The Mimics

Mimics changed a lot since the 1.50 Update ! You don’t need to feed them anymore, they will now come to you on their own, lovely isn’t it ?

How do they work now ?

They crash in fights when you are in dungeon. Each time you kill an enemy, you have X % chance that a Mimic will appear in fight. They won’t attack but they will only stay in fight for 3 turns or until they reach the edge of the map, so be quick ! A little additional difficulty : they reduce every damage from range by 50%. Note that their maximum HPs depends on the mob’s level. Do not worry, if you kill all the monsters in the fight, it doesn’t end until you kill the mimics.


How is the apparition rate calculated ?

  • At the beginning of a fight, a number is chosen randomly between 1 and 100 in Stasis 1 (for each additional Stasis level, reduce the chosen number by 1 going from 1 to 51 in Stasis 50).
  • If this number is between 1 and 10 (included), one or more Mimics appear. In fact, when the Mimic appears, there’s a 5% chance that a Mimic group appears (containing 6 Mimics) and thus a 95% chance that only one Mimic appears.

Therefore it gives approximately 10% chance (1/10) in Stasis 1 and 20% chance (1/5) in Stasis 50 that a Mimic will appear on the field, per fight. Also, when a Mimic appears, there is 1 chance out of 20 that it will be replaced by a Mimics Pack (this rate doesn’t change with the difficulty).

There are 4 different types of Mimics all offering different rewards : Fragmented Mimic, Domestic Mimic, Sweet Mimic and Runic Mimic. No matter the Mimic’s type, you will always be rewarded with 3 Mimik Slobbers for each Mimic you defeated in fight. Fine, but what does it give ?

  • Fragmented Mimic : They loot fragments for every relic. The fragments are not limited to the dungeon’s relic and you can drop several different fragments on a single Mimic. Note that the fragments you can drop depend on the monster’s level. Therefore, you will only drop fragments of relics of a lower level than the mob.

  • Domestic Mimic : They loot growth Kibbles and pets among those you can drop in the game

  • Sweet Mimic : They loot different consumables for professions.

  • Runic Mimic : They loot runes (basic, glossy, sparkling, perfect). The runes’ class depends on the level of the dungeon (Lvl. 1 to 20).