I’m presenting you a small EXP guide for solo or group play. How will it work? The guide is cut in 4 parts: 0-60, 60-90, 90-140 and finally 140-200. These parts are themselves cut into various level ranges. For every level range you’ll find the different monster families, where to find them and small information about them. That’s not all, you’ll also find all the dungeons on the same model as well as the quest with their complete EXP reward so you can judge yourself if they interest you. I hope it’ll help you! But before that, I would like to talk about some small points.

EXP, how does it work?

The experience that you get at the end of a fight depends on several factors. In fact, the higher a monster’s level is, the more EXP it will give. In order to get 100% of the EXP, you need to be within 10 levels of the monster’s level. After that, the EXP will undergo a degression but it’s possible to face monsters that have up to +/- 31 levels of difference with your characters. Some monsters give more experience like the Boss.

When there are more monsters than players, each additional monster will give 50% of its exp so:

  • 1 player vs 2 monsters will gain 1.5 times the experience of a fight against 1 monster ((2-1) * 50% / 1 = 50%).
  • 2 players vs 5 monsters will gain 1.75 times the experience of a fight against 2 monsters ((5-2) * 50% / 2 = 75%).
  • 4 players vs 6 monsters will gain 1.25 times the experience of a fight against 4 monsters ((6-4) * 50% / 4 = 25%).

On the other hand, if there are less monsters than players then each additional player will reduce the EXP gained.

The experience gained at the end of a fight depends also on the number of players in a group. The most optimized number is a group of 4 to 6 people. In fact, for every ally in the group the final experience will be multiplied like this:

Finally, Wisdom! In fact, the Wisdom characteristic is the one that will affect the EXP gained at the end of the fight. Every point in wisdom will increase the EXP obtained by 1%. It’s possible to increase your wisdom through: equipment, pets, potions, Almanax bonus and by carrying out challenges in fight. Attention however, the bonus to EXP is limited to 150% maximum.

It’s also possible to obtain another EXP bonus. If you have a Booster Pack, when creating a new character, if there is another character already on that account, the new one gains an x2 EXP bonus as long as it’s lower leveled than the first character. Example : on the same account you have a character level 175 and another one level 110. The level 110 character will then have an x2 EXP bonus. You can even get an x3 bonus when creating a 3rd character (and even more as long as there are 2 other higher leveled characters). Warning however, this EXP bonus doesn’t apply on quests such as the ones below.


Otomaï’s Disciples

NPCs named “Otomaï’s Disciples” are found all over the World of Twelve and this even starting on your first city, Astrub. They offer you different daily quests in exchange for a nice amount of EXP! What are these quests? You simply need to bring them resources that you obtain on the monsters in that area. It’s really interesting since when doing fights for EXP, you’ll be getting those resources. Visit the disciples at the end of your journey to get additional EXP! If you repeat these quests, more will unlock demanding for resources that you’ll get through the Trapper profession, I’ll talk more about it a bit further down.



In different zones of the game there are NPCs named “Mercenaries of (area of the game)“. These characters will give you quests if you buy a license for some kamas. Actually you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets but the rewards are worth the expense! You’ll receive a lot of EXP, titles, costumes and sometimes even equipment. I strongly advice to do them, it’s worth your Kamas!


Environmental Quests

When you go through the areas, you’ll receive a small warning on the left side of your screen in the form of a quest. These are environmental quests, they have a limited amount of time. These quests give a very special goal and these are lots of different ones. Every area has several environmental quests that rotate randomly. Sometimes you’ll have to collect objects, catch an animal or beat a group of monsters. These specific quests usually reward you with a nice amount of EXP! I suggest you to do them whenever you see one, avoid “Defeat the hordes” quests that are too long for their final reward.



It’s a profession that allows you to harvest various resources on live or dead monsters. You can thus collect simple resources or “seeds” that will allow you to replant monsters! And yes, you understand the importance of this profession. In fact, the more you kill, the fewer there are so you’ll have to replant them. Whether you’re alone or in a group, it’ll greatly speed up your search for monsters, no need to run around all over the place. If you often use your profession when you are EXPing, your trapper level will slowly follow yours.


Flaxhid & Tormentor

Flaxhid and Tormentor are quite particular dungeons found in the Shusnitch Reef. Tormentor is accessible at level 100 and Flaxhid at level 125. These “dungeons” only have one room with the Boss. The level of the monsters adapts to the level of the highest character in the group with the maximum being 175. When you enter either dungeon, a daily quest will start : if you complete the fight, you’ll receive a very nice amount of EXP! I strongly suggest you to find a group to do the 2 bosses every day.


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