Wabbit’s Island Lvl.120

Required Level : level 120              Recommended number of characters : 1

This area is for players level 120 to 150. If you have overcome all challenges offered by Frigost, you will be able to test your skills on Wabbit Island. To get to it, you will just need to board a boat from any docks of the World of Twelve. You will then arrive directly at the dock where you will be able to start exploring this mythical area. The Wabbit quest will be unlocked at level 120. if you complete it, you will be rewarded with a new precious artefact : The Woyal Bow of Pwodding (Click here to check to which new chests you can have access now !).

1 – An Audience with the Wa Wabbit

“You’ve progressed nicely. Make your way to Wabbit Island to put your abilities to the test by facing the legendary Wa Wabbit !”

  • Go to Wabbit Island

Reward : 2 500 000 xp

Tips : To get to the island for the first time, you have to use the boat in your Nation.

2 – Beyond Time

“Cuwiousew and cuwiousew ! There are no Wabbit left on Wabbit Island ! The Lenalds appear to have taken over the island. Your dream of epic combat with the Wa Wabbit seems endangered… It would be wise to go and ask the Lenald leader what’s going on.”

  • Meet the Lenald’s leader

Reward : 2 500 000 xp

3 – The Owange Mile

“The leader of the Lenalds didn’t like your comments on Wabbit oppression one little bit. He sent you straight to jail. There you met Django, a Black Wabbit cleverer than the others, who was locked up for wanting to tell his people the truth about the Lenalds.”

  • Escape from the cell and defeat the Lenald Gualds

Reward : 25 000 000 xp

Tips : Django will join you for that fight. You will fight four mini-lenalds, they’re easier than the real one and don’t use the shield buff. The fight is pretty easy but be careful, Django and you will get a particular state, if you are hit in the back, you instantely die. If Django dies, you lose the fight !

4 – Django Unwestwained

“Django appears to know a great deal about the situation on Wabbit Island and about the Wa’s disappearance. Helping him to stop the attacks would be a good way to find the Wabbit ruler, in order to make sure he’s alright, then mash him.”

  • Make your way to Black Wabbit HQ to help Django

Reward : 5 000 000 xp

5 – Save the Wa

“Django has unveiled a plan aimed at assassinating the Wa Wabbit. What irony… You wanted the glory of wiping that dungeon boss off the map yourself ! You’re going to have to save him first…”

  • Find and defuse the Cawwot Bomb

Reward : 25 000 000 xp

Tips : You have to defuse the bomb ! The level of its “timew” state indicates how many turns are left before it explodes. When the timer reaches 0, you lose the fight. The Bomb will summon an easy version of a Black Tiwabbit. The bomb has 1 000 HPs. Don’t bother with the Tiwabbit, just focus the bomb and it will be over in no time.

6 – The Wa Wabbit

“Ouch ! That was a close one ! But the Wa is no longer in his dungeon, where he belongs. Following his instructions, you’re resolved to find some of this antidote as quickly as possible, and get back to the heart of the Wa Wabbit Dungeon. Take the vials in the chest and get back to the surface.”

  • Take the vials from the Wa’s chest

Reward : 5 000 000 xp

7 – Antimawosis

“Entering the castle is made impossible by the presence of Myxomawosis, an ancient sickness we appears to be confined to the tunnels. You’re going to need a powerful vaccine if you want to continue. The Wa’s given you the recipe… Now it’s up to you to collect the ingredients.”

  • Gather 10 Spowomawoses

Reward : 18 000 000 xp + Antimawosis

Tips : They’re pointed on your map with little red/orange dots.

8 – Castle Cwashing

“With Antimawosis in your pocket, you can now enter the Wa’s underground tunnels. Don’t waste any time ! Who knows what surprises await you…”

  • Get to the Wa’s Castle through the tunnels

Reward : 5 000 000 xp

9 – Long Stowy Showt

“The Wabbits are pretty funny when they want to be… You’re just going to have to trust your sixth sense and a hearty dose of temerity to get out of this one.”

  • Enter the Castle through the hidden door

Reward : 18 000 000 xp

Tips : Do not panick, I made a little video for you ! Follow me !

10 – The Wetuwn of the Wa

“One Temple. Several possible routes. One Wa impatiently tapping his foot, waiting for his Key… The only thing that could make it worse is a horde of Zwombbits.”

  • Open the passage to the keeper’s room
  • Defeat the Guardian

Reward : 40 000 000 xp

Tips : Enter the temple. The rules of temples are always the same : there is an item with unique powers hidden somewhere. Golden chests can only be opened once. The large chest contains the Boss Key which allows you to open the last room.


You’re starting in the room 1 ! Go on the right to room 2. Here you will have to fight three zwombbits to open the gate to room 3.


The gate to room 3 is now open, go through it. Again, you’ll have to fight a group of three Zwombbits, after what a chest will appear. It contains a small key !


Use your key to enter Room 4. There is a group of three Zwombbits, kill them and go to room 5.


Again, kill the three Zwombbits to open the gate to room 6.


Kill the group of three Zwombbits to get a chest, take its content, another little key.


Use the key to enter in the room 7 and take the content of the chest : the Woyal Bow of Pwodding ! Don’t forget to equip it to use it.


Now run back to the beginning and enter the room on the left, the room 8. Use the Woyal Bow of Pwodding on the little wabbit statue to open the way.


Go up, in room 9. Kill the group of three Zwombbits to open the gate to room 10.


Enter the room 10, go up, in the room eleven to open the chest, it contains 6 000 k. Now go down and enter room 12 !


In room 12, use your Woyal Bow of Pwodding on the wabbit statue again, it will allow you to get to the chest.


Go back to the room 8 and go on the left to enter the room 12. Open the chest and take its content : The Boss Key.


Now get back to the beginning and finally enter the room 13 to fight the Boss !


(Click on the image to see it bigger without numbers)wabbit

11 – Woyal Wewards

“All hard work deserves payment, and the Wa knows it as well as anyone. Now that he’s found a dungeon, it’s time for the Wa Wabbit to assume the role he was born to play : Legendary Boss !”

  • Ask the Wa for your reward

Reward : Woyal Bow of Pwodding + Wa’s Throne Room Key + 40 000 k

Tips : That key will allow you to access the second part of the dungeon : The Wa Wabbit’s Castle, where the Wa will be waiting for you !
Impatient to get to the next questline ? Reach level 140 first to get to Srambad !

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