The Signs of the Doziak

What is your Doziak sign ? The Doziak is the equivalent of our Zodiac in the real world. Creatures from the World of Twelve are used to represent each constellations. To each sign are associated a story and a personnality. Those descriptions come from the books : “Signs of the Doziak” volume I to XII, ingame books from the game Wakfu written by a mysterious Yova Etna. You can buy those 12 books at the Almanax Machine for 5 Almokens each.

21st Martalo – 20th Aperirel

The Gobball is the first sign of the Doziak and was the first ever constellation to have lit up the gloomy sky. Legend says that Osamodas had a Gobball called Gobby that he loved very much. He would often walk with him across the fields and prairies, letting him graze tufts of the most exquisite grass. But one day, whilst the god was taking care of his other pets, he left Gobby all alone in his meadow.

21st Aperirel – 19th Maysial


The terrible Minotoror used to live way out, far west of Amakna, on an isolated island, and many that ventured that far never returned… Every day, new adventurers would come to face him, hoping to get their hands on the Dofus that he had been entrusted with. Yet the monster was so powerful that he’d win every combat, crushing his enemies like garden peas. Over the course of time, as you can imagine, he ended up with a particularly large head!

20th Maysial – 21st Junssidor


The venerable Sumens, protector of Junssidor, had the power to transform whatever he ate into jewels or gold. He would often walk along the steep paths of the Cania Massif after eating and do… well, you know what. There’s nothing better than a walk in the fresh air to satisfy your primary needs!

22nd Junssidor – 21st Jullier


They say that from time to time, when summer arrived, the goddess Feca would come down to the World to take a break. Apparently she particularly appreciated Otomai Island, for its beaches of fine sand and coral reefs. There, she could bathe in the turquoise waters without having to worry about voyeurs.

Bow Meow
22nd Jullier – 23rd Frauguctor


They say that back in the day, on the lands of Amakna, there lived a magnificent Bow Meow with long angora fur. Some people say that the god Ecaflip took it under his wing and made it as beautiful as the sky itself. Never had there been such a beautiful, graceful animal as this superb, silky-coated feline. Its eyes were as green as emeralds and its little ears were soft and warm. Its claws and teeth looked almost ivory and its fine whiskers were like little zither strings. Its joyful meow was sweeter than a Tofu’s melody and its purr would soften even the most ferocious of Boowolves.

24th Frauguctor – 22nd Septangel


The Protector of Septangel, Raval, has always been a sad and depressed man. Not a day goes by without him chewing the cud of dark thoughts. However, this dark character once tried to drive out his melancholy with the idea of marriage. What could be better than coming together with a woman to bring him up from the dumps he had found himself in?

23rd Septangel – 22nd Octolliard


Once upon a time, on Otomai Island, there was a self-conscious young Kilibriss. Perched on a minuscule Palmflower stalk, he was forced to bear the teasing of his brothers and sisters; all his siblings had chosen long and beautiful branches on which to perch, play about, and do all sorts of acrobatics, but such behavior demanded great balance and stability! Our Kilibriss, hoisted on a large perch, couldn’t stop falling and became very self-conscious about his size. That’s why he had settled for a short, thick branch, in order to be more stable and avoid falling.

23rd Octolliard – 21st Novamaire


Brumaire, the merciless protector of Novamaire, is a crafty, perfidious, perverse being. Provoking chaos and spreading confusion are his only pleasures and sole satisfaction. One day, he even wanted to wreak havoc in the starry night sky! He chose a ferocious, venomous Scurvion at will and launched it into the air in a flurry of whizzing wind.

22nd Novamaire – 21st Descendre


In the frost of a winter’s day of the kind that only Djaul knows how to truly appreciate, the protector of Descendre strolled peacefully across frozen fields. To pass the time and entertain himself a little, he decided to exterminate a little Piwi or two. Before he knew it, he had exterminated thirty of the terrified tweeters.

22nd Descendre – 20th Javian


If there’s any time of the year that Jiva hates, it’s the beginning, because each time, the infamous Djaul does all he can to throw it all up in the air. Every year, to try and steal a few days from Javian, the demon faces its guardian in a battle of the titans. Fists, headbutts, scratches, and kicks: the hidings and other wallops come thick and fast!

21st Javian – 18th Flovor


Anyone who knows their legends well will tell you that Puddlies are real wet blankets. As soon as they feel any danger, they start shaking, turn into liquid, and run away to hide. Even if they need to stand up and be courageous, their initiative generally finishes in an upset state…

19th Flovor – 20th Martalo


Ulgrude of Thunder, master of showers, is an impulsive young man with a spontaneous character. When he wants something, he’ll do whatever he can to obtain it. When he’s angry, he’s capable of terrible things. And when he falls in love, nothing can hold him back: suitor of the beautiful Jiva, he’s lost count of the number of times he’s tried to seduce her!

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