The World of Twelve


The vast universe of the Krosmoz comprised thousands and thousands of planets, but there was one in particular that was going to be the epicentre of the most extraordinary events. It is said that at the beginning of time, this planet was populated by a powerful civilisation that was wiped out by a terrible war. In fact, before the planet was found by the Gods, it was found by the Eliatropes. They chose that one because it was full of Wakfu. At that time, they were trying to escape from the Mechasms. But they finally got caught and their last try to defend themselves against Orgonax, the Mechasms’ leader, had awful consequences, it wiped out all life on the planet.

Myths indicate that the planet remained barren for millennia before a second generation of gods cropped up. From what Acidrik Gutsplitter wrote in Found Fragment I (IG book in Dofus), the world owes a lot to the God Osamodas. Osamodas was a taciturn god who’d rather be in the company of animals than of the other gods. One day, during one of his lonely walks, Osamodas stumbled upon a platinum sign where “There’s nothing here” was written in flame-letters. And it was true, there was nothing, except for a little star, revolving around that sign. Osamodas and his three dragons stopped to contemplate that sidereal void. Ouronigride (the black dragon) and Helioboros (the white dragon) were so boisterous, they started to play around, catching each others. With all that hustle and bustle around it, the little stone started to roll, to become red… The more they played, the more the stone was shining and hissing.. The two dragons ready to collide in the stone, Osamodas sent his third dragon, Spiritia (the multicoloured dragon), to coil up around the stone to protect it. Then it happened. A deflagration of shades and lights spread around the universe. Bright corpuscules formed by the race of the two dragons whirled around. Sun, Moon and stars were born. A new World was born.

The other Gods rushed towards the freshly created new world. Nine of them came to Osamodas. After talking a long time, they decided to call it the World of Ten. It had a name, a new world was born and it was already arousing the interest of the most powerful Gods of the universe. It was promised to an uncommon and epic destiny. (Found Fragment II – IG book in Dofus).


With one crack of his weapon, he sent his sacred dragons to breath life into the desolate lands. Ouronigride (the black dragon) breathed dark magic into the world while Helioboros (the white dragon) inspired the bright magic. Three black dragons (Grougalorasalar, Gargoylone and the One who shall not be named) and three white dragons (Dardondakal, Croulakrakoss, Gresgaoulian) are created and sent into the world, they will be the founder of all the other dragons in Amakna. Spiritia (the multicoloured dragon) gave the air, the fire, the earth and the water magic powers. Now six elemental dragons, they will give birth to the Dofus (means Dragon eggs in Dragon language). Four dragons are made the wardens of those elements : Aguabrial (the blue dragon) for the water, Ignemikahl (the scarlet dragon) for the fire, Terrakourial (the emerald scaled dragon) for the earth and Aerafal (the crystal-like dragon) for the air. The four elemental dragons, the white and the black dragons went back to their own den. Osamodas called Sadida for help. Dragons lay eggs when they are in love. Sadida created dolls to charm each of the dragons and the next morning, each of them was sitting on an egg. The six Dofus. (Found Fragment III – IG book in Dofus)

But legions of demons were staring at this world too. Believe it or not, but it is said that they’ve been created by Osamodas himself who is one of them ! They all gathered to the limit of the universe to contemplate the new World. They couldn’t cross the limit because of a pact they made with the Gods ! Rushu, the king of the Demons called up to the Gods “Brothers! Is this a new world you’re taking care of so lovingly?”. The Eggs of the six elemental dragons are now beating in unison and their aura is propagating the harmony upon the World. Everyone could feel them and so did Rushu ! He was really not pleased to be left out for this world which now had Dofus. But gods explained that they had to be an even number : 5 for white magic and 5 for black magic. Rushu couldn’t fit in. (Found Fragment IV,V -IG books in Dofus)


Years later, the Goddess Sacrier joined the Gods. She was being very popular, a lot of people were swearing loyalty to her. They gave her their suffering and pain and thanks to the goddess they were recovering strengh and vigour (Found Fragment VII – IG book in Dofus). “What did she do to deserve her place!?” Rushu shouted angrily. “You know it perfectly well, Rushu. She simply has dedicated disciples who have faith in her.” God Iop answered quietly. Rushu was in such a rage to see the Gods welcoming a new Goddess ! They were now eleven. But rather than trying to join them again, he decided that from now on, he will work on a plan to invade the World of Eleven and take what he deserves by strength !

The new World needed “Time”. Xelor worked hard on a Divine Clock for that new world. When it was finally over, the Gods gathered around it. Each second passing was whispering the life of the world. The Gods heard the suffering and fears of the inhabitants. Full of sympathy, a tear rolled down the Goddess Sacrier’s cheek, fell onto the Divine Clock and got into the mechanism that grated. The Clock, suddenly alive, had one single convulsion : space and time, past and present seemed to crumple… At this precise moment, Xelor predicted that Bonta and Brakmar, rival cities, would be destroyed during the cities wars. But thanks to the Goddess, they would be reborn from the Chaos in which History would have put them. It was a second chance for the two cities… (Found Fragment VIII – IG book in Dofus).


Happy that his Clock gave hours, minutes and seconds, Xelor decided to divide the dial into eleven months and four seasons. Summer was created to excite the blazing divinities Iop, Ecaflip and Cra; Fall to shower praise upon the goddess Feca and god Xelor; Winter to magnify the intuition of the gods Sram, Enutrof and Osamodas; and finally Spring to celebrate the serenity shown by both Eniripsa and Sadida. Rushu, who didn’t get his share of time, scratched the clock, mad with rage. He scratched it so much than a twelfth month could be added. It became Descendre, the month of Demons. Rushu put slimy larvae into the clock, slowing it down. It started to shatter the world, the Dofus were not beating together, Harmony was lost. Then Rushu said that only one of his people could stop the effect of the larvas from rotting inside the clock. He imposed Djaul as the protector of this month, his only duty is to make dark Descendre days the longest of the year. (Xelor’s Divine Clock part VI – IG book in Dofus)


Here is the list of protectors of the months appointed by Gods :

  • Solar, guard of the order of Iop, protector of Javian.
  • Silvosse, human hero, cuttings master, protector of Flovor.
  • Menalt, centaur warrior of the Valiant Heart order, protector of Martalo.
  • Silouate the Minothoror, protector of Aperirel.
  • Rosal, flower master, protector of Maysial.
  • Sumens, devotee of god Enutrof, protector of Junssidor.
  • Hecate, female minor demon, protector of Jullier.
  • Pouchecot the big fruity, protector of Frauguctor.
  • Raval the terrible, protector of Septangel.
  • Maimane the stabilizer, protector of Octolliard.
  • Brumaire, the macabre Blord, protector of Novamaire.
  • Djaul, minor demon, follower of Rushu, protector of Descendre.


Some years later, Pandawa joined the other Gods, following the Goddess Sacrier’s footsteps. The world took the name of World of Twelve, which it still carries to this day.

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acidrikAcidrik Gutsplitter : is an NPC from the game Dofus present in Astrub’s Tavern in (5,-17). Acidrik is a Bachelor of divination and aruspices, which means that he can interpret the past and future by observing the entrails of any living being. He decided to gather all the information he got and wrote “Found Fragments” I to VIII and some other books (all IG books in Dofus).

djaulDjaul : Djaul is a Demon who obeys to Rushu. He is the protector of the month Descendre. He is one of the few demons authorized to access the World of Twelve despite the pact made between the Gods and the Demons. His task is to regulate the time and weather of the last month of the year. But it is well known that he abuses his powers to serve his master, Rushu. Learn more >>

eliaEliatropes : are a people, non-native to the World of Twelve. In fact, they fled to that planet when trying to escape the Mechasms. They do not worship the same Gods as humans but they have a human appearance. You can recognize them from the strange hat they’re wearing. They master the power of creation. Using Wakfu they can create portals, weapons … Learn more >>

orgonaxOrgonax : Orgonax was the youngest of the Mechasms, a huge construction of metal with a small head and a huge torso that features what looks like a Feca shield. His people settle on the Eliatrope planet during the Primordial Age. At first, the cohabitation is working well and the two people are living in peace. But something will break Harmony… Learn more >>

godsThe Twelve Gods : At first there were only 10 Gods who came to that new World : Osamodas, Sadida, Xelor, Iop, Eniripsa, Feca, Cra, Sram, Enutrof, Ecaflip. Years later, the Goddesses Sacrier and Pandawa will join the Pantheon. The World of Twelve was born. Osamodas and Sadida are at the origin of the 6 first Dofus and the creation of the World. Learn more about the Gods >>

6dragonsThe First Dragons & Dofus : Very little is known about all the Dragons present in the Krosmoz. They have their own language and are extremely powerful. When dragons fall in love, they lay eggs called Dofus (dragon eggs in Dragon language). The first 6 Dofus appeared thanks to the collaboration of two great Gods : Osamodas and Sadida. Learn more >>

rushuRushu : is one of the first 10 Demons that came to the Krosmoz at the same time as the first 10 Gods. As he had great ambitions, he felt threatened by the other 9 demons. To impose himself and climb to power, he killed them all. Being the last remaining and therefore, most powerful demon, Rushu declared himself as the King of all demons to rule in the Shustuff Crust. Learn more >>

Xelor’s Divine Clock : …..

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  • The Krosmoz website (english and french)
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