Where to find all the new 1.53 resources?

Resources are changing with the 1.53! The Astrub Model was now applied to the harvesting professions: lumberjack, herbalist, miner, fisherman and farmer. Each profession is now composed of 26 different resources, one for each level range. Your old resources from 1.52 are automaticaly switched for the new resources of the same level range with the 1.53.

In order to help you not getting lost with the next update, we wrote guides for each harvesting profession (except for trapper). You will find the visual, level and localisation for each resource. You can already find them on the website in the menu “Guides” > “Professions” or directly right here. I hope it will help you in your quest for the level 100+ professions!

Lumberjack 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Herbalist 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Miner 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Farmer 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Fisherman 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

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