Introduction : Astrub

Required Level : level 1              Recommended number of characters : 1

You are finally incarnated into the World of Twelve ! Welcome adventurer, are you ready for the great quests waiting for you ahead ? Will you be brave enough to fight Ogrest and bring peace to our World after all the Chaos he has caused ?

But for now.. You just destroyed a bed and since you have no money.. You need to find a way to pay your debt. Your first mission, if you accept it, is to help the Pal’s family. Train hard to become a noble mercenary to help and defend your city !

1 – Astrub, City of Mercenaries

“So, you already have a debt to pay. Take this old Haven Bag to Pappy Pal so you can pay for the bed and roof you just destroyed during your reincarnation. Life is hard !”

  • Take the Haven Bag to Pappy Pal

Reward(s) : 50 xp

He is right in front of you if you are leaving the house. Otherwise, he is indicated on the map below (hover to see his location on the map).

2 – Mercenary Training

“Pappy Pal thinks you have great potential. He would like you to train in the Mercenary’s Training room. Come on, it will do you good !”

  • Head to the Mercenary’s Training room
  • Train on a mannequin

Reward(s) : 200 xp

Show him what you’ve got ! The mannequin has 20 HPs, impress the knight !

3 – A Valiant Knight

“The Astrub Knight will definitely give you some tips to improve your training. Speak to him !”

  • Speak to the Astrub Knight

Reward(s) : 200 xp


4 – Second Choice Mission

“Cool… The Astrub Knight got the best mission. He’s joyfully leaving you with the second best mission, which is ridding his cellar of rats. It’s still mercenary’s mission and to top it all off, there will even be a little reward !”

  • Head to the Astrub Sawmill Cellar
  • Fight the Rats

Reward(s) : 500 xp

The location is indicated on the map below (hover to see your targets). Save the Dragoturkeys on your way to travel faster next time ! Use the trapdoor to enter the cellar. There are 3 rats and they’re pretty easy to deal with. Be careful though, they’ll apply a poison on you removing 6% of your current HP on your turn and – 20 resistances.

5 – Business Pal

“Your training is complete ! Go and see Pappy Pal so you can finally get down to business !”

  • Speak to Pappy Pal

Reward(s) : 300 xp + Mercenary bag

6 – Hero Potential

“A mercenary, even one who’s just starting out, should be dressed appropriately before jumping in. Pappy Pal recommends you get some equipment from the mercenary reserve.”

  • Head to the Mercenary Reserve
  • Recover the Equipment

Reward(s) : 500 xp + Mercenary Breastplate + Mercenary Epaulettes

The location is indicated on the map below (the image changes on hover). Click on the Crate of Equipment, it starts a fight against Chaos plants. Get rid of them !

7 – Seed of Chaos

“What seemed like an easy mission has turned out to be a lot more dangerous than expected. Inform Pappy Pal of the mysterious Chaos plants in the Mercenary Reserve.”

  • Go back and see Pappy Pal

Reward(s) : 500 xp

8 – Path of Chaos

“The members of Ogrest’s Cult are causing trouble in Astrub, and Pappy Pal’s not too pleased about it ! One of the reports from the mercenaries indicated that they can be found near the old cemetery in south-east Astrub. Find their hideout !”

  • Find the trail of Ogrest’s Cult members

Reward(s) : 500 xp

The location is indicated on the map below (hover to see the entrance).

9 – The Blasphemer’s Crypt

“What is this place ?! It looks like Ogrest’s Cult has been using this crypt as a storeroom to keep all the things that cause trouble in Astrub. Explore the crypt from top to bottom.”

  • Explore the Crypt in Astrub cemetery

Reward(s) : 1 500 xp + Profane Mercenary Boots

You enter the first room and you find a Grambo ! Attack him to start a fight. This fight is a bit special, the Grambo is invulnerable from distance (more than 2 cells away) and Chaos plants are everywhere ! If they see you, they hit you for -15 HP so better hide yourself ! Here is the perfect path to follow to keep your HPs.

Another room with exactly the same principle, follow my lead !


For those who prefer to follow videos, here you go ! :

Finally, the boss and his minions. You start a fight against 3 Grambos : the two minions have 30 HP and the boss, Reaper Grambo has 75 HP. If you kill the Reaper, the other two will disappear so only focus Reaper !


10 – Super Sewers

“Tossed away like a piece of rubbish !!! That’s unacceptable ! Accept Donalangelo’s offer and begin your training.”

  • Enter the Nanny Larva’s nest
  • Break up the Larvae Nest

Reward(s) : 2 000 xp + Pizz’ Larvas

The location of the Larva’s Nest is indicated on the map below (hover to see the entrance). Enter the hole on the wall. 

In the first room, you’ll find 2 larvae (both 20 HP), kill them both. Keep going to room 2 and kill the three larvae (two small ones with 20 HP and a big one with 78 HP) ! You can’t go further because you miss the password for the door.


11 – Donalangelo

“Good things come to those who wait. Start by speaking to your trainer, Donalangelo.”

  • Go back and see Donalangelo

Reward(s) : 750 xp


12 – Balance, Balanced

“Your training isn’t over. Once you’ve got your hand on the crust, you’re going to have to knead it some more, but differently this time. Confront the Nanny Larva, you’ll soon see if your training has paid off !”

  • Return to the Nest
  • Defeat the Nanny Larva

Reward(s) : 2 500 xp + Nanny Amulet + Larva Cocoon

Go back to the nest and empty the rooms again. This time, you can finally open the door and confront the Nanny Larva. She has 100 HPs but she is all alone in the fight. She can summon other larvae.

13 – Crusts are for Losers !

“At last ! Training is over, you can finally go and server up a big plate of vengeance ! Donalangelo is going to give you some instructions to follow to find the members of Ogrest’s Cult who humiliated you !”

  • Report back to Donalangelo

Reward(s) : 750 xp + Nun + Chukapi

14 – The Assault

“All you have to do now is to enter Ogrest’s Cult’s camp to the East of Astrub’s sewers !”

  • Go to Ogrest’s Cult’s camp
  • Take your revenge on Reaper Grambo

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp + Grambo Ring

The location is indicated on the map below (hover to see the entrance). Enter the cave and attack Reaper Grambo !

15 – Ogrest’s Cult ?

“Vengeance is finally served, but there’s still this Shreddie to deal with ! You’ll definitely be able to beat him, but for that, you’ll have to find the entrance to the temple where he has apparently been seen.”

  • Find the entrance to Ogrest’s Cult’s Sanctuary (click on the lock)

Reward(s) : 1 000 xp


16 – The Pal key ?

“Darn… The temple door is locked shut with a rusty lock. Pappy Pal’s been in Astrub for quite some time. But the Head of a Guild, especially a guild of mercenaries, must know a way of getting this door open.”

  • Speak to Pappy Pal

Reward(s) : 1 250 xp

17 – The Pal Key !

“Granny Pal should have the old key that opens the temple lock at their house. Go and pay her a visit, I’m sure she’d love to see you ! And Gemlin too !”

  • Speak to Granny Pal

Reward(s) : 1 500 xp + Ancient Key + Dot + Kibibble of Fortune x3


18 – Ogrest’s Cult !

“So now you have the old key. You just have to go back to the temple’s entrance and confront the members of Ogrest’s Cult !!!”

  • Return to the Astrub Sewers
  • Enter Ogrest’s Cult’s Temple

Reward(s) : 1 750 xp

You enter your first temple ! Here you will get your first artefact to find treasures. In the first room, you find yourself in front of a group of 2 Grambos (both 26 HP), kill them.


A chest will then appear, open it and take the little key. Now you can open the door to get to the next room.


Grambos again ?! And 3 this time (two rogues with 22 HP and one assassin with 20 HP) ! Show them what you’ve got and enter the room on the left.


Open the chest to get your first artefact : the compass ! It allows you to go through the blue fog. Great you got the artefact but now you are trapped ! Don’t worry, it’s simple, follow my lead. Head to the north, run to the lever while the trap is closed and activate it. Run now to the bottom of the room and use your compass to go through the fog, activate the second lever. You can finally go to the right, pass through the fog and exit the room.


Now use your freshly acquired artefact to enter the room on the right. You are facing 4 Grambos, kill them to make another chest appear. They have between 20 and 26 HP.


This one is pretty big, isn’t it ? Open it, it’s the Boss Key ! Now go back and finally head to the top of the room and open the door. 


19 – Dark Rooms

“Delightful… it’s probably best not hang around here too long. The ambiance is dark and… chaotic. Shreddie will almost certainly be in the last room of the temple. Maybe the Astrub Knight is still alive ? Maybe…”

  • Find and defeat Shreddie

Reward(s) : 6 000 xp + Traverse Compass + Ogrest’s Cult Statue

Finally, you found Shreddie ! He’s followed by some minions who have between 20 and 26 HPs. Shreddie has 60 HPs. Have no mercy and get Astrub rid of its nuisance !

Bonus – Saving the Astrub Knight

“It seems that Shreddie has captured a mysterious Astrubian Mercenary known only as the Astrub Knight. You have to go and save him on the double, before he becomes a lowly offering for the villains in Ogrest’s Cult !”

  • Free the Astrub Knight

Reward(s) : 3 500 xp + Astrub Knight (sidekick)

Click on the golden cage on the right to free the Astrub Knight.


This Introduction is over for now, meet us again when you will reach the level 15 to start the first Chapter of your quest to the Mount Zinit !

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