Enurado Lvl.145

Required Level : level 145              Recommended number of characters : 1

Finally! You can now set foot in Enurado, the richest and shiniest Divine Dimension! Grab your shovels, fortune awaits! Cledus ‘Onist is the Key-Keeper of this magnificent Divine Dimension. This Enucoffer Safe went completely mad following the arrival of the Dimensional Voyagers, and is now waiting for you in his Safe. There is only one thing for sure: Cledus ‘Onist will not go easy on you! If you follow that guide, you should be able to get the quests done in than an hour and get to level 147 to confront Cledus in his dungeon !

1 – The Plan – Enutrof’s Dime

“The Head of the Dimensional Voyagers has noticed that you’re ready for the mission. Furthermore, he’s finally be able to save up the necessary sum to be authorized to enter the Enutrof bank. Go back and speak to him in the Dimensional Voyagers Headquarters, in Srambad.”

  • Speak to Srambad’s Head of Dimensional Voyagers

Reward : 8 872 500 xp

Tips : In Srambad on the right, in the Prayer’s room.

2 – The Plan – Revived Stock Market

“It is now time to launch the plan to find the portal leading to Enurado, the divine Dimension of the god Enutrof. Thanks to the wealth accumulated bysupporters of the Dimensional Voyagers, you have earned a free pass to enter the Srambad Enutrof Bank. That’s where you’ll find the only known working portal to Enurado. Go there pretending to be a customer, and investigate to try and find out where the portal is located. Go to the be all and end all of safes – the Enutrof Dimension !”

  • Enter the Srambad Enutrof Bank

Reward : 17 745 000 xp

Tips : On the top of Srambad, indicated on your map by an orange “!”.

3 – Plan B – Bankruptcy

“It’s a trap ! The Srambad militia knew about your plan all along, and they knew exactly when you were putting it into action. But now’s not the time to think about who the mole could be. Right now, you have to complete two tasks in these very unfavorable conditions. First of all, you must escape the Militia. Then you must find the portal to the Enutrof Dimension inside the bank. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before the Militia reinforcements show up. You’d better hurry up !”

  • Find the portal to the Enutrof Dimension in the bank

Reward : 53 235 000 xp

Tips : Take a ticket at the ticket distributor, it will trigger an animation.

Tips : Find the portal to the Enurado Dimension before the end of the timer. On the way you can set up wealth barricades in order to slow down your pursuers. Placing the barricades will make you lose time, but don’t worry, 10 minutes is enough !

When you find a door, activating it will start a fight. During the combat the countdown will continue. The more barricades you have in place, the fewer enemies there will be in combat. Pandora will join you, but Chad won’t fight by your side. He will be there though, and you will have to protect him until he’s picked the lock (10 turns) or until you’ve defeated all enemies. If the timer runs out, the bank will be overrun by militia reinforcements, causing you to abandon the quest.

Tips : Just run to the last big door and open it. It will start a fight you will easily win !

4 – Plan B – Deposit

“Turns out this chest is even better than just a place to hide while you catch your breath. You’re in the office of an Enutrof banker, who thinks you’re a normal customer and is prepared to authorise your deposit. Speak to him to carry out the transaction.”

  • Speak to the Enutrof banker

Reward : 17 745 000 xp + Enurado Pass

5 – The Chest – Location

“The information innocently revealed by the banker is unbelievable. Not only were you in Enurado – the Enutrof Dimension – since you first set foot in the bank, but he also admits that there’s an account held in the name of the person the Srambad’s Head of Voyagers gave you, and that this person has also had a chest stored there for hundred years. As Pandora is registered as a deposit maker, you should be able to enter it without too many problems. The cherry on the top, though, is that as one of Enutrof’s “customer”, you now have a permanent free pass into his dimension. What could be hiding in the chest ? You can think about it at your leisure once you’ve found it and opened it !”

  • Access the chest reserved for Dimensional Voyagers

Reward : 26 617 500 xp

Tips : On the top of Enurado, indicated on your map by an orange “!”.

6 – The Chest – Locked

“So, you’re finally inside the chest reserved for Dimensional Voyagers. Unfortunately, for you, its contents are not directly accessible. Even worse, the place looks more like a huge dungeon than a simple safe. You’re going to have to muster all your courage and deactivate 3 security barriers with the help of Pandora and Chad.”

  • Unlock the first safety barrier
  • Unlock the second safety barrier
  • Unlock the third safety barrier

Reward : 62 107 500 xp

First Safety Barrier

Go through the first door. Fight 3 monsters in order to open the door to the next room.
8Here again, you have to defeat the 3 monsters to get to the next room !

Now is the time for a puzzle ! You have to walk into a precise order on the golden tiles on the ground. If you walk on the wrong ones, it will trigger a fight. You must know that if you die or teleport away during that temple, you will have to do all the rooms again. Here is the clue we have :

Interesting… Did you figure it out ? Before throwing at you the solutions you will follow without thinking, I will show you how that puzzle really works ! Those numbers are coordinates ! ! You don’t see ? Alright, look at that picture : 5,5 is the first cell ! The first number indicates the column and the second, the line. So column 5, line 5, yes it’s the first tile ! Then the second.. column 3, line 5… (Purple is the column, red is the line)

Now that you understood, I will directly give the solutions !

Second Security Barrier

Congrats, you deactivated the first security barrier ! Now go through the second door. The kamas golden tiles again ? Yes ! But not for now, you have to activate the “machine” first. Go ont he left. Here you have to activate tiles again, but it’s easier. You have to reproduce the patterns in red then pull the level.

Go back to the first room and go through the door on the top.

Go back to the first room to finally go on the right.

Hooray, the puzzle is now working ! Here is the good path to follow.

Third and Last Security Barrier

You deactivated the second security barrier, now go through the third door of the hall. You have to defeat two monsters here, but the rules are not the same as in a real fight ! You have only 6 APs, 3 MPs and two spells. One is a jump for 3 APs, the other one is the attack to insta-kill the monster, it costs 6 APs. Be careful though not to touch a laser or you will die ! Do not play in tactic mode, so you can keep an eye on every inactive turrets. They will light up at the start of your turn. So always keep an eye on all of them ! Here is the safe path to take.

Same as the room before ! You can take different paths and use jumps. It was just difficult for me to draw a solution containing jump. I decided to make it understandable for everyone so I’m not using jump in any of these solutions.

The last Kamas puzzle, I promise !

Congrats, you finally deactivated the last secutiry barrier. Now take the content of the chest, a limited I.D.S. Now go back to the first hall and enter the big chest.

7 – The Chest – Extraction

“You already know your way around Enutrof security systems, but whatever’s securing the best-guarded part of the chest seems to be based on a completely different technology. You need to reach the deepest part, beyond this sea of Kamas, and discover what secret is being kept behind the armouring of the Dimensional Voyagers chest. Keep your wits about you, one security system could be hiding another…”

  • Get through the sealed part of the chest
  • Deactivate the last security system
  • Reach the most precious item in the chest

Reward : 70 980 000 xp

Tips : You will now arrive at my favourite puzzle ! Follow the purpre numbers to get out of that maze. Don’t forget to take the boss key on the platform 3-4 ! Also, do not kill the monsters, we will need them soon. (Click on the image to see it bigger)

Tips : To enter the room, use the Boss Key you got in the big chest on the platform 3-4.
12Tips : To finally get to the treasure, you have to defeat that Krosmogolem ! The Krosmoglob inside it is invulnerable as long as he has his armor. The Krosmogolem level 150 has 3750 HPs and 57% resistances, he doesn’t hit hard but can push you, which is annoying if you’re a melee class ! Once again, Chad and Pandora will help you.
Tips : Finally, you killed the armor ! Now the Krosmoglob is out and vulnerable but only for 3 turns, so be fast ! He has 4250 HPs and 60% resistances. Kill it as fast as possible.
14Now you just have to reach the most precious “item” in the chest.. Yes.. It’s Max Arturo…

8 – The Chest – The Wiseman

“A Dimensional Voyager, that’s your reward… A man mad enough to lock himself in a chest. He is, however, one of the few people who can answer the questions you need to complete your task. Speak to him and he’ll tell you everything you need to know !”

  • Get information from the Dimensional Voyager from Enurado

Reward : 35 490 000 xp

9 – Syncroportal Activation

“The Dimensional Voyager has revealed to you that the Individual Dimensional Syncroportal that you got in the chest only allows you to use previously located personal transporters. You can use the I.D.S. offered in Inglorium, programmed with the approriate coordinates and sufficiently charged. If you manage to get that far, the Wiseman can save the coordinates of your next destination in your I.D.S. Pandora suggests using the same technique as for the Temple of Scriptures portal. Collect 10 condensed Wakfu charges from creatures defeated by your power, then take them to the Enurado Dimensional Wiseman.”

  • Kill 10 monsters (level 135 to 155)
  • Speak to Enurado’s Dimensional Wiseman

Reward : 62 107 000 xp + I.D.S.

Tips : If you didn’t kill the monsters on the platforms of the last puzzle, you can kill them for that part of the quest ! That way you don’t have to get out and the monsters are really easier to defeat in the temple (low damages, no resistances). Smart, right ?


You can also obtain a nice title, “Headache”, by simply answering to Max Arturo’s riddles. Here are the solutions :
riddle full1 riddle full2

Now you have to be patient, the next questline will unlock when you will reach the level 155, Xelorium Past !

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