Runes, Smithmagic hammers and Metamorfos


Runes are tools that you can use on your items to increase the stats that they give. They can be obtained through 2 ways and their bonus depends on the rune slot it’s used on.

-How to obtain them:

You can either drop them (Class 18 On Flaxhid/Tormentor and Class 16 on Moon monsters) or by crushing items in the Runic Recycler.

The Class and Rarity of the rune obtained from the Recycler depends on the item’s level and own rarity. An item whose level is between 151-160 would yield a Class 16 rune.


-What bonus do they give:

First of all the bonus given depends on the rune’s rarity:
Broken Runes => +1
Basic Runes => +1 or +2
Glossy Runes => +2
Sparkling Runes => +2 or +3
Perfect Runes => +3


As for the actual bonus:
Offensive Rune Slot: Damage
Defensive Rune Slot: Resistance
Support Rune Slot: Lock, Dodge, HP or Initiative

-How to use Runes:

Click on the item that you want to use them on and then drag the rune to the slot.

-How to upgrade Runes:

Click on the rune and you’ll get the improvement menu. The cost of the upgrade depends on it’s current level:
+2 to +3 = 1 Glossy Rune OR 1 Hammer
+3 to +4 = 1 Glossy Rune and 1 Hammer OR 2 Glossy Runes
+4 to +5 = 1 Sparkling Rune and 1 Hammer OR 2 Sparkling Runes
+5 to +6 = 1 Sparkling Rune and 1 Hammer OR 2 Sparkling Runes
+6 to +7 = 1 Sparkling Rune and 1 Hammer OR 2 Sparkling Runes
+7 to +8 = 1 Perfect Rune and 1 Hammer OR 2 Perfect Runes
+8 to +9 = 1 Perfect Rune and 1 Hammer OR 2 Perfect Runes
+9 to +10 = 1 Perfect Rune and 1 Hammer OR 2 Perfect Runes



The most effective way to start runing an item is to use a Glossy rune first so you’ll only need a hammer or another Glossy rune to upgrade it to +3 which would have the same effect as using a Perfect rune.

Smithmagic Hammers:

There are 2 types of Smithmagic Hammers. Ones that you can change the bonus on your runes and ones that you can use for the improvement. Both are random global drops.



Metamorfos are also Smithmagic Hammers that are used to transform runes into Fabulous runes (Level 150+ items only).

Fabulous Runes are different is that they give a bigger but more conditional bonus.

-How to obtain them:

Metamorfos are crafted by using Opal, Pearly and Amber Metamorfrags. These are obtained from the Moon Dungeons by activating the steles.

To activate steles you require Archmonster drops. Koko Rico’s Strongarm Lance for Opal, Gengas Kin’s Blowpipe for Pearly and Dandy Top Hat for Amber.

Each character will then drop 10 metamorfrags of the activated stele(s) at the end of the fight.


The different fabulous runes are:

  • Destruction : +2% to +20% area damage (Attack rune slot).
  • Precision : +2% to +20% single target damage (Attack rune slot).
  • Distance: +2% to +20% distance damage (Attack rune slot).
  • Fury: +3% to +30% berserk damage (Attack rune slot).
  • Melee: +2% to +20% melee damage (Attack rune slot).
  • Altruisme: +3% to +30% heals (Attack rune slot).
  • Audacity: +2% to +20% critical hit damage (Attack rune slot).
  • Sneakiness: +2% to +20% backstab damage (Attack rune slot).
  • Atrophy: +1% to +10% AP/MP Removal (Support rune slot).
  • Determination: +1% to +10% AP/MP Removal resistance (Support rune slot).
  • Life: +6 to +60 Health Points (Defensive rune slot).
  • Influence: +1 to +10 Influence (Attack rune slot).
  • Robustness: +1 to +10 Robustness (Attack rune slot).
  • Acuity: +1 to +10 Acuity (Any rune slot).
  • Velocity: +1 to +10 Velocity (Any rune slot).
  • Vivacity: +1 to +10 Vivacity (Any rune slot).


The first 11 work as soon as you metamorfo the item no matter what level the rune is at while the bottom 5 only work once you have reached the required bonus amount:

  • Influence increases 1% Critical Hit at 10 Influence (Max 10% CH).
  • Robustness increases 1 Block at 10 Robustness (Max 10 Block).
  • Acuity increases Range at 60 Acuity (Max 1 Range).
  • Velocity increases MP at 90 Velocity (Max 1 MP).
  • Vivacity increases AP at 140 Vivacity (Max 1 AP).

Acuity, Velocity and Vivacity metamorfos require you to learn their recipes. The blueprint are either dropped on Moon mobs or bought on the croupiers for kamas.



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