Wagnar’s Castle Lvl.81

Required level : level 81
Localisation : Forfut

A little advice to start this dungeon well? Yes ! There are two things common to all the rooms that must be remembered.

  • In order to move to the next room, no player can die! And yes, if one of your characters dies in a fight, you will not be able to progress in the dungeon. Do not sacrifice anyone if you find yourself in a bad position!

  • The borders of the 3 rooms are very dangerous (those of the Boss room too, but we will return later). Indeed, they apply the state “Ghoulified” for 1 turn: Transform into a ghoul, will sacrifice to protect the enemies, healing damages the target. If one of the players on the field has this condition, I advise you to correctly place yourself and pass your turn. Indeed if you attack an enemy, this one will change place with the ghoulified player who will then take the damage in his place. This takes one turn, take your evil patiently or use summons, when attacking, they do not trigger this mechanic!


Composition : 6x Ghoul

Be careful when you enter the dungeon, you are assaulted by a horde of Ghouls in the first room as soon as you take a few steps! Enter but do not move until your friends have entered. This is only set up for the first dungeon room.

Ghoul 85-89: They have 2 spells, 1 passive and are vulnerable to air. “Ghash“: Spell at very long range. Teleports to a target’s melee range, deals earth damage, removes 2 MPs (accumulates), and removes 50 elemental resistance. “Creepy Clout“: Inflicts earth damage. Finally the passive. “Living-Dead“: Healing damages the target, good news for our friends who can finally participate in the fight!
Tips: The ghouls are numerous and thanks to their teleportation at long distance it is impossible to escape them. In order not to be surrounded too quickly, it is advisable to put you in line with your allies, so fewer sides are exposed to the ghouls and you will then take less damage!


Composition : 4x Ghoul, 3x Ghourmand

Ghourmand 89-93: They have 3 spells, 2 passives and are vulnerable to air. “Ghoulinator“: Melee spell in a reversed T-area of effect (if you are surrounded by enemies, he can strike you through his allies). Inflicts earth damage and has a 20% chance to apply the “Stunned” state: passes his turn, can no longer tackle. “Ghoulish Charge“: Charge’s to the target’s side  (can charge 8 squares), deals earth damage and pushes the player one space. “Ghoulie Call”: Summons a ghoul on the field. Finally the passives, “Living-Dead“: Healing damages the target. “Heavy“: Can not be carried.
Tips: Do not stick here because the Ghourmand hit in area! This could quickly put your team K.O. Do not stay too close to the borders because the Ghourmand will be happy to push you in. It is therefore advisable to get rid of the crude first!


Composition : 4x Ghourmand, 3x Beefy Borbat

Beefy Borbat 89-93: They have 6 spells and are vulnerable to fire. “Beefy Attraction“: Attracts the target by 6 cells in line. “Exasperating Spittle“: Very high range spell, without line of sight. Inflicts air damage and removes 1 AP (2 AP in Critical Strike). “Beefy Takeoff“: Teleports to the field when no other monster is present. “Blood Cocktail“: Applies the status “Blood Cocktail” to the target: is protected by an enemy, exchanges spots if the Beefy Borbat is attacked. “Powerful Parasite“: Inflicts air damage, steals 50% of the damage inflicted, and applies the “Blood Supply” status level 1. “Bloodbath“: Inflicts heavy damage in a circle around the Bat. Can only be launched if the mouse has the status “Blood Storage” at level 3.
Tips: Beefy Borbats are currently out of the battlefield, let the melee DPT take care of the Ghourmand while the distance DPTs take care of the Beefy Borbats on the left. Be careful not to finish your turn in line, it is very important! Otherwise it will attract you into the Ghoulification cells and in this room, it is very dangerous. Be careful of this state because if one of you has it, do not hit the Beefy Borbat or your ally will swap his place with that of Beefy Borbat and will fall from the platform. When the Beefy Borbats on the left have died, finish the last Ghourmand, the two Beefy Borbats on the right will teleport to the field and you will prefer when they were on their cloud! Watch out, they steal life and do heavy damage.


Composition : Vampyro, 6x Ghoul

Attention when entering the room, a cinematic starts and you are attacked by Vampyro and his group as soon as you take a few steps! Enter but do not move until your friends have entered.

And it is by starting the fight that you’ll experience with horror those border cells sporting skulls, this can not be good. And you are right ! By walking on one of these cells, you will have a 33% chance of dying. Avoid them at all costs and stay away because Vampyro will push you in without an ounce of guilt.

Vampyro lvl.95: He has 8 spells and 2 passives, he is resistant to air and weak against water! “Vamping It”: Spell cast at the start of the turn. Adds +3 APs and +3 MPs. If a player is facing Vampyro, apply -50 elemental resistance and “Blindness” Level 1: -5 range. “Flash of Darkness“: Teleport up to 10 spaces maximum and deals fire damage in a circle around him when he lands. “Ghoulification“: Applies the status “Ghoulified” Level 1 to the target: Healing damages the target, protects Vampyro if attacked, Vampyro exchanges position with the ghoulified player if attacked. “Clout Backula“: Inflicts air damage and pushes by 3 cells (which is very dangerous with these border cells). “Vampiric Teleportation“: Teleports to a cell. “Ghastly Wind“: Inflicts air damage in an area from distance. “Some Like It Hot“: Summons Beefy Borbat. “Vampirmortis“: Teleports the target on the pedestal in the middle of the room and applies “Vampirmortis”: Passes their turn, loses 20% of his HPs each turn, stabilizes the target, insensitive to damage and heal, dies instantaneously at the end of 3 turns. In order to free your ally, you must destroy the pedestal that has 1000 HPs. Finally the passives “Shadow of Life“: Vampyro has 20% chance to convert 50% of the damage it receives into heals. “Wakfu Burner“: Vampyro has a 50% chance to burn 1 WP on his target when he attacks it.

The Strategy: Due to his long range and teleport spells, Vampyro can reach you wherever you are and a locker does not work. Always stay at more than 3 cells from the border cells so that you will not be pushed by Vampyro. Use stabilization, summons or even your friends to protect yourself from this pushing spell.

In the first round, Vampyro uses “Vamping It”, so to not lose 5 range, turn to the other direction in the placement phase. Place yourself 2 by 2 during the placement phase so that no one is pushed from the start of the fight. Players facing him when he begins his turn will get “Blindness” and lose resistances. So always look in other directions. Do not group too much as he uses his area spell 1 to 2 times per turn, stay in small groups of 2 to avoid getting pushed and protect your back. In the first round, Vampyro also uses Ghoulification so do not attack him in the first round or you will hurt an ally.

I advise you to take care of the ghouls so as not to be quickly overwhelmed and able to take care of Vampyro easily. In addition, they can reduce your MPs and resistances which is dangerous with death cells near you and the heavy damage of Vampyro. After killing the ghouls, focus on Vampyro while paying attention to your position and your orientation. If during the battle, one of your allies is teleported to the pedestal in the middle of the room, quickly destroy it, it has 1000 HPs. Otherwise, your allies will die very quickly.

After the final blow, Vampyro hangs on at 1 HP, he refuses to die! You can not do anything about it so it’s time to protect yourself, apply armor, stabilize and heal yourself. You have to survive what awaits you. On his turn, he applies “Dark Power”: Is Immortal, +5 APs, +3 MPs, +200 Elemental Mastery, can no longer be locked. On this turn, Vampyro will make you regret to have set foot in his castle! Indeed, it will inflict enormous damage on the whole team and push as many people as possible into the glyphs. The goal of this turn is to survive at all costs. At this turn you can do nothing but take care of yourself if you wish. At the beginning of his next turn, Vampyro dies automatically. Bravo, you won this hard challenge!

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