Srambad Lvl.140

Required Level : level 140              Recommended number of characters : 1

Pandora walks along the walls… The mysterious engineer who tinkers day and night is about to make her machine operational. But the more she progresses, the more she realizes the dangers ahead… Especially when Sram is part of the game! Thanks to her (or because of her …), you can explore every corner of the first WAKFU Divine Dimension! But beware! We are talking about Srambad there… Are you sure you want to know what is hidden? Or rather “what is crawling” there… ?

Srambad will soon become your favourite place ! Indeed, it’s one of the best xp spot in the game. Thanks to the main questline, which souldn’t take more than an hour, you should reach level 142 and be able to enter Srambad’s dungeon (Lvl.141) !

1 – Introduction – A Mysterious message

“Your reputation as an elite adventurer is known far and wide, as evidenced by the mailbag full of pleas for help you receive every day. Most of them are things like “help my Bow Meow is stuck in a tree”, which you rip up with a superior smirk, but today one of them caught your attention. A young scientist seems to be in need of a real adventurer’s help for a mission on Chillberg’s island. She’s asking you to come to her housein Astrub to learn more about the plan and what’s at stake.”

  • Go to Astrub to find whoever wrote the message

Reward : 3 610 000 xp

2 – The Leader

“You’re face to face with your leader, in her house in Astrub, near the Temple of Scriptures. Now’s the time ! Ask her for more details about the mission !”

  • Speak to the mission leader

Reward : 3 610 000 xp

3 – The Mission

“Pandora’s abilities have convinced you. If the artifact on Chillberg Island allows her to grant you even the tenth of her powers, you’re going to have a definite advantage over all your enemies. Besides, from what Pandora’s told you about the Ogrest problem, you’d be THE big hero of the World of Twelve. When you’re ready to follow this path, ask Pandora to open the portal to Chillberg Island.”

  • Speak to Pandora and step through the portal

Reward : 3 610 000 xp

Tips : If the portal is not active, go back to Pandora’s house and ask her to open it again. Recent bug : The portal is invisible, try to click on it, it’s downstairs, in the middle of the room.

4 – Next stop : Adventure!

“You’ve agree to help Pandora, and she’s very grateful. She’s opened a portal to the section of Chillberg Island that she needs to explore, and she wants you to go with her. Take the portal and follow the pathway that Pandora opened.”

  • Join Pandora in the Trophy room

Reward : 10 830 000 xp

You will have to defeat three monsters from Harebourg’s county. They’re easy to kill and Pandora will join you in fight !

5 – Raiders of the lost Artifact

“You have found the Trophy Room that Pandora told you about. Now all you have to do is to figure out what exactly she’s looking for. Should be easy enough… Right ?”

  • Identify the energy source in the Trophy Room in Chillberg Island

Reward : 7 220 000 xp

Tips : The energy source comes from the ball in the ice.

6 – All for One

“Finding the energy source wasn’t too difficult, but commandeering it will be a different ball game. When you tried to extract the mysterious globe from the ice, you set off an alarm… The caretaker doesn’t seem too happy about you rummaging through his “Master’s” stuff, and his mechas don’t look like the forgiving sort. Hold off the defense system for long enough to allow Pandora to grabd the energy source from the ice. Then make a run for it !”

  • Protect Pandora from the mechas and escape Chillberg Island !

Reward : 18 050 000 xp

Protect Pandora from the mechas. The two Mechas II are easy to kill, though you can’t kill sylargh, you just have to wait, playing the meatbag for Pandora for 4 turns !

6 – Phase B

Here you are, back in Astrub. Pandora is pleased with the findings but seems a little worried by what Sylargh said. She’s determined to see her plan through to the end and wants you to help her do it. She’s asked you to meet her in a well-hidden room within the Temple of Scriptures. Follow her instructions and meet her there.”

  • Enter the Temple of Scriptures
  • Find and use the book about the Big Secret

Reward : 100 000 xp

8 – The Pandora Directive

“What a surprise ! Who knew the temple of Scriptures was home to such impressive technology ? Could this bethe work of one of the Voyagers Sylargh mentioned ? If Pandora’s right and this machine really can open huge portals, then glory is within your reach ! Speak to Pandora to take part in the final phase of her project.”

  • Speak to Pandora to attempt to open a portal.

Reward : 3 610 000 xp

9 – Unusual Materials

“It’s going to take a lot of energy to open the portal in the Temple of Scriptures. Pandora has asked you to harvest 10 units of condensed Wakfu by defeating powerful monsters, and to take them to the Temple of Scriptures to fuel the portal generating machine.”

  • Kill 10 monsters (Level 130 to 150)
  • Take the Wakfu Harvester to Pandora atthe Temple of Scriptures

Reward : 10 830 000 xp

10 – Aperture Science

“Pandora thinks the portal is ready to be opened. She has left you the honour of activating the lever which she hopes will open the doors to a new world… and maybe even a path towards renewing this one.”

  • Activate the portal’s control panel
  • Speak to Pandora

Reward : 25 270 000 xp + Title : Ingenious Engineer

11 – The Opening, the Return

“It looks like Pandora did a mistake with the portal settings when she tried refueling it with Wakfu, but she thinks she’s found a solution. Speak to her again to try and open the portal once more.”

  • Speak to Pandora in the Temple of Scriptures’ machine room

Reward : 5 013 100 xp

12 – A New World ?

“The portal is stable. Neither you nor Pandora knows what’s waiting for you on the other side. But now’s not the moment for cold feet. Who knows, it might be a source of power that up until now has seemed completely unimaginable to you. Take the next step, and discover your destiny.”

  • Travel through the dimensional portal

Reward : 10 260 200 xp

13 – A New World

“It’s not exactly what you were expecting. At worst, ending up in a void-like world with no oxygene resulting in your suffocation in just a few seconds. At best, a paradise inhabited by a kind and generous people. The place in which you find yourselves is more of a worrying dichotomy, a combination of the least agreeable aspects of both hypotheses; a place that used to be a paradise, but is now barren and in ruins. At least the old man at the top of the stairs might be able to answer a few of your questions.”

  • Speak to the old man through the portal

Reward : 10 026 200 xp

14 – We are not Alone

“So much for a warm welcome… Apparently, the portal you went through was not supposed to be open, and it would seem the gods aren’t – or at least Sram isn’t – prepared for your unexpected visit. The old man made himself clear : this patrol must not get backto sram – none of the scouts must escape.”

  • Defeat all the Sram scouts

Reward : 20 052 400 xp

You have to defeat 3 srams, they don’t hit hard, it’s an easy fight. Pandora will join you.

15 – The Hunt – Behind enemy lines

“Despite your best efforts to defeat the patrol members, it would seem that one of them got the better of you. Follow him and stop him from spreading the news of your arrival in Inglorium.”

  • Follow the fleeing scout in the dimension of the god Sram.

Reward : 10 260 200 xp

16 – The Hunt – Run, little sram, Run !

“The Sram scout has more than one trick up his sleeve. You are on his territory now. Trying to flush him out might be a game that costs you both your life and Pandora’s. Search the street as quickly as possibly before you lsoe his trail.”

  • Draw the Sram scout out of his hiding place in the Srambad alley in the allocated time

Reward : 20 052 400 xp

Follow him in that dark street ! What.. are you afraid ?
You will have to run and find him in 3 maps. You will have 1 minute on each map so be quick ! On the first map, he is hiding behind the red barrel on the top. 2nd map : Behind a crate at the top. 3rd map : Behind a barrel on the right.
13 14 15
And finally jump on him and catch him on the last map ! He’s hiding behind crates, such a sram..


17 – The Hunt – Cut Short

“Here’s an outcome you weren’t expecting ! A Sram left another Sram speechless. It would seem that the dimension-city of the cutthroat god lives up to its reputation. If you can’t trust anyone here, the best option between a militia regiment and an assassin who has already helped you out should be a no-brainer. Meet him in his hiding place and find out more about his motivations.”

  • Speak to the Sram scout assassin in his hiding place, the Shadowy house in Srambad

Reward : 10 026 200 xp

18 – The Hunt – On a Knife Edge

“The militia patrol has finally found you. The assassin seems to be true to his word about helping you, though you’re still not exactly sure why. The proof is in his sharpened blade, that he wasted no time at pointing at the Sram militiamen that are now blocking all the exits.”

  • Survive the fight against the militia in the assassin’s hideout, the Shadowy house

Reward : 20 052 400 xp

That time, Pandora and the Shadowy Sram will join you !

19 – The Hunt – Safe and Sound

“It looks like the assassin is full of surprises and is proving to be an exceptional warrior. An ally of this calibre, especially a local, would be a real asset to improve your chances of survival in Srambad. Now’s the time to thank him and suggest you come to some sort of mutual arrangement.”

  • Speak to the assassin again in his hiding place, the Shadowy House

Reward : 10 026 200 xp

20 – Local Color – Information Trade

“On the advice of your new ally, and with Pandora’s blessing, you have decided to negociate with the local guilds for information in exchange for small services. Complete enough contracts for the Guild Masters at the tavern to have enough information to find the Dimensional Voyagers hidden in Srambad.”

  • Head to the Absynteeism Tavern
  • Accept and fulfil the Questionable contract
  • Accept and fulfil the Risky contract

Reward : 30 078 600 xp


  • Questionable contract :

“The Pickpocket Master has asked you to “relieve” the inhabitants of Trickree street of the burdensome purses that weigh so heavily on their belts. 2000 Skramas should do the trick. Come back once you’ve collected the money.”

  • Go to Trickree street
  • Take 2000 Skramas of loot to the Pickpocket Master, in the Guilds’ tavern

Reward : 20 052 400 xp

You have to harvest 2000 skramas by stealing from bystanders without getting caught. Use “pickpocket” for a discret theft (10% chance of being caught from the back) that gets you 200 skramas (+20 lvls). Use “Theft” for an aggressive theft (30% chance of being caught from the back) that gets you 250 skramas (+25 lvls). Each crim (pickpocket or theft) is a new chance to get spotted. If you commit a crim in a green area (full view of everyone) you will get spotted instantely. If you are spotted, the guards will send you their Bulldaggers, if they catch you, you’re instantely out of fight. Hide in piles of bones to escape the Bulldaggers.

Tips : Always steal from the back. You can’t steal a same person twice. Use a poisoned bone to slow the Bulldaggers. When I am near a pile of bones, I always use “theft” because I can just hide right away. Otherwise, I use “pickpocket” !

  • Risky contract :

“The Attic-Emptier Master was very clear about your assignment : only take the goods marked by the tracker the day before. He only needs 10 000 Skramas of loot from the Skrammerzell House, also known as the “Red House”, to complete de mission, but if you want to take more, you do so as your own risk.”

  • Infiltrate the Skrammerzell House
  • Take 10 000 Skramas of loot to the Attic-Emptier Master, in the Guilds’ tavern

Reward : 20 052 400 xp

Collect 10 000 skramas’ worth valuables without being caught by the guards. To steal an item, stand on a red cell, and cast the “Steal” spell on yourself. If a player is 3 cells or less away from an enemy with a line of sight, the alert level will increase of 50. Each turn that alert level will decrease of 25 if there’s nothing suspicious in the line of sight. When the alert level of an enemy reaches 100, he will sound an alarm meaning the whole team has immediately failed the mission. Never enter into the enemies’ view (green areas) or the whole team will fail the mission. Use your spells to avoid the patrols. To complete the mission, all team members should be in the blue area with a state at minimum 20 000 and should have cast the spell “Leave the area”.


I made a little video to show you. Be careful though, the patterns will be just a bit different, but watch the video, try to understand it and do approximately the same, it works !

21 – Local Color – Right Impression

“The last Guild Master you spoke to told you that a supporter seemed to be very impressed with the tasks you’ve completed for the guilds. He wanted to speak with you. It’s likely he’ll have a very special mission to offer you. What little information you managed to squeeze outof the other Masters isn’t enough to help you locate the Dimensional Voyagers in Srambad. Maybe this Guild Master will be able to give you the information you need. In any case, you don’t have any better ideas. He’s waiting for you in the V.I.P.R. room of the Absynteeism Tavern.”

  • Enter the Tavern’s V.I.P.R. room and speak to the mysterious individual

Reward : 10 026 200 xp

22 – Local Color – Once for the Road

“The individual waiting for you in the V.I.P.R. room seems troubled by Pandora’s presence at your side. He has given you an assignment that is as dangerous as it is profitable. Infiltrate a gathering of the most important people in the city, atthe Enutrof Embassy, then eliminate the Enutrof Embassador during the evening without drawing suspicion to yourself. Once you’re done, come back to the V.I.P.R. room to get your reward.”

  • Complete the mysterious Individual’s mission
  • Get your reward from the mysterious individual in the tavern’s V.I.P.R. room

Reward : 30 078 600 xp

Now you have to talk to everyone to get informations ! Speak several times to those 3 guests until someone says something about the apetizers and your character reacts.

Speak several times to that guy until he mentions something the chief is working on and your character reacts.

Now you have access to the rest of the building ! Enter the corridor and steal the key from the server (a little fight launches and you have to steal like in Trickree street, that one is really easy).

Tips : Now enter the kitchen, you have to steal that bottle of poison ! It is the same game as in the Skrammerzell house but this time you have only on target. I made a little video, but since those “fights” are a bit random, it’s just to show you how the patrols work, try to follow me as much as you can. It’s really easy, don’t worry !

Get out of the kitchen, now you have to find the apetizers. Enter the other room on the left. You found them ! Now enjoy.

Get back to the first room and eat the last apetizers. The server will then say that all the apetizers ran out and that he will get the drinks now. Interact with the bottle to pour the poison in it.
27Now all you have to do is to talk to the Enutrof Embassador to make a toast to his glorious party !

Your plan worked well.. But I hope you feel a bit guilty..

23 – Dimensional Backpacker’s Guide

“You were looking for the Dimensional Voyagers hiding in Srambad, and they’ve found you instead. Now you have earned their trust, you can go to their secret headquarters, at the heart of Srambad. It is high time you got some answers on their role and their aims here, in the divine dimensions, and more specifically, in Srambad.”

  • Enter the Dimensional Voyagers’ HQ
  • Talk with Srambad’s Head of Dimensional Voyagers

Reward : 45 117 900 xp

The location is indicated on your map by a little orange “!”, it’s the “Prayer Room”. Enter and pull the lever to get into the Dimensional Voyagers’ HQ.

24 – Joint Account

“The Gods’ Powers are found in the Divine dimensions ! If you want to get your hands on them, you’re going to have to go to Enurado, the Enutrof god’s dimension. Speak to King Mallory to find out the plan he’s drawn up.”

  • Talk with King Mallory

Reward : 45 117 900 xp

Let’s meet for Enurado’s Questline when you will reach the level 145 !

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