Gengas Kin


Archmonsters are special monsters that are captured by Otomai’s Disciples. They’ll free the archmonster for 1 hour if you pay the tribute which will allow you to try your luck fighting them. Beware! the archmonster will be joined by as many members of his monster family as there are players on your side. As a reward for beating them you receive their special material that can be used in the Moon dungeon steles as well as a chance at dropping powerful items that can be further upgraded through various crafts but remember that you can only drop once per activation. Don’t worry if you die though, you can try as many times possible so long as there’s still time and running out of it during a fight won’t kick you out so no need to rush things, take your time and do things carefully. You will find here a written guide to beat them but also a video !


Gengas Kin is the Kanniball archmonster. It’s a game of Tic Tac Toe with the minor difference being that only Gengas Kin plays. The objective is to have one of the Tic Tac Toe grids end with a tie to make the boss vulnerable. For Gengas Kin’s 3 first turns he proceeds to put a Tic Tac Toe grid on the field. At the end of his turn he puts either an O or X (depending on the turn) on the grids present on the field (It always starts with an O). He can’t put a sign on a cell where a player is standing, this is why you have to move your players in order to force a pattern to make a tie ! Start the fight by clearing the mobs, they’re almost the same as the normal ones. The tank should lock the boss against a wall. Then proceed to clear the grids as needed. The easiest way to victory is to draw a Y shape on the grids. If a grid is hopelessly lost then keep a character(s) on the tile(s) that would lose you the game so that can keep going.

Tips : The mobs count as summons which means that some mechanics will work differently on them (An osa will do more damage with their Whip spell and an Enu can’t pouch them). A bug exists that causes only 2 grids to appear. You can trigger it by having the first player to play start his turn on both the first 2 new grids. Don’t put any additional players on them until the 3rd turn. (Not 100% sure). Caution: This means that boss won’t spawn a third one if you lost the first 2. This fight is the only archmonster fight where it’s suggested to bring as many people as possible to facilitate the task.

Here are some perfect shapes for the 3 grids. In fact, the first one starts with an O, the second one on the next turn with an X and the last one on the third turn with an O. Try to obtain those patterns.


Kanniball Lymi : They have 2 passives, 3 spells and are weak to earth. The passive “Kannivore” : If one of it’s allies dies within 4 cells, it gains 2000 armor. If a player gets healed within 4 cells, it gains half the heals as armor. “Kanniballience“: At the end of the Lymi’s turn, it switches places with an ally if he’s in contact with a player. It requires line of sight to the target. And 3 spells ! “Spout” (Air): 3 cell AoE that he casts around him 2 times. It reduces the damage dealt of players in a 2 tile radius by 20%. “Buckaray” (Air): The Lymi dashes (5 cell range) to his target and stabilizes himself. “Totem Strike” (Earth): Hits a target and stacks the Totem Counterstrike state by the amount of damage he did with the spell. Totem Counterstrike heals the Lumi by its current level (Max 4000) and his allies (within 5 cells max) by half of it if there is a player alligned with him (5 cells max).

gengas6Kanniball Et : They have 1 passive, 3 spells and is weak to air. The passive “Kanniball Spirit“: It gains 20% damage dealt for each ally within 2 cells of it. It gains 40 elemental resistance for each player within 2 cells of it. “Kanniboom” (Water): It hits a target and applies the Kanniboom state to it. If it does a second time it’ll reduce the target’s MP by half (you can reduce the level of the state by finishing your turn next to an ally). “Kanniball Trap“: Every 2 turns it places a trap on the ground that removes all your MP when you walk on it. “Reprimanding Blow” (Fire): Hits a target and applies the Elimination state to it. If the carrier hits a target with fewer hp, it’ll transmit 30% of the damage to allies alligned with it (Be careful with Pulsar..).

Voodoo Kanniball : They have 1 passive, 3 spells and is weak to water. The passive “Kamouflage” : When the Voodoo Kanniball has less than 25% HP it turns invisible for 2 turns and teleports somewhere within 3 cells of its initial position. And 3 spells ! “Sarbak” (Water): Long range spell that applies the Sarbak state to the target. The latter gives the bearer Incurable Lvl. 3 and he receives 27 Water damage at the end of his turn (increased if there is no ally or enemy next to him). “Hoodoo” (Fire) (5 Range): Linear long range spell that reduces the target’s critical hits by 50%. It doesn’t require line of sight. “Evil” (Fire) (6 Range): Long range spell that applies the Evil state to the target. Enemies that hit the bearer get healed by 50%. If the bearer hits a target, enemies around the target receive 50% of the damage as armor.

Gengas Kin : He has exactly the same spells as the Voodoo. The difference is the passive, Gengas doesn’t have the passive, no need to stabilize him, he won’t go invisible !



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Sinuous Dagger is used to craft the Soul Dagger and the Kokutlass to craft the Fright Saber. Check this page to see the recipes and how to obtain the blueprints : Here.

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