Steel beak Lvl.171

Steel Beak is the sixth Ultimate Boss you can confront ! His lair will unlock when you will reach the level 171. You have 3 tries a week but contrary to the other Ultimate Bosses you can do it again after winning the fight (so you can help your friends) ! It is your second really challenging Ultimate Boss so be careful and go there well prepared adventurer ! First of all, his lair is located in Kelba on the top of the map, in the Peaks. To access it, you need to enter the cave.

Rewards : 80 000 000 XP + 40 000 Kamas


  • This fight has 4 phases ! Phase one is from 80 000 HPs to 68 000 HPs (he does not move and stays on one side out of the map). Phase 2 from 68 000 HPs to 40 000 HPs (he switches between both sides out of the map), Phase 3 from 40 000 HPs to 16 000 HPs (he finally lands on the battlefield) and the Phase 4 will trigger at 16 000 HPs !
  • Glyphs around the map : If you walk on one of those tiles, you will fall from the cliff and your character will be insta-KO. Stay away from them ! Don’t try to push monsters into them, those are birds ! They don’t fear it, therefore it has no effect on them.
  • Steel Beak’s Range : Steel beak can hit almost everywhere on the map and it hurts badly. Depending on the side he’s on, you will have safe spots where you’ll need to go to avoid the “Crobak Shot” a very powerful attack. I made maps for you that you will find throughout this guide.


  • One Tank : Feca or Sacrier even if Fecas are better since Steel Beak won’t be able to move at all if you have at least 600 lock and use Leather Plating !
  • One Healer : The fight can quickly turn into a massacre ! No matter which healer : Eniripsa, Sadida or Masqueraider (water). His job will be to keep everyone alive on phase 3 but also to fix some mistakes on the first phases ! A Sadida can be really useful, they can use their dolls to trigger traps without hurting anyone (also, they can stabilize themselves).
  • One Panda : A panda is really useful, his role will be to place monsters but more importantly, to place Steel beak near the Feca at the start of Phase 3. Another positive point, a pandawa can stabilize himself.
  • One Burst DD : A Iop, an Huppermage, a Rogue…. From phase 3 till the end, you need to hit SB in close-combat so one CC DD is recommended. In Phase 4 the goal is to kill SB as fast as possible, in one turn is the best. This is why you need a burst class !
  • Two Range DDs : Cra, Xelor, Eliotrope… The best is to have the possibility of stabilizing allies, like Cras.


For the placement the characters should place themselves near the spot they will stay for the entire fight. Be careful though, never start next to another or Steel beak will cast a spell that will most likely one shot your characters ! Here are the safe spots until Phase 3 ! You have to choose who will take which spot.


One of the Range DD will take the safe spots on the right and the other one on the bottom of the map. The close-combat DD won’t be of any use for the 2 first phases so he will hide in one spot (on the top). The Panda should take the safe spot on the left and the Healer and the tank will move pretty often.

80 000 HPs – 68 000 HPs

Turn 1 : Steel Beak will appear randomly on the right or on the left. For the first phase, he won’t move from that post so place yourself considering that. On the first turn, he will summon 9 Crobaks lvl.175 of 3072 HPs each, then if some characters are next to each other (summons count), he will use his non-LoS AoE that could one shot you, if not, he passes his turn.


98676a3290170aa1f935878062d9fefdAfter 1st turn : Each Steel Beak turn will now go like this. He summons 3 traps on random cells (for the whole fight ! they do not reset each turn), after casting the spell they become invisible so train your memory ! You can deactivate them using Sadida’s dolls or any summon. Stepping on them removes -100 MPs and deals damage in a 3×3 AoE centered on the trap cell. He casts “Crobak Shot” on anyone in his line of sight causing big damage (this is why you need to know the safe spots). The Feca can protect his allies by going on Steel beak’s side and being the closest to him. That way he will take the damage. Note that if the closest enemy is a summon or a mechanism, he will cast another Crobak Shot on the next closest target. At the end of his turn, Steel Beak casts Violent Gusts, a huge wind pushing every non-stabilized character of 4 cells in the opposite of his direction causing collision damage.

2a129daaeef390782b61f5eff149718eCrobaks : Crobaks can summon Tornados (pushing you by 2 cells if you step in them) and push you of 2 cells if they come in CC. Killing a Crobak gives a debuff “Rooted” : -1MP. What’s the point then ? Well, when you reach the level 3 of that debuff, you get semi-stabilized and won’t be affected by Steel Beak’s gust. Though you can still be pushed and pulled by allies. Since there are 9 Crobaks and you need to kill 3 of them, you can have 3 allies stabilized against Steel beak ! Choose the ones that can’t stabilize themselves but can stabilize others : the Range DDs and the third one could be another range DD or the Panda (since he can stabilize someone else) depending on your team.

Here are all the safe spots depending on Steel Beak’s position (roll on hover). Click here to open them in a new window : left, right, both.

Try to go in a safe spot as described in the placement part and prepare for next phase while lowering Steel beak’s HPs. The range DDs on the right and bottom, each one for one side. The CC DD in a safe spot passing his turn for now or boosting. The Panda on his safe spot. Healer in a center position to be able to heal everyone. Feca on Steel Beak’s side to take the damage.


Phase Change : Once Steel Beak reaches 68 000 HPs he won’t take any damage. On his turn, he will play it normally and at the end he will jump into the air and create green “Lacerations” on the ground causing big damage. Stepping on them removes – 2MPs and -115 HPs (earth). For this turn you can’t touch him, he is out of sight so Buff/heal. Next turn, he will come back making his lacerations explode in an AoE dealing big damage (see the map to be safe).


68 000 HPs – 40 000 HPs

He plays every turn like in phase 1 except that he will now change sides every turn. He keeps casting Violent Gusts but now, since he changes sides, you will be pushed each turn in a different direction (always the opposite of Steel beak).

Phase Change : This one is a bit different. When he reaches 40 000 HPs, he will again take no damage, fly away and put “Lacerations” on the ground. When he’s in the sky, this is the most important turn for you ! On his next landing, he will create a Tornado expulsing everyone off the field. To counter that, stabilize a maximum of allies. The rooted characters are safe so let them stabilize allies (Cras and Pandas can do that for example). The tank and CC Damage dealer don’t really need to be stabilized. Here are their two safe spots not to be expulsed from the field without being stabilized. Place yourselves well, back to a wall so you won’t be too vulnerable.


On his next turn he explodes the “Lacerations” like before and finally lands on the battlefield with you. Now, he will deal big damage to anyone on his way ! Each time he will go next to someone and dodge, he will get a buff of 10% Final Damage if he loses APs/MPs and 20 Final Damage if he doesn’t lose anything !

40 000 HPs – 16 000 HPs

After that huge Tornado, Steel Beak (who now has higher resistances) summons 2 Krawmagnons and 2 Krobelles with high resistances 71% and 65%. Those monsters have a shield, making them invulnerable. To break that shield, deal collision damage to them so they will be vulnerable on next turn. Krobelles can teleport away when there are aligned allies next to her, they can heal and deal damage while putting the poison “Batrachotoxine” on the target. Krawmagnons can jump to a target while dealing damage and giving them “Batrachotoxine”. If surrounded, he will push everyone.


“Batrachotoxine” : Poisoned characters will slide of X cells (X = the level of the state, the max is lvl 5) towards the direction they’re facing at the end of their turn. Be careful with it ! But it’s also an interesting “tool”, use it against the raskaws to remove their invulnerability ! Slide right into them to deal collision damage. Kill them all before going for the next phase !


Steal Beak : In the meantime, you can’t let Steel Beak wandering around ! If there is no one next to SB when he starts his turn, he wins 20% final damage, that’s why the Panda should get Steel beak to the Tank right away. So the Tank can teleport/attract SB in a corner with him (his back to the team is the best) ! Now the Tank’s job is to keep Steel Beak from moving, shield yourself because Steel Beak’s spells tickle a bit, provoc him etc.. After the field is cleared of all the Raskaws, target Steel Beak ! Be careful though, you must not deal more than 3 500 damage from range or he will jump to the furthest ally and deal huge damage (if not killing him) ! Everyone should attack in Melee range (2 cells away maximum) to deal damage (yes yes, even you, little cra). That’s also your time to shine, you, forgotten CC Damage Dealer, show them the real deal ! Though, do not stay near Steel beak or he will deal heavy damage to you. An Eliotrope can be really useful for that part too, creating a way with portals so everyone can hit in CC and fly away. Repeat until you reach 16 000 HPs. Be careful though, heal before Steel Beak’s turn because once you’re in Phase 4, heals are canceled ! Heal, buff, focus, remove resistances.. Be prepared for the burst part !

Phase 4
From 16 000 HPs

Now your heals are canceled (except for resurrection or Sadida’s tree) this is why you should end Steel Beak’s life as fast as possible ! He summons 4 more Raskawls, as before : 2 Krawmagnons and 2 Krobelles. The strategy and their spells are exactly the same. Though for now you should only focus on Steel Beak. His attacks now have 50% lifesteal this is why you should end his life in a few turns, 1 turn is the best. Use all your bursts : Destructive arrow, Iop Punch, light spells…. Kill him fast !! Finally you did it ! Now kill the 4 raskawls and you’re finally done with that UB. Congrats !! You’ve been through all that, I am proud of you !


Last Tips

    • The Challenges about “killing” (kill in backstab, kill from range/melee…) only count for Steel Beak so it’s easy to complete them !
    • For the traps, use dolls or any summons you can control.
    • Classes that can stabilize themselves : Sadida, Fogger, Pandawa, Sacrier
    • Classes that can stabilize others : Cra, Huppermage, Iops, Pandawa
    • Classes that can help positioning Steel beak : Pandawa, Huppermage, Sacrier
    • There are four cells on the field that buffs you of 4 range for the ungoing turn. Here they are on the map.


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