Silveyn: Soft Colours

Today we have a meeting with Silveyn. I first discovered her soft and colourful universe on the WAKFU forums. I love this warm feeling in Silveyn’s art. Let’s discover her creations together! 

  • When and why did you start drawing?

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember so since I was a child.

  • What tools (paint, crayons, graphic tablets) do you master and what are your favorites?

I can’t say that I master anything but in addition to the graphic tablet, I use watercolor and gouache. My teacher used to tell me that I had talent and she helped me a lot when I studied her subject. She is an awesome person and artist.

My favorite tool is the graphic tablet. I always found digital art to be easier and more interesting than traditional art.

  • Have you studied art or are you self-taught?

50/50 I suppose. Like many artist I went to an art school but I learned nothing…
I was like a blank sheet and when I got my first graphic tablet, I began all over again from zero. I can’t say that I learned something before that (I was 14 years old back then) so I just looked up other artists and tried to learn something from them.

When I turned 18, I went to KSTU University where I learned how to be a jewelry designer. My specialty includes painting, art and many other core subjects. I think that it helps me a lot now, and my studies are pretty interesting as well. But it can get hard some times and it leaves me with no time for myself. So I will be a jewelry designer  *nervous laugh* but for now, I’m just a third-year student.

Frankly, I decided to be a professional artist not so long ago.

  • What do you like most about your activity?

Painting. Especially picking the colors which I spend a lot of time on it, like 70% of my time.

  • You have a very peculiar style, do you have it since you started to draw or did it evolve?

It evolved of course. You can see my progress on DeviantArt and it shows how I tried to use other styles, paintings, compositions. Just like an open book or children’s photos album. Also my favorite artists help me a lot. The idea that I can draw as well as them gave me impetus.

  • How would you define your style?

Crazy, unstable, colorful.

  • Your colors are gorgeous, how do you work on that?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve been doing digital art for as long as I remember and I paid a lot of attention to this aspect. Too much even. Now I’m learning anatomy. Don’t be like me.

  • Why did you start playing Wakfu and what do you like most about it?

I started playing Wakfu because I was a huge fan of the TV show in 2012. In the pursuit of new sensations, I tried to play Dofus and I really liked that a lot. It was my first MMORPG game and later I decided to try Wakfu. I fell in love with this game! It has a great community, awesome moderators, good content, interesting classes, varied gameplay, cool locations, politics…EVERYTHING! I spent a lot of time in this game. Now it pains to see how the game has died.

  • Why did you decide to create Wakfu fan art?

As I said before, I became a huge fan of the TV show and later everything about its Universe and characters. The art style was very beautiful and colorful so I decided to get into it.

  • I see many Amalia and Evangelyne in your gallery, what do you like the most in the series?

What I like the most in the series?…I think it’s the first season. Every character was so alive and interesting. The story was great too. I think that the first season is Ankama’s best creation.

As for Evangelyne, she still awesome for me in the first season. I stopped liking her character and design much in the following season because she turned into a different character.

As for Amalia… ironically I didn’t like her at first. But after the OVA, I started to get more interested in her and discovered that she is a very bright and colorful character. I think that she will be a great queen and that she’s the best member of the Brotherhood of Tofu.

  • You often create complete outfits for them, why that? What do you like the most  about designing clothes? Do you have any inspirations from creators or such?

Well, outfits are like practice to me. I got inspired from Japanese designs and sometimes I copy their outfits for my own art and always forget to link to my inspirations. I’m really wally, right? But, I also created some outfits by myself.

  • Sadidas seem so special under your pencils, why do you love them so much?

I really respect God Sadida’s creations in the World of Twelve and I really like this sort of characters. I’ve always been crazy about shamans and their culture, I think I can say that this is Pierian Spring for me, like Witch Doctor from Diablo III.

Also my favorite class from the Krosmoz is Masqueraider (Maskemane also is my absolute favorite character) but I can’t draw them as much as I want (especially the faces) so I decided training my art skills on Sadidas instead. Two of the characters which I respect the most belong to God Sadida’s classes.

  • There is always that warm feelings in your drawing that makes your art seem so positive. What do you want to share through your art?

Through my art I wanna share my feelings, my mood, my outlook on life. And to be honest I want to include something more deep in my art, but I still can’t. I hope I’ll be able to achieve this in the future.

  • I’ve seen that you drew some stories about a Masqueraider, will you draw more?

I don’t have as much time as I want, but I think I can do this in future. I have a pretty big story for my character, but I’m not sure that it’ll really interest anybody.

  • What are your favorite creations and why?

To be honest I don’t have any favorite creations. At each time interval I have a different favorite. So, maybe at this time I like this drawing, because I feel really deep mood in this one. Maybe it is not colorful as other ones , but I love it.

And I like this drawing too. Because of the colors, atmosphere and the cute face of course.

  • Do you have any new projects for 2017?

I don’t have any project for 2017 for myself, but I have projects for my studies. Next year will be my last university year, so I will be working on my jewelry project. I don’t know what it will be yet.

  • What are you looking forward the most : Ouginaks, Wakfu season 3, Dofus 3 ?

Ouginaks! I love these cute dogs and I’m excited for their gameplay. Maybe I will get back to Wakfu for some time when they’re out.

  • Do you have any particular idols or inspirations?

Oh, I have a lot of artists that I’ll forever admire. The most inspirational ones for me (and the ones I can remember) are: Aoki, loish, Miv4t, ovopack, nsmmm, xa-xa-xa , thockun, Naïade Xavier and many many others.

  • Where can we find your work?

You can find me here :





  • Something to add for the community?

I’m not very eloquent but hey! Always work on your goals and never fall into despair. Be positive and do not forget to brush your teeth at night! Big thank you to those who support!

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