Translated Beta Changelog 18.08

Environmental quests:

Addition of missing environmental quests in all areas and related meta-achievements. The obtainment of Super-Glou is thus available in all areas. The new areas concerned are:

  • Calamar Island
  • Monk Island
  • Bilbyza
  • Shustuft Crust
  • Frigost
  • Wabbit Island
  • Some monster families don’t have an archmonster and/or dominant monster yet.

Boss Hunt:

The quest has been updated to the same model as the “Bosses Hunt” quest and can now be completed on more Bosses of that level range.
The steps in Astrub’s main quest that bring the player into the sewer now have two compasses: one when the player is in the sewers that indicates his objective and another one that indicates the entrance to the sewers.

“A new feature allows us to add several compasses on a same objective, depending on the instance that the player is located in. We will gradually add it to more quests and use it for future quests too.”


The achievements to obtain the Seal of Companionship changes the validation method: they’ll be completed once the player reaches level 100 of a profession or the first time the player connects if they’re already above 100+.

The achievements to obtain the Master’s Seal will now validate in the same way, reaching level 100. They will no longer off the Master’s Seal. These can only be obtained by crafting them.

Following the merge, the three “King of Crafters” achievements of the Weapon Masters have been reworked:

  • One became “Apprentice Crafter”: reaching level 30 of the profession.
  • The other “Prince of Crafters”: crafting a Master’s Seal.
  • And last “King of Crafters”: reaching level 100 of the profession.

Players who already had validated these achievements but no longer meet the conditions will keep their achievements.

Merge of the three weapon master professions into a single weapon master profession.

The experience you’ll have in this new profession will correspond to:

  • XP of the profession with the highest level of the three
  • +XP/2 of the second highest level of the three
  • +XP/4 of the third highest level of the three

The total is capped at 1’687’500 XP which corresponds to level 150 of the new profession.

In the same way, the counters of the three professions will be correctly added to the new profession.

And finally, the recipes you learned (through blueprints) will be transferred to the new profession.

The icon used for this new profession will correspond to the former “Close-Combat Weapons Master”.

The following shall adapt accordingly:

  • Profession Book
  • Crafting stations placed around the world
  • Achievements linked to the profession (see the “achievements” category of the changelog)
  • The different ways to learn the profession
  • As for the crafting stations in your Haven Bag, they will be transformed into the new crafting station. However, it is the Close-Combat

Weapons Forge that will become the real new crafting station. If you are re-packing any of the Area-of-Effect Weapons Forge or Long-Distance Weapons Forge, you will get an Ancient Weapons Forge on which you’ll have to double-click to receive the new Forge of Weapons.
Regarding the Weapon Master Seals, your Seals become “Ancient Seals” to be transformed into the new Weapon Master Seal that is used in all associated recipes.

Note that it’ll no longer be possible to obtain the Weapons Master Seal through achievements, as specified in the achievements section of the changelog. The Seals will now be obtained exclusively through crafting.

Kamas Recipes:

The Kamas recipes will now be found in the Miner’s profession. These have a Miner level depending on the user and also give experience.
The experience gained is:

  • 50 XP (without BP), 75 XP (with BP) for classic recipes.
  • 200 XP (without BP), 300 XP (with BP) for the Haven World recipes containing 1 rare resource.

These changes will make it all the easier to level up the Miner profession since there is a kama recipe every 15 levels.
Following this change, the achievement “Money Island” is modified from 10 recipes to 40 kamas.


Rework of the Haven Bag decoration recipes. They have been simplified and standardized so that the same quantity is found at all levels, with recipes requiring the same quantity, we will find:

  • The common recipes (6 per level range) give 3000 XP to a player with Booster Pack.
  • The rare recipes (2 per level range) give 6000 XP to a player with Booster Pack.
  • Many decorations can also be obtained through drops on monsters of the ecosystem (not in dungeons or Haven Worlds) or on dungeon bosses.
  • On monsters of specific families: 0.1% drop rate, 0.5% on a dominant monster.
  • On bosses and archmonsters of specific families: 0.5% drop rate.
  • Special case: nation benches and stools will now be World Drops in nations (at the same rate as musical emotes).

Profession interface rework:

  • The parchment effect has been removed in favor of a visual fitting with our most recent interfaces.
  • Removing the scroll bar: the recipes are put forward and now have their dedicated space.
  • Added and updated information about crafts and crops:
  • The experience gained is displayed on each recipe;
  • Resource harvest time is properly updated;
  • The rarity frame is updated;
  • Recipes are now sorted by: Increasing level / Increasing rarity / No upgrade – upgrade / Alphabetical order.
  • Access to crops is more visible.
  • The lists of ingredients have been arranged to be present in a coherent order
  • Added a list of locations where harvest resources can be found

Item upgrade:

Mimisymbics are now kept when upgrading the rarity of an item.

Legendary items:

The following items can now be improved into legendary rarity through crafting recipes:

  • Ratty Riot Shield
  • The Celestial Brooch
  • Tot’ Belt
  • No Limit Ring
  • Enraged Tofu Boots
  • The Zumbado
  • Tauxik Hammer
  • The Toxispike
  • Fhenris’s Frozen Fang
  • Zombo
  • Orrok’s Wings

Epics and relics:

  • New upgrade recipes concerning relic and epic items. These items keep their level and stats but will gain an epic or relic rune slot.
  • New relic and epic slots can be used in these slots.
  • Linked items will be unlinked after using this recipe.

Warning: An epic rune can only be used on an upgraded epic item and vice versa, a relic rune can only be used on an upgraded relic item.

Epic and relic runes:

New runes can be obtained in Mystery Boxes at the end of the season (they can be obtained by ranking in dungeons). These runes have only one level and can therefore be applied to all items that own a special gem location, they are of two types:

  • Epic runes can be used on upgraded epic items, giving a characteristics boost.
  • Relic runes can be used on upgraded relic items, giving a passive state.

Harvesting professions:

The refinement recipes of all harvesting professions have been increased by 5 levels, in order to be more consistent with the resource requested.

Lumberjack book:

The lumberjack book will no longer specify that it’s the farmers that harvest fruits on trees.

Arcen Bow:

The legendary upgrade of the Arcen Bow will be visible in the interfaces of players using the blueprint.

Secret Hydawhey:

Fishing a Secret Hydawhey will properly reward double experience.


The Crackler family got completely reworked. Their simple and effective mechanics makes it an excellent family of the 36-50 level range.
Like the other Crackler families, their mechanics are based on resistances. Featuring few MPs, they are resistant to ranged and dangerous melee attacks.

Riktus Family:

The Riktus family has new tricks to show you, so hang on to your kamas and enjoy the show!
According to their ancestral tradition of robbing travelers with a smile, the mechanics of the Riktus is based on ensnaring their enemies. Not very skilled alone, the Riktus shine through their effectiveness in group and their coordination in front of the isolated targets.
The four dungeon entrances now lead to the same Riktus dungeon, where a rather special boss awaits you.

Field Plant Family Rework:

The Field Plant family has been updated. Using the terrain to their advantage, the Field Plants have the assets it takes to defend themselves from far and near. They drain vital energy from their opponents by reducing their resistance.

Counting many different monsters in the family, their dungeon is equipped with somewhat special mechanics with random monsters in each room, including a monster that is unlikely to appear.

Royal Gobball:

The Royal Gobball and Filholl the Forsaken: Damage dealt bonus when the monster goes below 50% HP has been increased from 4 to 30.

Voodoo Kanniball:

The Kamouflage state of the Voodoo Kanniball will show that it’ll become invisible at 40% of its HP.


The Schneks will leave corpses behind after their death.


The Archmonster and Dominant Monster will have a picture in relation to their rank on hovering of their combat group.


  • The state “Phase 0: Antique” will be capped at level 50. It’ll pass to Phase 1 after this level accordingly.
  • Increase of Minibulia’s HP from 80 000 to 100 000 base.
  • Minibulia, the Poached Dragon will play his P1 spells properly when going from P1 to P2.
  • The boss didn’t have a critical hit %. He will now depending on his Empty Shell state.
  • The characteristics of Minibulia are no longer influenced in P2 by the level of the Poached Shards state.
  • The Vengeance State will correctly remove resistance on the Soft-Boiled Dreggon.


The “Rikoshell” state will no longer return several lines of damage when it’s hit from the back several times.


The monsters Whirlaugh and Silmawhirly will die correctly when they’re under the effect of the Sadist Mark.


Sor’Hon, Lord of the Flame will use his Lava Javelin spell when he switches from P2 to P3.


The Hordes will appear when all the wills of the area are fulfilled.


  • The poison “Asphyxiation” becomes a loss of non-reducible HP based on the current %HP (4% per level of the state)
  • The Geole glyph stabilizes a player while he is on the glyph.
  • Modification of the Fumerelle and the Death Cloud areas where the instantaneous KO effect did not apply in some cases.
  • Removal of Schisterical’s stabilization effects, which were contradicting some of its other mechanics.
  • The Ammaniac will suffer the damage of an attack that it can’t dodge when it’s stabilized.
  • Hot Rocks / Cold Rocks: They are summoned closer to the players. Their elemental mastery is greatly increased.
  • Sulfury: Lightning spell can no longer be cast on turn 1. Its application of the “Stunned” state was replaced with the “High Voltage” state, inflicting damage to nearby allies and transmitting them the Static Charge or High Voltage itself if Static Charge is already present.
  • Archmonster: the “Frozen” state has its effect changed. Now each movement will reduce 1 AP and every spell reduces 1 MP per level of the spell. The state is transferred to nearby allies.

Nation token machines:

The token machines of the nations are now under the Astrub model. The old nation tokens can be exchanged for tokens of the level range of the dungeon.


Damage from “Aging Tick” and “Aging Tock” will now be affected by damage dealt.


  • The Sram will now use a new, more fluid system for its traps.
  • Having the Trap Shadow spell in your deck will unlock his 3 trap spells in an extra bar (bar 3) visible only in combat.
  • The Trap Shadow spell will only serve to remove traps.
  • The range of the Trap Shadow spell changes to 1-5 modifiable and doesn’t require line of sight.
  • The traps can no longer be placed on a cell that contains the center of another trap.


The spells Bold Punishment and Bloodthirsty Punishment specify that only one can be active at a time.


Auras will no longer disappear after a fight.

Mystery Box Improvement:

  • The content of a Mystery Box can now be previewed in its description (pop-up and detail in the inventory)
  • It’s no longer necessary to open the interface each time you open a Mystery Box: a button now allows you to open the next box as long as it remains.
  • The same button allows you instantly switch the wheel while opening a box.
  • The “Space” key can be used instead of the button.

Season Box (Dungeon Ladder):

The description and content of the end-of-season Dungeon Ladder awards are available from the reward interface.

Owin Girdle:

The Owin Girdle will feature a feminine version in all its rarities.

Thork’s Gobball Horn:

This resource will be present in the Bwork Dungeon token machine.

Souvenir Items:

Souvenir Items are special level 200 items. They result from upgrading items of lower levels, and possess the characteristics of a legendary item of level 200.

Zinit Set:

The Zinit Set becomes a level 141-155 set. Its characteristics increase accordingly. It can be obtained on the various archmonsters and dominants of this level range.

Shiver Ring:

Due to the special nature of the Shiver Ring, it’ll be impossible to equip two of them simultaneously, even if their rarity is different.


The Cäpraire (Mädrague’s cosmetic cape) no longer has a rune slot, in accordance with this type of item. Any rune used on this item before is lost.

Zinit Boss Resources:

The Poached Eggs and Hot Ashes resources will correctly have their quantity increased according to the Stasis level of their respective dungeons.


Addition of a relic in the Villainy Vineyards.


The rarity is now displayed as text under the level of the item in its description.

Health Bar:

There are now three options available for displaying the HP bars:

  • Never display them
  • Always display them
  • Display only when the HP has been changed at least once (smart mode)

In Smart Mode, the HP bars of monsters that have gained armor will display even if their HP didn’t change.


Addition of a counter at the top to display the turn number.


  • Global rebalancing of pets based on Dofus Pets
  • Increase in Prospecting and Wisdom caps from 150 to 200
  • The Old Token dealer is available in the Astrub Tavern’s basement to exchange old dungeon tokens against the new ones.
  • In the character creation interface, after a role change when the female character is selected will no longer replace the picture with those of the male character.
  • Under Booster Pack: pets no longer lose HP so we removed a wrong chat feedback that indicates the loss of HP on the pet after it has been fed too often while no HP was lost.

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