Room. Look at the signs on the wall. Those are the safe tiles to step on ! Have fun figuring the way out or follow the solution below. Talk to the Sufokian Arkaelogist, he gives you the water gem.


Come back to the Entrance and now go to the right. There’s a door but it’s locked ! Keep going down. You arrive in a room with one Angry excarnate, kill him to make a chest appear. Take its content, the key to the door. 


Open the door and enter the new room. Kill the 2 Angry excarnates.


Talk to the Arkaelogist, he gives you the Air gem and an Excarnal Anti-totem scepter.


Now you can clear up the way. Use your Excarnal anti-totem Scepter to make the totems disappear.


Enter the first room and kill the Angry Excarnate. Enter the second room and kill the 3 Angry Excarnates.


Talk to the Arkaelogist, he gives you the last gem, the Fire gem.


Go to the two women statues in the front of the big door and use the gems on them. It activates a mechanism and the door opens. Now kill the group of 2 Bworks foo and 1 Angry Excarnate. Open the big chest and take its content : the Boss Key.


Now that you have the Boss Key, go back to the main hall and go on the left. Use it on the big blue Keeper’s Door.


Open the chest to take the Bwork’s artifact, a fight starts. The chest has 800 HPs, focus on him and the rest will disappear. On first turn, he summons an Angry Excarnate who will summon an Angry Excarnate version of you ! Just focus on the chest.


Now that you have the artifact, you need to get out of here. While heading towards the exit, a huge rock falls on you. Run to the other side of the map and use Escape on the coloured tiles ! Be careful though not to lose your hat on the way !


This is the End of this quest ! Eager to go on another quest ? Reach the level 65 to know more about the Black Crow’s story in Kelba !

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