Kelba Lvl.65

Required Level : level 65              Recommended number of characters : 1

This area is for players level 65 to 80. To get to it, you will just need to board a boat from any docks of the World of Twelve. You will then arrive directly at the dock where you will be able to start exploring this mythical area. The quest will unlock at level 65. if you complete it, you will be rewarded with a new precious artefact : Ecaflip’s paws (Click here to check to which new chests you can have access now !).


“You’ve just received important information from Jenry Hones Sr., the Arkaelogist at the temple of Scriptures. Since you allowed him to study the artifacts, he hasn’t stopped finding new clues to tracking other artifacts down. Today he’s informed you that you’re going to need a very special map. A Shushu map capable of giving directions to absolutely any location in the World of Twelve. According to Jenry, the best place to find a map of the sort is in the Kelba market, on Kelba island. More specifically, you must speak to Hadibal Toot, the Clan Member at the market and renowned seller of renowned maps.”

  • Speak to Hadibal on Kelba Island

Reward : 50 000 xp

Tips : The Location of Hadibal is is indicated on the picture below (roll on hover).

2 – Dishonest Competition

“As difficult as it may have been for him to give you the information, Hadibal has sent you to see one of his competitors. He’s suggested you see Miranda, co-owner of “Kabrok’s Shop”. Maybe there you’ll be able to find the map you need.”

  • Go to “Kabrok’s Shop” in Kelba
  • Speak to Miranda

Reward : 25 000 xp

Tips : The location of the shop is indicated on the picture below (roll on hover).

3 – The Transreporter – Barter

“Decidedly, Miranda is a shrewd woman. What should have been a simple matter of kamas has become a chore and wild Gobball chase. If you want the map, you’ll have tohelp Miranda get her package back without a hitch. Everything seems thought out. Speak to her again when you’re ready to play mule for her.”

  • Inform Miranda of your participation in the convoy

Reward : 25 000 xp


4 – The Transreporter I – The Provider

“The first step of your job as transporter is to find the package. According to Miranda, Hadibal Toot will give you the instructions on how to proceed. Go pay him a little visit in Kelba’s market.”

  • Speak to Hadibal to get information about the package

Reward : 62 500 xp


5 – The Transreporter II – The Departure

“Miranda didn’t lie – Hadibal seems to have prepared everything for the package’s transport. He’s asked you to find him a little later, at Kelba’s port. Go there to take possession of the package and get on the road to deliver it.”

  • Recover the package at the port

Reward : 75 000 xp

Tips : Go back to the port, this time you have to options to get down, just choose “Meet with Hadibal”.


6 – The Transreporter III – Dangerous Delivery

“The Dragortukeys are warmed up – time to get going. All that’s left is to cross your fingers, and sharpen your blades in preparation for any problems that might occur on the trip.”

  • Protect the convoy

Reward : 350 000 xp

You have to protect the convoy ! After a few steps, you are attacked by a Riktus gang. The fight is a bit special, there are 6 normal monster and one case carrier. You must stop the case carrier from escaping by getting rid of the monsters before he lands on the special cell on the edge of the battlefield. Do not try to block or attack him. To win the fight, quickly kill the monsters ! They all have between 316 and 400 HPs. You are helped by 2 Mercenary reinforcements, two Iops level 65 with 1000 HPs.


You are attacked again, but this time by a gang of Raskaws ! To win the fight, quickly kill the monsters and do not touch the case carrier ! They all have between 600 and 800 HPs. You are helped by 2 Mercenary reinforcements, two Iops level 65 with 1000 HPs.


Finally you are attacked by the Black Crow himself, you can’t do anything and he flies away with your package.


7 – The Transreporter IV – Disappointment

“Blast ! The Black Crow has stolen the package Miranda asked you to protect ! She’s going to be furious ! But you don’t have a choice – you must tell her. Maybe if you first talk to Kabrok about it, he can help you soothe the beast within the beauty…”

  • Go back and see Kabrok in the shop

Reward : 75 000 xp


8 – Order & Law – Investigate the Scene of the Crime !

“Kabrok’s reaction was very unexpected. Not content with seeming detached from the issue, he’s sent you after the aggressors, preferring to keep Miranda in the dark for the moment. Even though he suggested you focus on the possible origin of the attacks while pointing the finger at the Riktus and Hadibal Toot, you’d prefer to be methodical and follow the trail from the location of the Black Crow’s attack.”

  • Investigate the scene of the third attack

Reward : 150 000 xp

Tips : The location of the scene is indicated on the picture below. Go there and use the “Abandoned Convoy” (picture rolls on hover).

9 – Order & Law – Investigate the Scene of the Crime II

“You haven’t found anything conclusive at the scene of the Black Crow’s attack. Maybe you would have more luck at the site of the mysterious bird men’s attack.”

  • Investigate the scene of the second attack

Reward : 150 000 xp

Tips : The location of the scene is indicated on the picture below. Go there and use the “Abandoned Convoy” (picture rolls on hover).

10 – Order & Law – Investigate the Scene of the Crime III

“You are decidedly unlucky. Your inspection of the second scene yielded not a single clue. It may be a knock to your pride, but all that you can do is follow Kabrok’s advice and go to the site of the first attack – that of the Riktus bandits. Pray to the gods you’ll have more luck this time around…”

  • Investigate the scene of the first attack

Reward : 150 000 xp

Tips : The location of the scene is indicated on the picture below. Go there and use the “Abandoned Convoy” (picture rolls on hover).

11 – Order & Law – Confront the Suspect

“Yes ! As incredible as it may seem, you’ve found a clue directly incriminating Hadibal Toot. The ‘trustworthy’ man is apparently not so after all. Kabrok was right again. Gofind Hadibal at the Kelba market and confront him with the proof of his crime.”

  • Confront Hadibal

Reward : 100 000 xp


12 – Order & Law – Certain Confessions

“Hadibal is ready to reveal everything. it would seem that his motivations are more noble, or at least less dishonorable, than it seemed. He’s asked you to find him in a hideout under the bridge linking Kelba and Amakna. Go worn it out of him !”

  • Find Hadibal in his secret hideout

Reward : 125 000 xp

Tips : The location of the hideout is indicated on the picture below (picture rolls on hover).

13 – Order & Law – A Twist

“Well that was too easy ! A band of Riktus awaits you at the meeting spot. Show them what you’re made of, then go set things straight with Hadibal Toot.”

  • Confront Hadibal’s accomplices

Reward : 250 000 xp

A fight starts ! You are now against 3 Riktus, they all have one colour : blue, white, red. On the field there are 3 barrels with coloured areas around them. You are helped by 2 Mercenary reinforcements. The Riktus are invulnerable ! To kill them, you need to get them in their coloured area : white in white, blue in blue.. And destroy the barrel. So push them, pull them or just end near those areas (they will try to come to in close combat) and destroy the barrel !


14 – Hadibal Toot Tells All

“Defeating thos Riktus sure wasn’t easy, but it seems their attack was just an unfortunate coincidence. Hadibal has calmed their fervor, and is now ready to explain everything to you.”

  • Speak to Hadibal

Reward : 100 000 xp


15 – The Trail of the Black Crow

“In the end, you went in circles, but not for nothing – Hadibal has given you a solid clue on finding the Black Crow’s trail. Follow the directions and find the entrance to the feathered bandit’s hideout.”

  • Find the Black Crow’s hideout

Reward : 225 000 xp

Tips : The location of the hideout is indicated by an orange dot on your map. It’s hidden, you need to go down to make it appear.


16 – Rascals Vs. Raskaws

“A new path opens before you : the Raskaws. Kabrok has asked you to join him in the Kelba Peaks, a region which has been closed off for quite some time.”

  • Find Kabrok in his cave after the bridge
  • Speak to Kabrok

Reward : 75 000 xp

Tips : The location of the hideout is indicated on the picture below (picture rolls on hover).

17 – Grand Korvishus

“Kabrok has suggested you go visit a specific Raskaw, one he’s already dealt with. He ought to be able to give you more information about what goes on in the region, and more specificaly about the Raskaws who stole Kabrok’s artifact.”

  • Speak to Grand Korvishus in the Kelba Peaks

Reward : 75 000 xp

Tips : The location of Grand Korvishus is indicated on the picture below (picture rolls on hover).

18 – ‘The Trick to Trading…

“…is to trick the traders.’ This pretty much sums up the Raskaw philosophy. After having been treated like a Iop by Grand Korvishus, you’ve  found yourself once again dealing with blackmail. Raskaw habits and customs are a bit particular, and to get information about the thieves, you’re going to have to do something for Grand Korvishus. Some plucky youths have stolen some merchandises from him, and he’s like you to bring it back – either his, or the equivalent from the scallywags’ supplies.”

  • Collect the 1stcrate in the East Kreublo
  • Collect the 2nd crate in the South Kreublo
  • Collect the 3rd crate in the Northeast Kreublo

Reward : 300 000 xp

Tips : The location of each crate is indicated on the picture below. 


For each crate you will collect, a fight will start against 3 Raskaws.


19 – Render unto Grand Korvishus…

“…that which is Grand Korvishus. Raskaw justice has been meted out by your unfeathered hand. You can now return to Grand Korvishus in order to exchange the merchandise for information concerning the artifact theft.”

  • Bring the crates to Grand Korvishus

Reward : 75 000 xp


20 – Raiders of the Ecaflip Artifact – Tracking

“Finally ! You have a real trail to follow to find the thieves. Grand Korvishus has explained that the possible thieves are headed to the Raskaw village, Rakkao, to offer the item to their god. Until then, the item should be in the village’s warehouse. Despite your worries about going through the Raskaw village and forcing your way into the warehouse, Grand Korvishus has reassured you and pointed out a concealed door you can use to get in without being seen. If you want to have a shot at getting the artifact back, now’s the time !”

  • Go to Grand Orrok’s Warehouse

Reward : 45 000 xp

Tips : The location of the warehouse is indicated on the picture below (picture rolls on hover).

21 – Raiders of the Ecaflip Artifact – The Break-in

“It would have been too easy if your little extraction mission went off without a hitch. You couldn’t have expected to… Really ? Come face-to-face with Ush Galesh ! Ush Galesh, who beat Gresgaoulian the dragon ! Ush Galesh, a godfather of the most infamous criminal organizations in Bonta… But it’s not the time for daydreaming – Ush’s trick has been revealed, and the Raskaws he was controlling with his Fleeflees don’t seem very happy to see you in their warehouse, now that they’re free from the mind control. Quick ! Take care of the guards while the Black Crow goes after Ush !”

  • Confront the Raskaws on guard in the warehouse

Reward : 200 000 xp

This fight is a bit particular. Indeed, you are against 3 Raskaws and a Krolarm. The Krolarm has 1 HP and is invulerable. In 5 turns from the start of the fight, he will stun you. You can see how many turns you have left by checking his state “Ding Dong!”. To win the fight, simply kill the other Raskaws. The fight ends when only the Krolarm is left !


22 – Raiders of the Ecaflip Artifact – Lair of Evil

“You’ve neutralized the warehouse guard. Kabrok has told you where Ush is hiding with the artifact. Time is against you : Ush Galesh could leave the island at any moment. Hurry to find the Ecaflip in the mountains beforehe makes a run for it with the artifact !”

  • Follow Ush in the mountains [Solo adventure]

Reward : 75 000 xp

Tips : The location of the hideout is indicated on the picture below (picture rolls on hover).

23 – Raiders of the Ecaflip Artifact – Face to Face

“Fortunately for you, Ush Galesh hasn’t left the island yet. You must confront him, which doesn’t strike you as a great idea, given his reputation. Even with the Black Crow at your side, you’re not too confident, but you don’t have a choice : you must act now or forget about the artifact forever !”

  • Confront Ush Galesh in his hideout in the Kelba Peaks [Solo adventure]

Reward : 350 000 xp + Paw of Ecaflip

That fight is the best fight of this questline so enjoy it ! You are against Ush Galesh, he is level 1 800 and has 75 000 HPs but do not be scared, the Black Crow joins you ! You have a state throughout the fight : “Loaded Dice” : If those in this state would be knocked out : The Black Crow takes damage instead, -75% Final Damage.

ush crow

At the start of his turn, Ush places cards on the ground. Stepping on them will trigger various effects : healings, damage, transform you into a bow meow, give or remove APs/MPs. Your character won’t be very useful in that fight this is why the main fighter is the Black Crow. He has 4 different spells and 12 APs :

  • Epic Spike” : Deals – 3000 earth damage in line for 3 APs.
  • Crobak Shot” : Deals -2000 air damage in a cross of 3 tiles for 4 APs. Summons a crobak is the target is knocked out this turn.
  • Feather explosion” : Deals -5000 air damage in a cross shaped AoE around the caster for 5 APs.
  • Carapace of Wings” : For each hit received, summons a crobak (50%) and reflects 50% of damage received for 4 APs. (once/3 turns)

The best ratio APs/damage is “Epic Spike”. Use it four times in a turn to deal the maximum damage. When you can cast “Carapace of Wings” do your turn that way : “Feather Explosion”, “Epic spike” and end with “Carapace of Wings”.


Keep going until Ush reaches 15 000 HPs, he casts a Card Tornado (the red dome). It reduces the damage taken by Ush by 50% if the attacker is not inside the Card Tornado. Just go in close combat with him and finish him !


You like quests and you can’t wait to do more ? Then meet us at Bilbiza when you will reach the level 85 !

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