Lili Shooter : Part-time scribble artist

Today we meet again for a new interview and this time, a designer!

I discovered Lili Shooter thanks to her fanart of Julith. With a desire to see more, I went through the forum to find her gallery and I loved her style. She kindly agreed to answer our questions. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

 When and why did you start drawing?

I started to draw when I was a child, all children draw when they are young (well, in my time at least it was like that :p yes I’m old).

What tools (paint, crayons, graphic tablets) do you master and what are your favorites?

I know how to use traditional techniques (pencil, watercolor …) even if I do not like painting too much. I’ve been drawing mainly on computer for a few years. At the moment I work a lot on my Surface Pro4 (it’s a computer, the size of a tablet, with a stylus). I have used a Wacom tablet for a long time. The basic models are very good to begin with.

– Have you studied art or are you self-taught?

I have a four year bachelor’s degree in applied arts, more precisely in fashion design.

– Why did you start playing Wakfu and what do you like most about it?

At first I wanted to apply to Ankama, I downloaded Wakfu to discover their universe before sending my application. I love the graphics of Wakfu, the scenery, the mobs, the colors … and of course the characters!

– Why did you decide to create fanarts related to Wakfu?

I don’t have a choice ! I can’t help it!

– I saw an Eniripsa and a Sadida a little “punk”, do you often draw Wakfu characters like young people of our time?

I have a great attraction for the dress/music style that is punk/goth (although in fact I listen to metal rather) I like mixing it with Wakfu. But it will be fun to push a little further and take our characters into the “real” world. There will be some fun illustrations to do!

– You also create many clothes for the different classes in Wakfu, why? What do you like most about it?

Ah that’s definitely because of my fashion design studies! I am quite interested in fashion and costumes, it is natural enough for me to make outfits.

– What are your favorite creations and why?

I love Julith, this character is fascinating. I loved the film Dofus in its imperfection, and I’m really crazy about Julith.

– Do you have any new projects for 2017?

Regarding Wakfu, I have a series of illustrations that I had to put aside on the theme of Wakfu dungeons due to injury (pay attention to your wrists when you draw a lot, friends!). I am anxious to recover, but I must be patient, for rest is prescribed in my case! There are a total of 17 illustrations. I would like to progress in drawing and make more narrative illustrations. The illustration “teamwork” for example tells something, I would like to make more images like these. This is something that has always been lacking in my drawings.

– What are you looking forward to the most: Wakfu Season 3, Dofus 3, the arrival of Ouginaks in game?

The craft revamp !! I am not a fan of the Wakfu animated series, I find it pretty but too childish in the wrong sense of the word. I might have to get on it again. Regarding the Ouginaks, I admit that Next-lvl has released super cool fan art that have hyped me. Next-lvl is a great artist (I think he’s on Remington), his work is awesome. I love the concept art that Xaxa has presented for Dofus 3 (these Iops, my god these Iops!), But I’m a bit dubious about this project. I am still impatient to see what it will give! So yes, definitely, 2017, the craft revamp (Sacrier revamp and Enutrof too)!

– Have you any idols, any particular inspirations?

The artists at Ankama of course (Xaxa, Bill Otomo, Kme … I’m forgetting lots of them!)! I have a special veneration for Yukito Kishiro (author of Gunnm). By my training, I like the patterns (art nouveau for the win). After that the list is long…

– Where can we find your work?

On my DeviantArt and my Twitter mainly! Since we talk about inspiration, I have a Pinterest or I collect a lot of stuff.

– Something to add for the community?

Continue to rage and rant, I love you. I am a very introverted person (I must admit that there’s a whole world in my head, so why go out …), I met a lot of important people in this game. Wakfu has changed my life and I’m not exaggerating. Thanks to you all :).


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