Primordial Age
Genesis to -211


  • – ?? ??? : Creation of the Krosmoz universe by the Great Goddess (Eliatrope) and the Great Dragon. The first 10 gods appear and settle in the Inglorium, leaving the Shustuft Cruft and Incarnam as a neutral place. Eliatrope and the Great Dragon dance again and create the 6 Eliatrope Dofus containing the first 6 eliatropes and their dragon twins.
  • – 11 000 : The Mechams arrive on the Eliatropes planet. They all live in harmony.
  • – 10 201 : Qilby steals Orgonax’s heart and creates the Eliacube from it, resulting in the war between the Mechasms and the Eliatropes.
  • – 10 200 : The Eliatropes escape from their planet aboard their ship : “The Zinit”, and wander around the Krosmoz.
  • – 10 170 : The Eliatrope council discovers a new planet, the one that will become the World of Ten. They settle on it, found the colony : “Vili” and start to develop again. The “Zinit” ship is hidden in the heart of a mountain : “the Mount Zinit”.
  • – 10 100 : Chibi the patriarch gives the power to the new king, Yugo.
  • – 10 000 :  Qilby reactivates the Eliacube, allowing Orgonax to locate the Eliatropes. Qilby finally unmasked is defeated with her sister Shinonome, Phaeris rips off his arm. Yugo and Adamaï imprison Qilby in the “White Dimension” but die in the battle. Glip and Baltazar hide the Eliatrope children in “Emrub”. In the meantime Nora and Efrim give Emerald Eliatrop Dofus to Grougaloragran to protect it. With the help of the Great Goddess Eliatrope, Nora absorbs all the Wakfu on the planet to defeat the Mechasms, causing the destruction of all life there. The planet is now completely empty of all life and Wakfu. Events from the game : Xbox Live game “Islands of Wakfu”.
  • – 8 000 : Osamodas discovers the lifeless star in the Krosmoz. His 3 dragons breathe life back in the planet and Gods decide to call it the World of Ten. Gods and Demons sign a non-agression pact. Rushu kills all his brothers and sisters, the nine other original Demons, and proclaims himself King of the Shushu, only master of the Shustuft. Events from the book : Dofus Artbook 2.
  • – 7 500 : New souls emerge from Incarnam and start populating the World of Ten.
  • – 1 111 : Birth of Goultard, immortal hero, demi-god son of Iop. Events from the manga : Dofus, special Goultard Bazard.
  • – 211 : Sadida creates ten dolls to seduce the ten primordial dragons (children of Osamoda’s dragons) in order to create Dofus. Six of them succeed (including Dathura) and the six primordial Dofus are laid by the dragons, the Age of the Dofus begins.

Age of the Dofus
– 211 to 789


  • 0 : Creation of Xelor’s Divine Clock. Set on the regular heartbeats of the six Dofus scattered around the World, Time can now be measured in months, days, hours and minutes.. Xelor appoints protector for each month of the year. Rushu imposes the demon Djaul as protector of the month of Descendre.
  • 3 : Dathura, one of Sadida’s dolls, leaves Aguabrial and seeks a way to become human.
  • 10 : Creation of the “Brotherhood of the Guardians of the primordial Dofus”. On the 31 of Descendre, Djaul kills Solar, protector of the month Javian to prolong is own month. Djaul tricks Aguabrial by creating an Ondine to seduce him in order to get a Dofus for his King, Rushu. Aguabrial realises too late, a new Dofus is laid. Though Djaul’s plan backfires : Bolgrot, the mad Dragon, is born. The Harmony of the World is now broken.
  • 11 : Ascension of the Goddess Sacrier in Inglorium, she causes an anomaly in Xelor’s Clock. The planet is named World of Eleven. / Silvosse finally defeats Djaul, putting and end to the Endless Winter.
  • 12 : Death of Karibd and Silar’s parents. They discover a book containing some Eliatrope science.
  • 17 : Soft Oak saves the Sadida names “Feuille”. Events from the manga : Dofus Monster : Le Chêne Mou.
  • 20 : Karibd and Silar succeed in creating an Eliatrope portal leading to the Shustuft Crust. Rushu decides to recruit them.
  • 24 : After making a pact with Rushu, the dragon “The one who should not be named” posses the body of Lukryh Leuk, a powerful warrior. Doing so, he becomes Hyrkul, Rushu gives him immortality. Events from the manga : Dofus, special Hyrkul le Tendancieux. Thanks to Karibd and Silar’s portal, Rushu sends one thousand of his demons to invade the World of Twelve. Algathe, one of Goultard’s wives, wakes Goultard up to protect the World. She is killed in the battle against the demons which will awake the Dark Vlad, one of Goultard’s alternate personalities. He defeats all the demons. Events from the manga : Dofus, special Les Shushus de Rushu. Djaul and Brumaire build the city of Brâkmar in glory of Rushu.
  • 25 : Jiva becomes the new protector for the month of Javian. On Frauguctor the 3rd, Jiva, Menalt and Pouchecot erect the city of Bonta to oppose Brâkmar. Shadofang arrives at Forfut.
  • 26 : Hyrkul the Tendencious leads the Brakmarian army against Bonta for the first time. He is defeated by Ulgrude during the first battle of the “Crimson Dawn”. Both cities are in ruins but an anomaly (caused by Sacrier in the year 11) in Xelor’s clock causes the cities to return to their previous state. Ulgrude becomes the new protector of the month of Martello, replacing the previous one : Menalt.
  • 47 : Ulgrude declares his love to Jiva.
  • 68 : Silvosse, protector of Flovor, decides to turn lumberjacks into Treechnids.
  • 125 : Silouate, protector of Aperirel, ruins plains and fields.
  • 127 : Rosal, protector of Maysial, cures Silouate.
  • 130 : Bolgrot, the dragon born from the new dofus laid by Aguabrial, is on a rampage in Amakna. He meets Rykke Errel, a strong Iop warrior who befriends him and manages to calm him. Unfortunately, the two friends fall madly in love with the magician Helsephine who chooses Rykke Errel. Mad with jealousy, Bolgrot kills Helsephine. Rykke Errel and Bolgrot fight and die together. The six primordial Dofus are found in Bolgrot’s belly, they are given to the “Brotherhood of Guardians”.
  • 132 : Djaul tricks Jiva by impersonating Xelor and captures her to prolong Descendre for a second time. Ulgrude, who is madly in love with Jiva, runs to her rescue. He saves her but neither Djaul nor Ulgrude truly wins the confrontation. Dardondakal, the primordial Dragon who laid the Ivory Dofus, is killed by Hyrkul.
  • 134 : Raval, protector of Septangel, creates the Rogues Clan.
  • 135 : Bonta and Brakmar disappear. Maimane, protector of Octolliard, seals all the most terrible feelings in odd totems.
  • ~207 : The Dragon Pig sends the Porcos in exil for their safety. Events from the manga : Dofus Monster, Le Dragon Cochon.
  • 305 : Crail joins the Brotherhood of the Guardians.
  • 310 : Crail battles the Dark Vlad and steals a primordial Dofus from him, the Crimson Dofus.
  • 318 : Krubim Crepin and his friend Crocosec help King Abrazif save his kingdom from an invasion of rats using fragments of the souls of four elemental Shushus. Events from the comics : Kerubim 1 & 2.
  • 320 : Homar Cherif is adopted by a kind family.
  • 330 : Homar Cherif becomes evil.
  • 337 : Issering le Bricoleur kills count Saverne and adopts his five sons. Events from the manga : Dofus monster, Le Chevalier Noir.
  • 345 : Issering creates the Tormentor, a gun using the elemental magic of his user.
  • 348 : Ténèbres becomes the Dark Knight : Le Chevalier Noir.
  • 350 : Crail becomes the Guardian of the dofus he stole to the Dark Vlad : the Crimson Dofus. His former student, Vil Smisse, tries to steal it from him but the egg is nowhere to be found. Arty, Crail’s grandson, is forced to escape and becomes the new guardian. He meets Vald, another alternate personality of Goultard. The Manga Dofus begins.
  • 388-389 : Julith leads the brakmarian army to attack Bonta with the Ebony Dofus. Jahash protects Bonta with his Ivory Dofus. They fight for 68 days and on the 69th day, Julith and Jahash fall in love. They get married.
  • 390 : Joris is born from Julith and Jahash’s love. After the death of his two parents, Kerubim adopts him. Bonta is partially destroyed.
  • 397 : Kerubim Crepin, retires from adventures and runs a shop in Bonta with Joris. Events from the TV show : Kerub’s Bazaar/Au Bazar de Kerubim.
  • 400 : Joris meets his biological mother, Julith who tries to bring Jahash back to life using the Ebony Dofus. Atcham and Kerubim die but come back to life as kittens, Joris adopts them. Events from the movie : Dofus book I – Julith.
  • 417 : Pandhravan’s journey. Events from the comic : Pandala.
  • 450 : Events of Welsh and Shedar, an abandoned animation project.
  • 505 : The demon Esra’Ruoy’Dnim breaks the non-agression pact for the second time by invadingthe World of Twelve. He enslaves Amaknians to do researches to find the Dofus, without any success.
  • 512 : Allister, a Feca sheperd, is visited by the Goddess Feca. He creates the first guild of the World of Twelve : Allister’s Guild. He starts drawing a plan to stop Esra’Ruoy’Dnim.
  • 513 : Allister finally traps Esra’Ruoy’Dnim with the Head for no Tail Shackles, freeing the World of Twelve from his tyranny.
  • 536 : Allister becomes King of Amakna.
  • 550 : Count Harebourg creates a clepsydra allowing him to extend the duration of days. Jiva, seeing this machine as an opportunity to beat Djaul, gives the Icy Dofus to Harebourg in order to get enough power to make it work. On the 31th of Descendre, the Machine is activated, it’s a success and Djaul is crushed by Jiva.
  • 552 : Djaul finds a way to destroy the machine but Jiva is in his way. He captures Ulgrude, her lover, as an hostage. Jiva is forced to let Djaul turn the machine against Frigost using the Icy Dofus, casting an Eternal Winter on it.
  • 555 : Harebourg was held responsible by his people. Driven mad by his despair, he stops the time in Frigost causing the island to fade into oblivion. He hides in his castle and works to find a solution to save his people.
  • 614 : Fallanster reaches Astrub to hide the Head for no Tail Shackles.
  • 627 : Adventures of Nomekop le Crapoteur. Events from the manga : Dofus Monster, Nomekop le Crapoteur.
  • 634 : The Cursed Day, the guardians discover that the Dofus have been stolen by the most powerful creatures of the World of Twelve : the Dragon Pig, the Dark Vlad, the Soft Oak, Minotoror.. On the 15th of Descendre, the Wabbits invade Lenald Island. Dofus the MMORPG begins !
  • 635 : Two Eniripsas are going on a quest. the Goddess Eniripsa and Rushu decided to make a bet : If they succeed, Rushu has to leave the World of Twelve alone forever, if they fail, Rushu will take their souls and start a collection of damned Eniripsas. Events from the comic : Dofus Quest – Les Mains d’Eniripsa. The inhabitants of the main island discover Pandala and the Goddess’ powers increase with that new wage of faith. A second Crimson Dawn takes place between Bonta and Brakmar. Otomaï creates Ogrest by failing an experiment.
  • Year unknown : Ogrest finds Dathura, a lifeless doll of Sadida, and fall in love with her. He brings her back to life, she tells him she would like to be human so Ogrest promises her he will find the 6 Dofus to allow her to become human.
  • 636 : Esra’Ruoy’Dnim escapes from Astrub’s prison and hides in Gisgoul thanks to the help of Vil Smisse and Lethaline Sigisbul. Lethaline disappears to the Hormonde where he will have to work under the orders of Midnight. Pym Eoliath is studying magic at Grilembor school but he tries a spell and is teleported to the Hormonde, another dimension where the Hours Demons are living. They kidnap fighters at different eras to make them fight in arenas. Events from the manga : Dofus Arena.
  • 637 : The Goddess Pandawa appears to Zatoïshwan, a strong pandawa warrior. He will protect Pandala’s villages until he becomes evil under Djaul’s influence. Events from the manga : Dofus monster, Zatoïshwan.
  • 640 : N jumps into a portal and is teleported to Sakai Island. A little Island near Frigost. He will protect the mines he has discovered. / Frigost is rediscovered. / Brumen Tinctorias, a killer Eniripsa, defies the god Iop. Dida, a Iop will track him down. Events from the manga : Dofus Monster, Brumen Tinctorias. / The Queen of Thieves is crowned (a sram of course !).
  • 647 : Bob and Boris, two Firefoux from Feudala, fight for the throne. Events from : Dofus Monster, Firefoux.
  • 689 : Foggernauts discover the Stasis and the Crimson Claw Archipelago. Events from the comic : Steamers.
  • ~750 : Birth of Noximilian Colxen.
  • ~770 : Birth of Ruel Stroud and Alibert.
  • 788 : Ogrest begin his journey to find the primordial Dofus.
  • 789 : Ogrest found the 6 primordial Dofus. Confronted by the Gods, he defeat them all. But he discovers that Dathura used him to get the Dofus and, feeling betrayed, he throws her into the Abyss. Event though she tricked him, he loved her and driven mad by his grief, he cries on the top of the Mount Zinit. Ogrest’s Chaos begins as well as the Wakfu Era.

Wakfu Era
789 to Present


  • 789 : In Amakna, King Allister dies drowned. / Noximilian Colxen finds the Eliacube. He starts to work on it and is left behind by his family. He looses them to the floods and becomes Nox.
  • 865 : Percimol a Puddly finds a magic hammer and becomes the hero of his village. Events from the comic : Wakfu Heroes, Percimol.
  • 955 : Birth of Kriss La Krass, a well known professional Gobbowler, Captain of the team : Les Bouftons Rouges.
  • 961 : Kabrok meets Miranda and defeats an old rival, becoming the Black Crow in the process. Events from the comic : Wakfu heroes, Le Corbeau Noir.
  • 964 : Birth of Evangelyne.
  • 965 : Birth of Sadlygrove (Tristepin) Percedal, reincarnation of the god Iop. / Birth of Cleome (Cleophée, Evangelyne’s sister). / The Justice’s (Father and Son) journey begins. Events from the comic : Wakfu Heroes, Justice.
  • 968 : Birth of Amalia Sheran Sharm.
  • 969 : The Emerald Eliatrope Dofus hatches, Yugo and Adamaï are reborn. Grougaloragran meets Nox but managed to escape. He decides to entrust Alibert with the baby (Yugo). He takes Adamaï to Oma Island. / Kriss La Krass starts his training to become a professional Gobbowler. Events from the comic : Boufbowl. / Wakfu MMORPG Begins.
  • 972 : Poupo Mongrovejo becomes governor of Nao the Great.
  • 975 : Silas’ parents are killed by a Sacrier turned into a wereworlf. Silas starts his journey for revenge with a mysterious masked girl by his side. Events from the comic : Les Larmes de Sang.
  • 979 : Remington and Grany Smisse meet Ush Galesh for the first time and Grany ends up being turned into a Bow Meow. Events from the comic : Wakfu Heroes, Remington. / Maskemane is hunted down by Kouto Smisse who wants to steal his powerful masks. Events from the comic : Wakfu Heroes, Maskemane.
  • 980 : Alibert tell Yugo the story of Ogrest. Ogrest OAVs.
  • 981 : Wakfu season 1 begins. Yugo’s quest begins, leading to his first encounter with his Dragon twin Adamai and Grougaloragran, the creation of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, and their confrontation with Nox in the Sadida kingdom; they finally defeat him and get the Eliacube. Events of the comic “Wakfu Shak Shaka” and from the novels take place on this year. Death of Grougaloragran going back to his Dofus. Death of Sadlygrove (Tristepin) and Nox.
  • 982 : Black Ink and Elaine Narrowsmith finally complete the repairs on their first ship and start their life of piracy. Events from the comic : Wakfu Heroes, Tangomango. / Wakfu season 2 begins. Yugo and Adamai try to use the Eliacube and free Qilby from another Dimension where he had been trapped for millenia. Tristepin comes back to life as well as Grougaloragran and his twin, Chibi. The Brotherhood of the Tofu leaves on a quest to find his Dofus in the Crimson Claw Archipelago. Qilby is a traitor and thanks to his portal, Rushu invades the World of Twelve again. He is defeated by the Sufokians (who just reappeared) and Goultard, using the God Iop’s powers. Qilby is defeated by Yugo and imprisoned again in the White dimension. Yugo discovers Eliatrope children in a dimension without time, protected by the Dragon Baltazar. The events from the comic “Wakfu, Les Kamas de la soif” take place during this year.
  • 983 : Elaine Narrowsmith and Black Ink plans on robbing the governor, Poupo Mongrovejo. Events from the comic : Tangomango 3. / Wakfu Manga begins. Jiva interrupts Yugo and Adamai’s birthday party and demands the six Eliatrope Dofus. Yugo and his friends fight back, but Jiva kills Phaeris the Dragon and kidnaps the reincarnated Grougaloragran and Chibi. Aided by Joris and the Knights Justice, the Brotherhood of the Tofu has no choice but to go on a hunt for the Dofus.
  • 988/989 ? : Amalia is forced into a mariage of convenience with the Count Harebourg. But the Brotherhood of the Tofu realises the real intentions of Harebourg and stops him from destroying Sadida’s Kingdom once again. Finally Sadlygrove (Tristepin) Percedal and Yugo attack Ogrest (aided by the 6 primordial dragons) on Mount Zinit. After a long fight, Ogrest is finally rid of his madness through his father Otomai’s intervention. Ogrest decides to entrust the Dragons with the Dofus, he gives them back to their original protectors. Adamai leaves the Brotherhood of the Tofu because he felt betrayed by his brother. He joins the “Fratrie des Oubliés” with Dame Echo. Tristepin is revealed to be the reincarnation of the god Iop but he wants to take a break from adventure and entrusts Goultard with his powers. Events from the OAVs : Wakfu The Ice Throne, Ush and Dragon Mountain.

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