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Archmonsters are special monsters that are captured by Otomai’s Disciples. They’ll free the archmonster for 1 hour if you pay the tribute which will allow you to try your luck fighting them. Beware! the archmonster will be joined by as many members of his monster family as there are players on your side. As a reward for beating them you receive their special material that can be used in the Moon dungeon steles as well as a chance at dropping powerful items that can be further upgraded through various crafts but remember that you can only drop once per activation. Don’t worry if you die though, you can try as many times possible so long as there’s still time and running out of it during a fight won’t kick you out so no need to rush things, take your time and do things carefully. You will find here a written guide to beat them but also a video !



Koko Rico is the Tropikoko archmonster. It’s a game of minesweeper where the objective is to find the 20 Kokobombs on the field to make the boss vulnerable. A grid appears around the players once the first one starts his turn. Start by killing all the mobs and having the Feca lock the boss in the back. The white cells and the number ones are safe to walk on. The numbers indicate how many kokobombs you can find around that cell. Walk on cells that don’t contain bombs to reveal additional number cells. Attack cells that you’re sure of contain bombs to reveal them (they light up in green). Attacking an empty cell (no numbers, no white cells) that doesn’t contain a bomb results in death. Walking on a cell that does contain one kills you and everyone in a 4 cell AoE.


Tips : It’s possible to reveal number cells with summons but walking on a cell containing a bomb kills the summoner as well. It’s not necessary to reveal all number cells, just the 20 kokobombs. Taking less characters means having to deal with less mobs which makes the transition into the bomb hunting phase faster. At the same time it means that you’re not allowed to do many mistakes.


Spawning order: Psykoko > Kokoleric > Kokoloss > Psykoko > Kokoleric > Kokoloss.


psykokoPsykoko : He has one passive spell, “Alkokolic“: Each time the Psykoko crits, it gains 1 stack of Avantage Kokotique which gives it 20% damage dealt and 1 MP per stack. It can stack up to 20 times and lasts for 2 turns, can be retained by replaying it every turn. It has some base critical hits so sometimes it hits the air to stack Avantage Kokotique. Damage dealt in close combat is reduced by 50%. Damage dealt from distance (5+ cells) increases it’s critical hit % by 5% (Lasts for 3 turns and stacks). And 4 spells ! “Flunodkoko Strike” (Earth): Cone-shaped 3 AP AoE spell that it uses 2 times per turn. “Come here, Koko!” (Earth):  Before it’s turn starts, it pulls any player that is in line and not further than 4 cells away. The spell doesn’t require any AP to be used and can pull several players at once. The spell also can’t be casted in his turn. “Go on Frankoko, it’s ok !” : Buffs the final damage of allies by 25% in a 4×4 AoE. “Koko Tun“: Spell that gives the Psykoko a 3 MP and 150 dodge buff (Becomes unlockable if it’s a critical hit). It lasts for 2 turns and has a 3 turns cooldown.

kokolericKokoleric : He has one passive spell, “Kokorizing Cream” : It reduces all damage by 50% if none of his allies are within 4 cells of him. If it doesn’t receive damage in his turn, it gains 1 stack of Avantage Kokotique which gives it 20% healing and 1 range per stack. It can stack up to up to 20 times and lasts for 2 turns. It transforms 40% of the damage dealt around it into heals for itself. And 5 spells ! “Hot Koko” (Earth): Before it’s turn starts, it casts this AoE spell whenever there is a target within 4 cells of it. “Kokoovit” (Water): Linear pushing spell that moves the target by 4 cells. “Paramedikoko“: Linear healing spell which can also revive. It has a cast limit of 2 times per target but it’s still enough to get a Psykoko almost up to full health. Revived mobs keep their Advantage Kokotique stacks. Needs line of sight. “Hot Hot Kokola” (Water): Linear damage spell. Cast limit of 2 times per target. “Helikokopter“: Same as Hot Koko it casts this spell before the start of it’s turn. it’ll teleport away (5 cells) if there is any player next to it (Can be cast every 2 turns).

kokolossKokoloss : He has passive spell, “Kokoloss Skopike” : Players need to be aligned with the Kokoloss to be able to damage it. Any damage blocked by the Kokoloss (even when he doesn’t receive damage) increases his Advantage Kokotique by 1 which gives it 20% damage dealt and 1 AP per stack. It can stack up to 20 times and lasts for 2 turns. And 3 spells ! “Radikokol Hit” (Earth): Spell that reduces the target’s MP and range by 3. The MP and range only occurs every 3 turns. “Bankoko” (Earth): Spell that hits in a 4 cell AoE in front of it. It has no casting limit. “Kokosto Biskokoto“: The Kokoloss buffs itself by 100% block and 80 elemental resistance (120 elemental resistance if it’s a critical hit).

kokoricoKoko Riko : Koko Rico has exactly the same spells as the Kokoloss. The difference is the passive, Koko Rico doesn’t have the passive, no need to hit it in line ! Also, he has more resistances.



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Wind Shield is used to craft the Sitton Defense and Moon Aegis. The Chopping Maul is used to craft the Lily Hammer. Check this page to see the recipes and how to obtain the blueprints : Here.

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