Dragon Pig Lvl.126

The Dragon Pig is the fifth Ultimate Boss you can confront ! His lair will unlock when you will reach the level 126. As all the other Ultimate Bosses (except Steel Beak), you have 3 tries but you can complete it only once a week ! It is your first really challenging Ultimate Boss so be careful and go there well prepared adventurer ! First of all, his lair is located in Bonta on a little island near the forest of Yurbut. To access it, you need to take a boat in Yurbut (indicated by a green dot on the map below).


Rewards : 28 000 000 XP + 14 375 Kamas

Basics on the fight 


  • This fight has 3 phases/rounds ! Phase one is from 22 000 HPs to 15 000 HPs. Phase 2 from 15 000 HPs to 6 000 HPs and Phase 3 will trigger at 6 000 HPs !
  • Belligerence : In that fight, everyone will have a buff called “Belligerence”, it stacks everytime an action is taken over the fight. The more belligerence you have, the more damage you will deal but also, the more damage you will take ! The tricky thing is that the Dragon Pig will teleport to the character with the most Belligerence, this is why your Belligerence should never exceed the Locker’s one ! If your Belligerence is too high, pass your turn or take little action. It will decrease over turns. Be careful, casting heals is the action stacking the most Belligerence ! Avoid that with a Panda (see : The Team).
  • Glyphs around the map : Try to avoid those glyphs at all cost ! They will give +5 Belligerence to all the players in the area, +5 Belligerence to all players in fight, +50% damage and +3% HP to the Dragon Pig.
  • Ultimate Fighter Supreme Buff : Each time you get 10 levels of Belligerence, you will win 1 level of that buff, it will stack all along the fight. For each level you win 1 Elemental mastery and 1 Healing mastery, then 1 Elemental resistance/Dodge/Lock for each 2 levels and finally 1 AP and 1 MP for each 50 levels.

The Team

  • One Tank : No matter which one, Fecas or Sacriers are both really good for that job ! You need someone who would be able to lock the Dragon Pig, so someone with more than 476 lock. With that amount, the Dragon pig would lose all his MPs and so, won’t move at all !
  • One Healer : Yes, the Dragon Pig deals big damage ! No matter which healer : Eniripsa, Sadida or Masqueraider (water). His job will be to keep the tank alive until the end of the fight !
  • Four damage dealers : Strong damage dealers are strongly recommended. If they have burst phases, it will be really useful for the last phase of the boss !

Possible changes depending on your team :

  • One Shielder instead of a Damage Dealer : Indeed, the fight is really long and you don’t want your tank to stack too much Heal resistances ! A Sadida (who can do both, Heals and Shield) or a Feca to protect the tank is recommended if you feel the need.
  • A Panda instead of a Damage Dealer : A panda is really important and can save lives in Dragon Pig ! He needs to have a low initiative, lower than the healer at least. His role will be to carry anyone whose Belligerence is over the Locker’s one. Indeed, the Dragon Pig won’t be able to jump to that character. It will most likely be the healer since Healing spells give the most Belligerence ! When casting spells while being carried by a Pandawa, your Belligerence won’t increase.


Placement Phase

For the placement the Tank should start his turn next to the Dragon Pig. The healer and Panda have to try to stay close to each others, in case the healer needs to be carried. The Damage Dealers need to spread on the map. During the fight, try to stay at least 2 cells away from each other. The Dragon Pig can jump, dealing AoE damage on landing !

Phase 1
22 000 – 15 000 HPs

The Dragon Pig plays first but he won’t move if you have enough lock. On first turn, you must not use spells to keep your Belligerence low (everyone but the Tank). The Locker now needs to swap position with the Dragon Pig so all his team could get the DP’s back. For a sacrier, you can use transposition, for a Feca : bubble armor or teleportation ! If you have someone with summons or a panda, place directly something in the back of the locker so the DP can’t push him. During this phase, the tank needs to hold on with shields and stack as much Belligerence as possible so no one gets over it.
The Dragon pig is invulnerable, to make him vulnerable you need to use 30 APs/MPs with spells in his back ! Each time you hit, it will give him some levels of “Pain-in-the-butt”, 1 level for 1 AP used ! You need to do that in one turn for him to become vulnerable for 1 turn !


Phase 2
15 000 – 6 000 HPs

Now the Dragon pig has a new kind of invulnerability called : Frenzy ! No need to hit for 30APs/MPs anymore ! To get him vulnerable for 1 turn, you need to stack 7 levels of Frenzy. Frenzy can be stacked by those actions (for a total of 14 levels of Frenzy) :

  • Using an Elemental spell (Fire/Water/Earth/Air) each element gives a level of Frenzy.
  • Backstabbing
  • Removing Range
  • Removing APs
  • Removing MPs
  • Pulling
  • Pushing
  • Healing
  • Swapping
  • Dealing stasis damage
  • Dealing Collision damage

I recommend you to only stack the 7 necessary levels because each time you do one of those actions, the Dragon pig will be granted with new abilities based on the actions you took. Example, if you push him, he will push the locker (this is why we placed something in his back !). The two that have the most impact are Backstab (the DP will be able to turn you locker, to avoid that, just end your turn back to the DP) and Air damage (will teleport the Locker 4 cells back and escape). Repeat until the Dragon Pig reaches 6 000 HPs.


Phase 3
From 6 000 HPs

abe6658269406d6c735b77636df83632A mysterious individual will crash in your fight and grant the Dragon Pig 100% Elemental mastery and so the DP will enter a Berserk phase ! Now the Dragon pig will summon little statues around his target to completely block him and his allies’ line of sight, be ready and try to be in diagonal of your locker to heal and shield him ! The Dragon Pig is now stronger, but he also has new capacities ! He will now be able to remove APs/MPs, add incurable, critical failure. This is the moment to use your bursts ! From there on, you got it : Kill the Dragon Pig before he kills you !

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