Resources are changing with the 1.53! The Astrub Model was now applied to the harvesting professions: lumberjack, herbalist, miner, fisherman and farmer. Each profession is now composed of 26 different resources, one for each level range. Your old resources from 1.52 are automaticaly switched for the new resources of the same level range with the 1.53.

Lvl Name Appearence Localisation
0 Primitive Iron   Astrub

Amakna – Village

Sufokia – Village

Brakmar – Village

Bonta – Ruines

5 Finest Sea Salt   Astrub

Amakna – Farle’s Fields

Sufokia – Hanging Gardens

Brakmar – Mr. M’s Lands

Bonta – Gnarled Barklee’s Forest

10 Classic Coal   Astrub

Amakna – Hugo’s Prairie

Sufokia – Tydal Prairie

Brakmar – Flask Garden

Bonta – Monty’s Prairie

15 Bright Copper   Astrub

Amakna – Fertile Prairie

Sufokia – Terrana Dune

Brakmar – Mourning Wood

Bonta – Cania Plains

20 Shadowy Cobalt   Amakna – Fertile Prairie

Bonta – Cania Plains

Brakmar – Mourning Wood

Sufokia – Terrana Dune

25 Bronze Nugget   Amakna – Singing Fields

Bonta – Cania Plains & Kara

Brakmar – Mourning Wood

Sufokia – Terrana Dune

30 Shard of Flint   Amakna – Holey Forest/Singing Fields/Emelka

Brakmar – Pabong Fields

35 Rugged Quartz   Wild Estate
40 Grievous Kroomium   Kelba

Monks Island

45 Wholesome Zinc   Sadida Kingdom

Amakna – Singing Fields

50 Koral   Sufokia – Turfo Canyon/Jumpin’ Jungle/Steamulating Shore/Wild Prairie

Brakmar – Wild Prairie

55 Blood Red Amethyst   Forfut

Sufokia – Wild Prairie

Brakmar – Wild Prairie

60 Double Carat Sapphire   Amakna – Holey Forest

Bonta – Cania Swamps

Sufokia – Jumpin’ Jungle

65 Taroudium   Chillberg
70 Hazy Lead   Lower Slope (Zinit)

Nations – Mines

75 Sandy Ore   Ohwymi
80 Black Gold Ore   Ohwymi (Fungopole)
85 Mythwil    Wabbits Island
90 Royal Bauxite   Amakna – Emelka/Wild Prairie

Bonta – Thicket of Yurbut/Wild Prairie

Brakmar – Gnashville

95 Sovereign Titanium   Bonta – Cania Swamps/Thicket of Yurbut/Wild Prairie

Amakna – Wild Prairie

100 Sryanide Ore   Srambad

Nations – Mines

105 Dark Carbon   Brakmar – Gnashville/Pabong Fields/Sidimote Moors
110 Amber   Moon
115 Mercury   Moon
120 Silver   High Slope – Sacrier (Zinit)
125 Obsidian   Dor’Mor’s Cave (Zinit)

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  1. The Mythwil on Wabbit island is in the tunnels. Don’t go running around above ground like an idiot (like me). LOL

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