Translated Beta Changelog 12/02

Here we are again to translate a new changelog for you ! Are you excited for that new 1.50 update ? We are too and here are more information for you. We will post a new article tonight after investigating the Beta ! I invite you to read other articles about this Update :

Chapter 5 : Nations Quest

  • Correction of several bugs happening during the quest
  • The whole quest was improved
  • We encourage you all to try the quest on the Beta server with heroes/sidekicks or in group in order to test it in many different ways. The very end of the quest (after defeating Gankr) is not available on the Beta server.

Stasis Dungeons

Discover the final version of the Dungeons Interface on the Beta :

  • We optimized the visual rendering, especially with some visual embellishment and the picture of the dungeon’s Boss
  • The “automatic” mode or “adjusted” is now called “competitive”. The related explanations are visible through the interrogative point at the end of the line.
  • Display the personal record of the highest difficulty reached by the player
  • Display the rewards
  • Possibility to change the level difficulty inside of a dungeon
  • New states linked to the difficulties 21+, 31+ and 41+ were added
  • Securities were added to avoid any problem linked to some cases : changing the chief of the group, teleporting into the dungeon..
  • Correction of some issues linked to the use of heroes

Dungeon keys and handyman

  • Dungeon keys were transformed into a consumable that, upon usage, will give glossy rune powders (green) of the same level as the key.
  • The new recipes that give glossy runes of the same level were added to the handyman profession. They aren’t necessarily the same as the old key recipes but they use a resource of every mob family.

Build management

  • A security measure was added to prevent account blocking when bugs at first put an active build that didn’t exist.


  • Various corrections were again done regarding the item disappearance bug. Thanks for reporting any occurrence encountered.
  • Quests that were supposed to launch when finishing a previous quest but didn’t launch (for several reasons) will start now automatically when logging in.
  • The Krosmaster Costume now displays several more cosmetic elements when worn. (shoulder pads, breastplate…)

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