Kanniball Dungeon Lvl.171

Required Level : level 171
Location : Moon



  • Opal Stele – Reward: Kanniveyor BeltAllies lose 3 MP and get stabilized.
  • Pearly Stele – Reward: Fortified Fist: Heals and armors are canceled unless the affected player is next to an ally or an enemy.
  • Amber Stele – Reward: Sabatontons: Finishing your turn in line with an ally results in instadeath (with disembodiment).

First Room

Composition : 2x Kanniball Lymi, 2x Kanniball Et, 2x Voodoo Kanniball

Kanniball Lymi : They have 2 passives, 3 spells and are weak to earth. The passive “Kannivore” : If one of it’s allies dies within 4 cells, it gains 2000 armor. If a player gets healed within 4 cells, it gains half the heals as armor. “Kanniballience“: At the end of his turn, if an ally is in contact with a player, the Lymi switches places with him (7 cells max). It requires line of sight to the target. And 3 spells ! “Spout” (Air): 3 cell AoE that he casts around him 2 times. It reduces the damage dealt of players in a 2 tile radius by 20%. “Buckaray” (Air): The Lymi dashes (5 cell range) to his target and stabilizes himself. “Totem Strike” (Earth): Hits a target and stacks the Totem Counterstrike state by the amount of damage he did with the spell. Totem Counterstrike heals the Lumi by its current level (Max 4000) and his allies (within 5 cells max) by half of it if there is a player alligned with him (5 cells max).

gengas6Kanniball Et : They have 1 passive, 3 spells and is weak to air. The passive “Kanniball Spirit“: At the start of its turn, gains 20% damage dealt for each ally within 2 cells of it. It gains 40 elemental resistance for each player within 2 cells of it. “Kanniboom” (Water): It hits a target and applies the Kanniboom state to it. If it does a second time it’ll reduce the target’s MP by half (you can reduce the level of the state by finishing your turn next to an ally). “Kanniball Trap“: Every 2 turns it places a trap on the ground that removes all your MP when you walk on it. “Reprimanding Blow” (Fire): Hits a target and applies the Elimination state to it. If the carrier hits a target with fewer hp, it’ll transmit 30% of the damage to allies alligned with it (Be careful with Pulsar..).

Voodoo Kanniball : They have 1 passive, 3 spells and is weak to water. The passive “Kamouflage” : When the Voodoo Kanniball has less than 25% HP it turns invisible for 2 turns and teleports somewhere within 3 cells of its initial position. And 3 spells ! “Sarbak” (Water): Long range spell that applies the Sarbak state to the target. The latter gives the bearer Incurable Lvl. 3 and he receives 27 Water damage at the end of his turn (increased if there is no ally or enemy next to him). “Hoodoo” (Fire) (5 Range): Linear long range spell that reduces the target’s critical hits by 50%. It doesn’t require line of sight. “Evil” (Fire) (6 Range): Long range spell that applies the Evil state to the target. Enemies that hit the bearer get healed by 50%. If the bearer hits a target, enemies around the target receive 50% of the damage as armor.

Second Room

Composition : 2x Kanniball Lymi, 2x Kanniball Et, 3x Voodoo Kanniball

Third Room

Composition : 3x Kanniball Lymi, 3x Kanniball Et, 2x Voodoo Kanniball

Boss Room

Composition : 1x Kannilooni, 2x Kanniball Lymi, 2x Kanniball Et, 3x Voodoo Kanniball

2bb15d136a70fa11983102b112ef5eceAt the start of the fight, you will notice that there are 4 totems on the field. Each totem matches an element : Pink = air, Green = earth, Blue= water, Orange = fire. If you start your turn at 3 cells or less from them, you will gain a debuff. It reduces your resistances (-50%) in the element matching the totem. You can switch places with them by hitting them with a single target spell of the totem’s element.

Kannilooni lvl.190-195 : He has 3 passives and 3 spells. “Kannisolation” (passive) : if he has no enemy next to him, he stabilizes himself. That buff is removed when no mobs are left on the field.”Collapse” (passive) : Every 2 turns he makes rocks fall on totems in an AoE of 3 cells around them dealing -8 000 HPs. “Compression” (passive) : If he absorbs a totem during the turn he gains +8% damage dealt * Number of totems he didn’t absorb (maximum 100). “Kanoon” : deals air and earth damage at range (9 range) in a cross-shaped AoE of 3×3(glyph). Limited to 2 times/a turn. “Drumming” : deals damage in all 4 elements in melee (goes through armor). Limited to 1 time per target. “Kannivel” : deals water and fire damage in an AoE around him then pushes everyone in melee of 4 cells. Limited to 1 time per turn.

Strategy : At first, avoid the totems and focus the mobs. Indeed, the totems remove resistances and every 3 turns, rocks will fall upon them on Kannilooni’s turn, dealing 8 000 damage in an area of 3 cells around them. Stay far away from them and simply clear the room. In the meantime, it is the most important part for the Tank, he has to get Kannilooni to the back of the room since he deals huge damage. Be careful though, because of his buff “Kannisolation” he becomes stabilized if he has no enemy next to him, so you can’t teleport him on first turn. On first turn, go next to him and use provocation if you’re a Feca. He must not move and you have to stay next to him to remove the buff. On second turn, teleport him at the other side of the map. Tank him against a wall since he can push. Here is a good area to tank him, giving his back to the team :


When the room is cleared of all mobs, it’s time to focus on Kannilooni who’s invulnerable. In order to make him vulnerable, you have to place a totem 3 cells or less away from him by attacking it with a single target spells to switch places. At the start of his turn, he will consume all the totems in the 3 cells radius, play his turn as usual and at the end of his turn, new totems will pop up on the map. They pop up near players (or summons so try to gather a bit). Each totem will make him vulnerable in its matching element but that’s not so simple ! Be careful though, if he absorbs a totem, he will gain a buff (8% damage dealt * Number of totems he didn’t absorb) this is why you should always give him as many totems as possible. When you can only move one, don’t move it and wait for next turn or he will gain lots of damage (max is 100% damage dealt). He’s now vulnerable in some elements for 1 turn but your damage are canceled. In order to deal damage, you have to get buffed by a totem by starting your turn in a 3 cells radius around them. This is why a Panda with high initiative is really recommended here ! His job is to place DDs next to totems so they can damage Kannilooni. By starting your turn next to them, you win a buff which lasts 2 turns, you can have several of them at the same time. You will then be able to hit in the buff’s element. Now you need to make it match with the vulnerable elements of Kannilooni. Still too easy ? Right then, the damage received by Kannilooni are caped ! He can’t take more than 5 000 damage in each element until his next turn. If you go over the 5 000 with any spell, even by 1 HP, you deal 0 damage. That means:

5 000 damage = 5 000 damage
5 001 damage = 0 damage
1 000 damage + 1 000 damage + 3 000 damage = 5 000 damage
1 000 damage + 1 000 damage + 3 001 damage = 2 000 damage

Keep going until you finally kill Kannilooni. It makes me sad to spoil this part, but it’s a guide, I have to. The fight is not over ! When a player gives the final blow to Kannilooni, Darkli Moon gets out of it and arrive on the field (on Kannilooni’s spot) and he won’t play until the player finishes his turn. He will summon 4 other fake Darkli Moons in diagonal. To prevent that, place beacons/barrels/dollies in his diagonals before killing Kannilooni. Darkli Moon’s spells (illusions remove MPs and APs) :

Sweeping: He uses it in line and removes APs
Masterful Blow: Close combat spell that reduces your max WP (-3 WP)
Darkli Moon Hammer: Long range spell which removes MP

On his turn, Darkli summons 2 grey totems with death cells around them. If you end your turn on those tiles, it results in the instant death of your character. Since the monkeys remove MPs it’s a bit tricky ! Hopefully the Panda could help saving some people (and any other placer). Don’t bother with the illusions, the tank should lock Darkli showing his back to the team and the other members should use all their bursts, remove resistances, push people to save them from glyphes. I advise you not to lose time killing totems, they have high resistances, just end the fight as fast as possible !


(Click on the images to see all the caracteristics)

  • Dungeon drops :


  • Boss drops :



  • Kanniball Dungeon I : Complete the Kanniball Dungeon
  • Kanniball Dungeon II : Kill the boss first
  • Kanniball Dungeon III : Kill the boss last
  • Kanniball Dungeon – Final : Complete Kanniball Dungeon I, II & II – Rewards : Kannilooni Miniature
  • Kanniball Dungeon IV : Kill the boss with at least one active Stele – Rewards : 1 fragment of Belt of the Winds
  • Kanniball Dungeon V : Kill the boss with at least two active Steles – Rewards : 2 fragments of Belt of the Winds
  • Kanniball Dungeon VI : Kill the boss with three active Steles – Rewards : 3 fragments of Belt of the Winds

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