Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon Lvl.171

Required Level : level 171
Location : Moon


  • Opal Stele – Reward: Nyl Tooth: Not finishing your turn within 3 cells of an ally results in insta death (with disembodiment). Tip: Have the hero playing before Feca summon something close to him.
  • Pearly Stele – Reward: Scaled Armor: Every spell that uses AP has its AP cost increased by 1. Every spell that uses WP has its WP cost increased by 1. Using any spell reduces your MP by 1. Tip: You can use all of your MP before casting spells.
  • Amber Stele – Reward: Precision Helmet: All enemy mobs get stabilized outside their turn and gain bonuses. Rippers gain MP, Shamans gain AP and their spell (swamp curse) doesn’t need line of sight anymore and Hunters gain damage.

First Room

Composition :Nyl Ripper x2, Nyl Hunter x2, Nyl Shaman x2

All the monster will have this buff. If a monster ends its turn next to another monster both of them will take 75% reduced damage from all attacks.

hunterNyl Hunter 170-179 : They have 3 spells and are weak to fire ! “Harpooning” (water): Deals damage and is the only active damage spell they have. “Cast Nets : Throws a net at a player, gives the “Captured Prey” status and teleports to an allied Nyl Ripper at the end of its turn. The Nyl Ripper receives the “Group Hunt” buff which increases the damage dealt by 20%. The netted player gets the “Captured” status and will be teleported in front (or back if the front of it is blocked or on the side if the back is blocked too) of the Nyl Hunter at the end of turn of the player and the player will receive the “Blood-Drenched Prey” status which reduces the player’s elemental resistance by 150 for 2 turns! To prevent the resistance loss you have to either be stabilized or end next to the Nyl Hunter who netted you. “Pointy Trap : The Nyl Hunter casts this spell on an allied Nyl Hunter with the “Captured Prey” status and spawns four traps next to the targeted Nyl Hunter. If a player steps into one of the traps the other traps will disappear and the player takes earth elemental damage and loses 4MP. To make the traps disappear simple move the Nyl Hunter.

ripperNyl Ripper 170-179 : They have 3 spells and are weak to air ! “Cruel Disembowelment : Deals earth damage and ignores the armor of the target. Limited to 2 uses per target. “Relentless Hunt : Deals heavy fire elemental damage to the target, applies Incurable lvl.10 (-100% heals received) and Stabilize for one turn. Limited to 1 use per turn. “Whirlwind of Panic : Deals water elemental damage in a 4 tiles radius AoE around the Nyl Ripper. Every player hit by this AoE gets teleported next to the Nyl Ripper! This spell has a cooldown of 3 turns.

shamanNyl Shaman 170-179 : They have 3 spells and are weak to the earth element ! The Nyl Shamans have a unique buff called “Ancestral Crocodyl” which reduces all Single Target damage they receive by 50% so hit them with your AoE spells for full damage. If a Nyl Shaman starts its turn with less than 50% of its max HP they will heal themselves by approximately 20% of their max. HP. “Swamp Curse : Deals water elemental damage and removes 1AP (2AP if the spell lands a critical hit) from the target. This spell is limited to 2 uses per target. Soul Theft : Deals fire elemental damage and heals the Nyl Shaman by the damage inflicted with this spell. This spell is limited to 1 use per turn. Gift of Souls : The Nyl Shaman sacrifices 20% of its current HP and heals all allies by 20% of their max. HP. This spell has a cooldown of 3 turns.

Second Room

Composition :Nyl Ripper x3, Nyl Hunter x2, Nyl Shaman x2

Third Room

Composition :Nyl Ripper x3, Nyl Hunter x2, Nyl Shaman x3

Boss Room

Composition :Nyl Ripper x2, Nyl Hunter x3, Nyl Shaman x2, Nyl King

ae69309604dbbc60421ea223c70ed4fbAs soon as you enter the Boss Room you will see some holes in the ground. If you step on them you will fall down to the Third Room. Those holes are also present in the Boss Fight. If you step on one of the holes (they are marked with blue footprint tiles infight) during the fight you will fall off the map (meaning instant K.O.). At the start of the fight every player will receive the “Wet Floor” status. Players with this status will slide 3 tiles in the direction they are facing if they move themselves or get moved by other players with spells! Be careful not to push your allies in the blue tiles ! Players will take collision damage (500 damage per remaining tile to slide) if he/she collides with an obstacle while sliding. 

kingThe Nyl King lvl.190-195 : The Nyl King has 3 spells and high resistances but his weakest resistance is towards the fire element. The Nyl King can not be carried by a Pandawa and can not be pulled or pushed, but it is possible to teleport him. “Sceptrification” : Deals earth elemental damage and pushes the target 3 tiles away from the Nyl King (deals collision damage if the target collides with an obstacle) and reduces the target’s MP by 3. This spell can only be used in direct contact with the target and is limited to 1 use per target. “Violent Torrent” : Deals water elemental damage and pulls the target towards the Nyl King. This spell can only be cast in line with a max. range of 6 and is limited to 1 use per target. “Splatch Fountain” : Deals water elemental damage and pushes every player in a 3 tiles radius AoE from the center of the spells location by 3 tiles (the push direction depends on the player’s position inside the AoE, if the player is left to the center he gets pushed to the left or if he/she is right to the center gets pushed to the right). If a player collides with an obstacle he/she will take heavy collision damage, so be carefull !

Strategy : When the Nyl King’s HPs will reach 52-55%, he will get the buff “Reinforced Scales” making him invulnerable. To remove this status you have to deal collision damage to the Nyl King and since he can’t be pushed you have to make someone or something slide into him. Therefore make sure you have a player with a class that can jump/teleport on its own (Xelor, Pandawa, Ecaflip or Masqueraider) or classes with push spells (Sadida, Eliotrope..) going first. After killing a Crocodyl monster the boss will gain a buff. For every monster that died in this fight the boss gains +50 resist, +30% damage dealt and +5% critical hit. This buff stacks and remains until the end of the fight.
For the first Phase, players will focus the mobs while the tank will lock the boss. After clearing the room, damage the boss until he gets “Reinforced scales”. At the start of each turn, debuff him and deal damage. Keep going for the rest of the fight.
We recommend to choose a Feca for tanking this boss due to the tanking tools the class possesses (high Lock, MP removal, Armor Buffs, Stabilization). You have to prevent the tank from getting pushed away by the boss (“Sceptrification”), to do so place a Beacon (or a barrel) behind the tank. This is the easiest way to keep the boss locked on one spot. At the 3rd turn, the boss will get a +3MP buff due to the turn bonus, so make sure to remove MP from it so it can’t run away from the tank. If a player should die during the fight the Feca will have to move itself with the boss to a wall because as soon as you are less than 6 players alive the boss will start attacking the Beacon placed behind the Feca with “Violent Torrent” which will destroy the said Beacon and give the boss the chance to free itself from the tank with the “Sceptrification” spell. In that case, use a wall to tank.

085a6d9f8e821bedb0c33abdb44c9b83Tips for Pandawas : If you throw your barrel, it will slide too so be careful ! The barrel will always slide to the right. You can throw it on the left, three tiles away from you to get it directly back to you to be able to use it easily.
Tips for Osamodas/Sadidas : Summons won’t have the Wet Floor state until it’s their turn. You can therefore push them or place them directly when you summon them !


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  • Dungeon drops :

  • Boss drops :


  • Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon I : Complete the Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon
  • Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon II : Kill the boss first
  • Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon III : Kill the boss last
  • Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon – Final : Complete Crocodyl Dungeon I, II & II – Rewards : Nyl King Miniature
  • Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon IV : Kill the boss with at least one active Stele
  • Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon V : Kill the boss with at least two active Steles
  • Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon VI : Kill the boss with three active Steles

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