Ohwymi Lvl.115

Required Level : level 115              Recommended number of characters : 1

Starting at level 115, a quest will ask you to take a boat to visit Saharash Island. This island is the favorite playground for players between level 115 and 135 and will be the link between Chillberg Island and Wabbit Island.
The island will offer a main quest consisting of two chapters. Each of these chapters will allow you to visit an area with its own Clan Member and its own ecosystem. Of course, you’ll also come face to face with two families of monsters, each including between four and five new enemies. Just like for Wabbit Island, the conclusion of this quest will take you through a Temple that will give you access to a mysterious artifact.

1 – The Expedition that disappeared

“The Expedition party that was exploring Ohwymi Island hasn’t reported back for several days now. Take the boat and try to find out what’s going on.”

  • Head to Ohwymi Island

Reward : 1 440 000 xp

2 – Is there anybody out there ?

“Why has the expedition stopped reporting back ? Find the village and demand some information !”

  • Knock on the door of the first house
  • Knock on the door of the second house
  • Knock on the trapdoor of the ruined house in the village

Reward : 1 440 000 xp

Tips : The three houses are indicated by green points on the image below.

3 – A Palaver in the Tavern

“The houses seem to be empty, but you can hear noise coming from the village tavern. All hope is not lost ! You may still find the expedition party. Run and see who’s propping up the bar.”

  • Head to the Tavern in the abandonned village

Reward : 1 440 000 xp

4 – The Last Survivor

“The only person you find in the dilapidated tavern is a man who looks like he’s seen better days. He may well belong to the missing expedition. What are you waiting for ? Engage him in conversation !”

  • Speak to Little-Feet the Cutshort

Reward : 1 440 000 xp

5 – A Battle of PoinkPoink Proportions

“Strange, bulbous, spiky monsters have invaded the tavern. They don’t seem at all friendly… Looks like you’re going to have to fight them !”

  • Resist the Castucs attack

Reward : 2 885 000 xp

Tips : A fight against 6 Castucs will start. Do not worry, those are really weak versions of the one you can find outsides ! They deal low damages and are easy to kill. They all have less than 1000 HPs.

6 – Any More Survivors

“You thwarted the Castuc invasion and allowed Little-Feet to hang onto the few limbs he has left. Go back and speak to him to learn more about the expedition.”

  • Speak to Little-Feet the Cutshort

Reward : 1 810 000 xp

7 – Walkabout

“Little-Feet told you that the rest of the expedition party fled westward to take cover near the mountains. Cross the desert and try to find them.”

  • Speak to Ahabar Bar’Habi, the leader of the expedition

Reward : 1 810 000 xp

8 – Hope Springs Eternal

“Ahabar Bar’Habi and the survivors of the expedition suspect that the Castucs are in possession of a water source they could use. This ressource is vital for their survival. Find the spring.”

  • Locate the Spring
  • Try to approach the Spring

Reward : 2 885 000 xp

Tips : The spring is located on the green spot on the image below.
Enter the area, a fight will directly start. You have to fight a Castuc, the guardian of the spring. He is not difficult to defeat, his damages are low but he has some resistances.

9 – The Face beyond the Spines

“You’ve found the water source and learned that the Castucs are incredibly organized. The Spiny Spine you got off the Sentinel has given you an idea… Why not go talk to Ahabar Bar’Habi about it ?”

  • Go back and see Ahabar Bar’Habi

Reward : 1 800 000 xp

10 – Sap, Prickle and Pop

“Ahabar Bar’Habi would like to establish the cause od the Castucs’ growing hostility and gain access to their water source. He has given tour plan the green light, but the Spiny Spine and the scarce resources lying around the camp won’t be enough to make the costume. Go and collect some Juicy Sap for your disguise.”

  • Head to the Castuc Grove
  • Harvest 10 Juicy Sap from the Juicy Cacti

Reward : 2 165 000 xp

Tips : Go to the green point on the image below.

11 – Sharped Dressed Man

“You’ve collected enough Juicy Sap to fashion your own Castuc costume. Go back and ask Ahabar Bar’Habi to help you do so.”

  • Go back and see Ahabar Bar’Habi

Reward : 1 810 000 xp

12 – Incacnito

“Your Castuc costume is ready at last ! Infiltrate the Castucs and find out why they’re so unfriendly !”

  • Head to the Castuc Camp

Reward : 2 165 000 xp

Tips : The camp is indicated by an orange “!” on your map.

13 – A Prickly Affair

“You’ve made it into the Castucs’ camp, but the hardest part is still to come. Go and speak to the Castuc Chief.”

  • Try to communicate with the Castuc Chief

Reward : 2 165 000 xp

14 – Pacific Rhymes

“The Castucs’ lingo is pretty complicated. You don’t understand a word they say, but you’re just gonna have to try harder. Remember, every word you learn is another step towards coherent communication.”

  • Communicate With the Pacifistic Castupods
  • Communicate With the Pacifistic Pampastucs
  • Communicate With the Pacifistic Saguaros

Reward : 3 246 000 xp

The Castucs have a very peculiar language, based on Poink and Ponk. You’re on your own to master it ! For each Castuc phrase, there’s an appropriate answer. The more you communicate, the more numerous your answers will be. Here are all the good answers ! But you can try to figure it out on your own, it’s funny.

15 – The Poink in Question

“Well, you’re finally ready… at least, kinda… to have a conversation with the Castuc Chief. The words alone are simple enough, but make sure you choose them well.”

  • Communicate with the Castuc Chief
  • Re-establish communication with the Castuc Chief

Reward : 3 246 000 xp + Castuc Translation notes

Exactly the same language as before, have fun !

16 – Sematary

“When the Castucs reach the end of their lives, they go and join their ancestors in the cemetary. According to the old Castuc chronicles, a Lost Paradise abounding with water can be found nearby.”

  • Head to the Castuc Cemetery

Reward : 2 886 000 xp

Tips : It is located at the top of the map and indicated by an orange “!”.

17 – Dead Men’s Crossing

“It’s not easy for humans to cross the cemetary… The ancestors watch over this sacred place. The Lost Paradise had better be worth your trouble ! Find it !”

  • Cross the Castuc Cemetery

Reward : 4 330 000 xp

Reach the other side of the map or neutralize all the spirits to complete the challenge. Do not enter the spirits’ fields of vision (green eyes on the ground). Do not stay 3 cells away or less than a spirit two turns in a row. You have 3 spells in your deck; Fastuc : +2MPs (current turn), Cactification : Transforms into a Saguaro, removes all their MPs, Assasstuc : kills the target from behind, -100 HPs from the sides.
For the first fight, follow my path. Though, because of the randomness, you might have to use Cactification on the way.

Challenges are available for this fight : Win the fight without neutralizing any spirit (Reward : 1 000 000 xp), Win the fight and neutralize all the spirits (Reward : 1 000 000 xp), Win the fight in under 6 turns (Reward : 2 000 000 xp), Complete the three challenges listed here (Reward : 6 000 000 xp + a Garden Haven-Gem).
With the solution below, you will complete the challenges Win the fight without neutralizing any spirit and in under 6 turns. This solution has a 100% success rate.


18 – Paradise Sealed

“You’ve finally reached the Castucs’ sacred place. The ancestors sealed the entrance to the Paradise by releasing their mycelium. The Castuc Chief might know how to open the passage.”

  • Analyze the Mycelium, then go talk to the Castuc Chief

Reward : 1 080 000 xp + Thrown together Castuc Costume

19 – A Link to the Chloroplast

“The Castuc Chief needs peace and quiet to talk to his ancestors. Leave the cemetery and let them confer alone.”

  • Leave the Cemetary

Reward : 1 080 000 xp

20 – Paradise Lost

“The Castuc Chief can communicate with the ancient spirits. Once he’s garnered the ancestral knowhow from them, go back and see him in his village so he can help you open the passage !”

  • Go back and see the Castuc Chief in his village
  • Open the entrance to the Lost Paradise

Reward : 2 165 000 xp

Tips : The entrance to the Lost Paradise is in the first room of the cimetary.

21 – Spores ?

“Aaah ! What is this cloud of spores ?! I got a real face full of ’em… My heart’s beating out of my chest, I can’t see properly… What the …? Enemies !!!”

  • Go down the strange corridor

Reward : 2 165 000 xp

While going down the corridor, you will have to deal with different fights. For those fights, you are ultra-powerful ! You have lots of HPs, you regenerate health each turn, you do lots of damages and you do more as the fight goes on, you get lots of critical hits and nimbly block most attempts on your person. You have a chance of triggering the following side effects : AP gain, HP restoration, turning your target to face away from you, switching positions, teleporting in all directions… even the chance to win an extra turn ! So I don’t have many advices but : ENJOY AND HAVE FUN !

22 – The Good old Daze

“You wake up with difficulty. What happened …? You’re still alive, at least you think you are… Your vision is still blurry and you can make out the shape of a man-slash-mushroom nearby. Who is it, and is he a fun guy ?”

  • Speak to the strange Fungus

Reward : 2 165 000 xp

23 – The Spore’s the Limit

“The Fugi Master saved you by injecting you with inhibitor to stop your hallucinations. he also gave you a good slap to wake you up, so don’t get annoyed with him ! He’s protecting the healthy Fungopole and its spores against attacks by the Blackspores, fungi that have been contaminated by a mysterious disease. The Fungi Master has no choice but to protect the spores, because they are the source of the Inhibitor that prevents further contamination. One day, Inhibitor will probably save this people ! A rush of Blackspores has just arrived and the Fungi Master wants you to harvest some Inhibitor in the healthy spore stock so he can create a protective barrier. He’s going to protect the area whilst you’re gone, so hurry ! Plant the spores, water them and harvest the Inhibitor you need.”

  • Help the spores flourish to produce more Inhibitor
  • Take the Inhibitor back to the fungi Master

Reward : 3 965 000 xp

Go on the left of the map and start the “fight” with the spores. You have to craft some Inhibitors. To do so, harvest 30 doses of Sporing from the Spores. Careful though, if you harvest too quickly or even if you let a Spore die, you will fail the challenge ! You have 3 spells. Watering Can : +2 Spore Health. Harvest : -3 Spore Health, +3 Sporine dose. Create the inhibitor : only avalaible when you reach 30 Sporine doses, ends the fight. So you understood well, if your Spore’s health reaches 0, the Spore dies and you fail. So be careful ! Try to turn and do not harvest always the same. Water, then harvest and turn. It’s pretty easy !

24 – Sir Fungus of Fungopolis

“You’ve harvested enough Inhibitor now. Take it to the Fungi Master !”

  • Speak to the Fungi Master in Spore Room

Reward : 2 525 000 xp + Inhibitor

A fight against 6 Blackspores will trigger. As usual in questlines, the monsters are way weaker than the real one, they all have under 1000 HPs. It is an easy fight !

25 – The Amybia Sporified

“The Fungi Master is all smiles; he never thought he’d have a partner as smart and brave as you. Since he’s never been able to leave the healthy zone, he has entrusted you with a new mission : visit the contaminated Fungopole, find the springs and use the Inhibitor on them. It’s a highly dangerous mission, and he knows that, but adventurers are hard to come by in these parts, and he’s desperate to save his people. You’re his only hope !”

  • Inhibit the first contaminated Spring
  • Inhibit the second contaminated Spring
  • Inhibit the third contaminated Spring

Reward : 4 330 000 xp

There are three contaminated springs, they are all pointed on the map below by green dots.
At each of the Springs, you will have to go down to the source, when you will touch it, it will trigger a fight against 6 Blackspores and an Amybe’s tentacle. As before, the monsters are weak and have less than 1000 HPs. Repeat the operation for the 2 other springs.

26 – Brainsporing Session

“The Blackspore are thinking harder and harder; your behavior is clearly making them panic and they know you’re getting closer. They hope you never find the entrance of their Sanctuary ! They know that without help from one of their number, you won’t be able to get in.”

  • Find the entrance to the Amybian Sanctuary
  • Try to catch the frightened Blackspore

Reward : 3 600 000 xp + Amybian Sanctuary Key

Tips : The entrance of the Amybian Sanctuary is indicated by an orange “!” on the map ! Enter and catch the frightened Blackspore.
He ran away ! He will hide in different rooms. At first, go to the right (1), then to the left (2), finally at the top (3). You will get the key to enter the Amybian Sanctuary, go to 4.

27 – The Amybian Sanctuary

“You read the Blackspores’ minds and found your way to the Sanctuary ! The Black Mycelium is your free pass into this place. You think you’re finally about to discover what’s behind the Fungal contamination and save the Fungopole forever.”

  • Enter the Amybian Sanctuary

Reward : 4 330 000 xp

Enter the Sanctuary using your new key.
In the first room, start the fight against the 3 Blackspores. As it will be the case for the whole dungeon, those are weak versions of the real monsters, they have less than 1000 HPs and almost 18% of every resistances. The fight won’t be a bother.
At the end of the fight, a chest appears, take its content, a small key and go through the first door.
You arrive in a room where you can’t go on the right, for now, go through the door on the top. Pull the lever, it will trigger a fight against 3 Blackspores. 
After the fight, pull the lever again to activate the mechanism. You can now go back to the previous room, take the path you just made.
Once again, go through the door on the top. This time, there are 2 levers. Pull them, only the one on the left will trigger a fight against 3 Blackspores. Again, don’t forget to pull it one more time after the fight. Go back to the previous room and take the new path you just made.
As for the others, go through the door on the top. There are 3 levers this time ! Only 2 will trigrer a fight (the ones on the middle and the right) but this time, against 2 Bkackspores. Don’t forget to pull the levers again after fights.
Come back to the previous room, you can finally reach the chest ! Take its content, a small key. Pull the lever to activate the exit blue point.
Now you’re back in the first room of the temple, go through the second door ! Start the fight in the room. Defeat the 3 Blackspores.
A new chest will appear, take its content, a small key again. Now go on the right. You can see the big chest !! But.. You can’t reach it yet, the way is blocked by tentacles. Go on the left.
Kill the 2 Blackspores and the tentacle. Go back in the previous room. Only two tentacles left in the way !
Go through the door on the right and kill the 2 Blackspores and the tentacle. Come back to the previous room.
Finally, the way is free of any disgusting tentacle ! Go to the chest and take its content, the Boss Key ! A Boss Key while we still have one door to open ? Yes ! You can open the door to the boss, but you can’t access it yet ! Pull the lever and go back to the first room of the Temple.
Now, eventually go through the third door. Kill the 2 Blackspores.
A new chest appears and the rocks blocking the way are gone. Take the content of the chest, the last small key.
Now go on the left and kill the 3 Blackspores.
The rocks blocking the way disappeared and now you’re finally able to reach the last chest and take its content… The Jumpin’ Gap Jacks, a new Artifact !

Enjoy your new bouncing life !


28 – Malediction Rising

“Find the Amybia in the Sanctuary, and destroy it. What’ll happen then ?”

  • Kill the Amybia

Reward : 5 050 000 xp

Tips : That fight is very easy. The Amybia itself is invulnerable, to kill it, kill its summons (the tentacles). Each tentacle you will kill will deal 250 damages to the Amybia. Kill 3 of them if you’re alone.

29 – Coming full Circle ?

“Now that your excursion to the Fungopole is over, you should go back and have a chat with the Castuc Chief.”

  • Speak to the Castuc Chief

Reward : 2 165 000 xp

30 – Coming full Circle

“Now that your excursion to the Fungopole is over, you should go back and have a chat with Ahabar Bar’Habi.”

  • Speak to the Ahabar Bar’Habi

Reward : 2 165 000 xp

The next main quest will unlock at level 120 and will lead you to Wabbit Island !

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