At the beginning, there was nothing, the void. Then, the two energies that created all things emerged : the Wakfu, incarnated by the Great Goddess, and Stasis, incarnated by the Great Dragon. As they were all alone, and that the boredom was starting to set in, they danced. From this dance and from the love the Dragon had for the Goddess, a cosmic egg was born, full of different dimensions, galaxies and planets… It was the Krosmoz, the Universe…

Are you ready to explore it ?

goddessThe Great Goddess : is the incarnation of the Wakfu : the Creative Energy. She merged from the void at the same time as her alter-ego : the Great Dragon. At his side, she participated in the creation of the Krosmoz, the cosmic egg, by dancing with him and by returning his love. Though, she did not stop there ! It is on her initiative that they danced a second time, giving birth to the 6 primordial Dofus : the Eliatropes Dofus !

wakfuThe Wakfu : is an energy in perpetual motion, forming and deforming like a huge wave ! It is present in everything and is tirelessly traveling across the Krosmoz, creating life on its way. When it collides with the 4 elements from the World of Twelve (water, fire, earth, air), it condenses in little beads we call : Ogrines. It is from a failed experiment on one of those Wakfu beads that Ogrest will come to life, at the end of the Age of the Dofus.

dragonThe Great Dragon : is the incarnation of the Stasis : the Destructive Energy. He merged from the void at the same time as his alter-ego : the Great Goddess. Madly in love with her, he decided to drag her into a passionate waltz, to fight boredom. It is from that romantic and sensual dance that the Krosmoz and its multitude of little worlds were born.

statisThe Stasis : although it is an energy in its own right, the Statis is none other than a different aspect of the Wakfu. And more precisely, frozen Wakfu ! Imprisoned in crystals named Stasili, it can be used to supply engines or… to make war ! Indeed, the destructive power of this energy is unbelievable, and the ravages it can cause are countless. The Eliatrope people already bore the cost of it… several times !

How do the Ogrines form ?


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