Translated Beta Changelog 12/09

Here we are again to translate a new changelog for you ! Are you excited for that new 1.50 update ? We are too and here are more information for you. I invite you to read other articles about this Update :

Stasis Dungeons

  • The highest difficulty recorded now displays correctly in the Dungeon interface (D). We also corrected some bugs related to the interface.
  • We improved and cleaned the Stasis Dungeon interface.
  • Level 171+ dungeons can now be accessed in Stasis 21+ without adjusting your level.
  • Correction of the bug preventing the rest of the group from entering a dungeon if someone using heroes entered already.
  • Progress won’t be saved anymore if you lose the fight against the Dungeon’s Boss.

Chapter 5 Nations quest

  • Some corrections were made to the questline.

Adjustable Levels

  • It was mandatory to have 15 levels of difference to use the automatic pages. The difference is now of 1 level.
  • Automatic abilities will correctly apply on heroes if they reconnect in fight.


  • Chat tabs now display correctly.
  • We corrected several bugs having tiny chances of resulting in an item loss. We added new securities. If you encounter any other issue, please tell us.

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