Stasis Dungeons

What is Stasis?

This feature will allow you to adjust the difficulty of dungeons as you like. You think the dungeon is too easy? Spice it up with some Stasis! Or is it too hard? Then lower the Stasis level to defeat those creatures without any stress.

There are 50 levels of difficulty that await you, divided into 5 levels (of difficulty):

  • Rapid (1-10)
  • Normal (11-20)
  • Difficult (21-30)
  • Expert (31-40)
  • Master (41-50)

As soon as you first enter the dungeon, you have access to the Rapid or Normal (difficulty levels 1 to 20) mode, with your real or adjusted level.

You’ll then need to complete the dungeon at difficulty level 20 and at the dungeon’s level (by checking the competitive box) to unlock difficulty levels 21 to 30. Then complete difficulty level 30 at that dungeon’s level to unlock difficulty levels 31 to 40…

Of course you will gain experience and rewards according to the difficulty set! Indeed, with each Stasis level over 11+, you will gain Drop%, Exp% bonuses, but also more transmutation stones and more attempts to drop the Boss resources! It doesn’t end here, in order to have a chance to drop a relic in a dungeon, you must do it at a minimum Stasis level of 11. Finally, the higher the Stasis level is, the more you’ll encounter mimics on your way to the Boss room. What are Mimics? Read everything about it here.

If you choose a Stasis level under 11, then you will have Drop% and Exp% maluses. It’s a great way to do a fast run, but if you want to drop, you’d better choose a higher Stasis level!

Of course, the Stasis level doesn’t only change your Drop rate but also the monsters’ characteristics. Indeed, it impacts their amount of HPs, their damage, their resistances and also.. their Stasis gameplay…

The Stasis Gameplay

The Stasis gameplay doesn’t apply to the monsters anymore and only applies to the Boss. The Stasis Gameplay only applies after the level 11+ Stasis. You will unlock different gameplays when climbing the different Stasis levels.

Level 21+
Everyturn starting from the 7th turn:

  • Gains 15% damage inflicted (permanent)
  • Gains 20 Elemental Resistances (permanent)

Level 31+
Every 10 turns starting from the 3rd one:

  • Gains +1MP and +1 Range (permanent)
  • Destroys every close mechanism and summon (in a circle of 5 cells)

Level 41+
At the 25th turn and the 35th turn:

  • Players lose 50% of their max HPs

At the 45th turn:

  • Players are KOed

Stasis states

The state is chosen randomly at every dungeon room. The same state randomly applies to 3 monsters. It won’t change in case of defeat.


At the start of turn:

  • Sends 3 projectiles in the area
  • Projectile: -10% max HP
  • Targets a cell containing an enemy (0 to 1 range)
  • The effect isn’t active on the first turn

When the bearer receives damage:

  • Pushes back the attacker by 2 cells
  • The attacker needs to be on an adjacent cell

At the end of turn:

  • Teleports an enemy in front of the bearer
  • Needs a free cell to teleport the enemy
  • Prioritizes the furthest enemy (outside of summons)
  • The effect is active 1 turn out of 2

When the bearer receives damage:

  • Reflects 20% of the damage receive to the attacker
  • The reflected damage can’t be reduced
  • The effect is active 1 turn out of 2

When an ally is K.O:

  • +30% damage dealt (permanent)

When the bearer deals damage:

  • Steals 20% of the damage dealt

At every displacement:

  • Puts a Plague glyph on the cell (-5% max HP)
  • The glyph lasts 3 turns

At the end of the turn:

  • Puts a Freezing glyph (-4 AP & -2 MP (1 turn))
  • The glyph is put on the start of turn cell
  • Requires an empty cell to be put
  • The effect isn’t active on the first turn