Armed with their fishing rods, Fishermen can most often be found on the banks of the sea, lakes and rivers trying to catch fish… or, sometimes, underwater treasures!

Using the fish you just got you can also craft some fishing tools or some ingredients to cook delicious dishes which will also earn you EXP. You will find crafting desks in any Nation outpost.

Here is a list of all the fish you can find and where to find them. Follow the list to level up quickly !

Chefish Lvl.0 Rare fish that can be found on several shoals
Breaded Fish Lvl.0 Astrub City
Amakna : Headquarters/Village
Bonta : Headquarters/Ruins
Brakmar : Headquarters/Village
Sufokia : Headquarters/Village
Bow Meow Fish Lvl.10
★Cuddly Bow Meow Fish
Astrub : Fisherman’s Hamlet
Amakna : Village/Farle’s Fields
Bonta : Ruins/Gnarled Barkley’s Forest
Brakmar : Village/Flask Garden
Sufokia : Village/Hanging Gardens
Sturgeon Lvl.15
★Golden Sturgeon
Old Pair of Underpants
Muddy Shoe
Amakna : Village/Hugo’s Prairie
Bonta : Ruins/Monty’s Prairie
Brakmar : Village/Mr. M’s Village
Sufokia : Village/Tydal Prairie
The Snaptrap Dungeon
Crabby Anchovy Lvl.20
★Difficult Anchovy
Grawn Lvl.25
Loot Lvl.30
Amakna : Fertile Prairie
Bonta : Cania Plains
Brakmar : Mourning Wood
Sufokia : Terrana Dune
Hairy Ray Lvl.35
Salamon Lvl.40
Amakna : Singing Fields
Bonta : Kara
Brakmar : Pabong Fields
Sufokia : Turfo Canyon
Sea Boowolf Lvl.45
Troutuna Lvl.50
Amakna : Holey Forest
Bonta : Cania Swamps
Brakmar : Sidimote Moors
Sufokia : Jumpin’ Jungle
Dragocarp Lvl.55
★Cinder Dragocarp
Eel Lvl.60
★Meteorite Eel
Amakna : Holey Forest/Emelka
Bonta : Thicket of Yurbut
Brakmar : Gnashville
Sufokia : Steamulating Shore
Maskerel Lvl.65
★Flying Maskerel
Grawfish Lvl.70
★Royal Grawfish
Wild Prairie (Each nation)
Perch Lvl.75
★White Perch
Sadida Kingdom
Chehorse Lvl.80
★Orchestral Chehorse
Moonfish Lvl.85
Monk Island
Piri Pirhiana Lvl.90
★Ruffled Pirhiana
Shhhudoku Kingdom
Fish Bone Lvl.100
★Poisoned Bone
Kamasandre Lvl.100
★Iridiscent Kamasandre
Seacod Lvl.100
★Mili Seacod
Hydawhey Lvl.100
Dwarf Caiman Lvl.100
★Tick-Tock Caiman
Moon Jungle
Knemo Lvl.100
★Clown Knemo
Moon Beach
Salamander Lvl.100
★Albino Salamander
Moon Underground

4 thoughts on “Fisherman

  1. I found it easier to fish Crabby Anchovy at Astrub’s Forest, as there are a lot of shoals close to each other and there are no grawn or loot.
    Either way, another nice guide. Helped me a lot with fishing bow meow fish.
    Thank you o/

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