Kayji : Wakfu Chronicles

Today we’ve met Kayji. A player on Dathura since 1 year and a half, he tells his story and the adventures of his character through music. Are you really to go on a lyrical journey ? I invite you to discover his universe with our new interview.

– When and why did you start making music ?

I think, I really started when I was 14 years old. Why ? I guess I can’t live without music or I’ll turn mad. It’s stronger than me. I’ve been a temporary show business worker, to finally stop and become a sound designer.

– What instruments do you play and which are your favourite ?

I mostly play guitar and its string derivatives : electric, folk, classic, mandolin, bass. A bit of piano too but at a lower level since long nails are annoying to play piano ^^. Some flute and quite a few percussions. I also master CAM (Computer Assisted Music).

Guitars are my favourite instruments because of their sensuality. To be clearer, more than the sound, it’s the physical contact with the instrument : under the fingers and in the belly. The sound rebounds from the soundbox and it provides feelings and interactions I’ve never found again with any other instrument. Here are the guitars you can hear during my concerts and my videos :

– What do you like the most in your activity ?

If we’re talking about my musical activity, what I love the most is the complete liberty. In concrete terms, I’ve been a professional musician some time ago, but I had to play music in which I had no interest to be able to live from this. I therefore made the choice to have another job to be able to do what I love with music. I play music less often but at least I have the choice of doing what I want and it suits me better.

Furthermore, playing an instrument is a pleasure above all and I can’t get bored with it. It’s the sound magic, it’s a one time temporal thing and when it’s over, it’s over. You have to seize the moment and enjoy it as long as you are in. It’s an art of performance with a volatile aspect. Each show is unique, and even though we can record, it gives a special value to each performance.

– Why did you start playing Wakfu and what do you like the most about the game ?

Since I’ve been Flash developer and animator, I know Ankama since a very long time. I didn’t really get hooked on Dofus. Maybe because of a lack of free time ? Later, the Wakfu anime arrived on Netflix. Really enthusiastic about the Universe and the characters, I remember that a colleague tried the game in Beta, meaning that there was a game. Thanks to the free-to-play, I tried the game (even though I promised myself I won’t spend too much time on video games anymore) and I adored it.

In my job we call it the “wahouuuu” effect, and clearly, Ankama has this power. The first few months it was all about discovering the content, the quests and the Universe. It was beautiful and really pleasant. I loved this period. Then came the more social aspect of the game with guilds, ecology and politics. Apart from the PvP which is not my cup of tea (except in politic), I almost love everything in Wakfu.

– Why did you decide to create music linked to Wakfu ?

I kind of want to answer… Why not ? 😀 First of all, I would like to evoke the concerts on the community TeamSpeak server named WakfuTime. After a little private concert for my guild, one of the server’s moderators had the idea of turning it into a regular event. The principle is simple, I play for 1h30 to 2h in a channel created for the occasion. The community’s reaction was immediate and very welcoming. These concerts take place once to twice a month since January 2016 (Ainla : You can find all the dates in our Calendar).

On the other hand, I compose since years for my own pleasure. But since a part of my free time is spent in game, I can consider that the game is a part of what I live. It’s only a game, but the adventures that we live there are still real. Therefore I decided to tell the stories I lived in-game with other players like some kind of chronicles, through the prism of my character.

The original project was to tell the stories created by the players on Dathura server. But the strength of the Universe and the content also gave me the will to make a tribute to the game itself. It’s a mix of all that. Moreover, I love the idea of turning things upside down sometimes. Rather than merely consuming the content given by Ankama, sometimes players can push their own content, as an extension of the trans-media. It shouldn’t get the upper hand but I still like this idea.

Fan-fics and Fan-arts are really numerous. So why not fan-music ? The process is roughly the same. Eventually, I’d like to say that it’s thanks to the numerous positive reactions from the players that I continue my activity. I receive many PMs in-game, on Twitter or TeamSpeak saying that they would like to know more and that they are really happy to be able to enjoy this content. Hence, I am not likely to stop any time soon 🙂 The humble home-studio :

– Which are your favourite creations and why ?

I will only talked about the published ones as of today’s date. First there is “La chute de Sufokia” (Sufokia’s fall).

It’s purely a players’ story. It relates the story of an important politic event, when the guild “la coalition universelle” took over the 4 Nations. That’s what got me into politics and it had an important influence on the whole server for months. It deserved to be transformed into a music, like a historical fact (for Dathura). I included a very deep melancholy because I was part of the ones who saw it coming. I tried to persuade guilds not to multiply candidacies at the elections to prevent this assumption of power. There were 13 applications and the power was taken by “la coalition universelle”.

Small detail : piano in the second part is taken from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. It’s completely voluntary, to remind the indirect emotion brought up by this song.

I will then talk about “Mimi la merveilleuse” (Mimi the marvelous) because even more than being a piece I really love, it’s the complete opposite of “La chute de Sufokia”.

Several songs are already written and just waiting to be recorded. But they’re all about Dathura’s players. But during the past few months, I saw how the Wakfu team worked especially hard to offer new content and features. Between the UB, adjustable levels, stasis dungeons, quests, events… I shamefully took advantage of the fact that Kme seemed to be really attached to her character (which proves that the Team is not only here to make money but that they really love what they are doing) to compose a music about Mimi.

It was firstly made for Kme but also the whole team ! To thank them for all the accomplished work we can enjoy every day. Mimi’s character seemed to be the good subject to make something full of emotions. Even though I decided to conceal a part of her personality (it had to be beautiful and so I avoided the burlesque part that could have been present). I changed my recording planning to finish this piece in 2016.

– How would you like to see your activity evolve in the future ?

I really don’t know (laughter) ! What’s certain is that I’ll keep doing music. I have several IRL concerts that are scheduled but it’s a completely different genre. I wish to keep composing and most of all, to find time and means to do clean recordings (I actually have to wait for the house to turn silent to record with my guitar).

I would like to live from it of course, but it’s something really difficult when you want to make personal music applied to images or video games. What is absolute certainty is that even without any publication or broadcasting, I’ll keep composing like I do since 15 years.

When I will get bored of my work as a lead dev, I will look for opportunities to compose for multimedia supports. It is though out of the question to live from the scene. I still do some but it’s exhausting and doesn’t leave much free time for creation.

– What are your future plans for your website/Youtube channel ?

I would like to revamp the website since I’ve made it quickly and it’s badly organized. I also need some graphic work but I’m waiting to have more money to be able to pay some people to work on that revamp. I won’t ever ask for work without any kind of payment. I also have to redo the categories because between the personal compositions, the fan-music and the concerts on the TeamSpeak server WakfuTime, it’s a bit too much for a simple reader to understand ^^. The Youtube channel will often be supplied with original compositions, fan-music and covers asked by the players. Maybe even some tutorials and tablatures since people often ask for it ^^

I simply need time (a lot) to do that. A room completely isolated from domestic noises is being prepared especially for this use but it won’t be ready before March (the microwave noises are really bad with a Rode NT1 microphone for example).

– Do you have any idol/particular inspiration ?

I have a lot but if I had to only choose 4, it would be these ones :

  • 1/ Mike Oldfield. As for him, I can really say that I am a fan. Since I’m 15 y.o, his music moves me, his sound, his guitar touch is unique, the liberty and the nonconformism of some of his creations ! For the youngsters who do not know him, look for “Tubular Bells” (The exorcist), “Moonlight Shadow”, even though he did better compositions than these ones.
  • 2/ Pierre Bensusan. Discreet guitarist in France but very well known in the USA. He has a very personal guitar playing but his technic is at the service of musicality and emotion. While listening to him, it’s sometimes hard to believe that there is only one guitar playing.
  • 3/ Soir Siberil. A Breton guitarist, as talented as kind. His guitar playing can seem a bit complex but in reality, when you try it, it’s even more difficult. It’s Celtic music and he is part of a Breton folk generation that revived the genre.
  • 4/ Kawai Kenji. Personal, typical, beautiful, awesome. I don’t have anything to add. He knows how to make synthesizers cry which is not something easy to do. As well as being a good guitarist, he also is a genius compositor.

– You have a Tipeee, would you like to talk about it a bit ? (His Tipeee here)

I see that nothing can escape from you Method Wakfu 😀
At the beginning, this Tipeee was mainly about the concerts I made on the community TeamSpeak server WakfuTime. I’ll explain myself : each concert means invested time and material. It could seem ridiculous but I can assure you that a new pack of strings is dead after each concert. Moreover, I spend time preparing the “song request”, the songs the community asked for.

It’s about 2-3 days of work before each concert and I prepare the soundtracks myself when it’s possible. I rent or buy virtual instruments like the EastWest ComposerCloud X or Native instrument Komplete. Of course, without the concerts, I would still rent them. Some people spontaneously asked to provide financial help. I decided to make it in the form of a Tipeee to cover concerts, original creations (inspired from wakfu or not) and covers. It is a formula I want to believe viable to finance these activities while letting the content free and accessible to everyone. The people providing financial help know that they’re helping for everyone’s benefit.

Another important point, I would like to have illustrations for some of my compositions made by graphists and drawers from the community. But it is out of the question that it could be free. If the Tipeee works, it would also allow me to reward eventual contributors. 100% of the money won’t be invested in illustrations or to rent audio plug-ins. It would be dishonest to say so, but a big part (depending on the volume). If the experience works, I might reduce my actual working time to leave more space to musical production, but in another genre (different from Wakfu).

– Do you have anything to add for the community ?

A huge thank you ! Sincerely. This year was full of games, histories, RP and also concerts. I receive lots of messages about my songs and it makes me extremely happy. I hope that 2017 will be as rich as this past year. Henceforth, I know many players from Dathura and Aerafal. I’d like to say to other communities that if I talk english pretty badly, I can still read it and write it correctly.

Feel free to contact me, I love exchanges ! Eventually, I noticed that several complete fan-sites and Youtube channels opened and that they are very active ! I adore that and it can only be positive for the game and the community. Keep going ! So Wakfu lives for a long long time and even stronger !

Reminder : All the audio files are on kayji-music.com they are free to listen, to share and can be used in videos as long as you don’t make money on it. Think about credits. If you monetize, then contact me ^^

Thank you Method Wakfu 🙂


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