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Archmonsters are special monsters that are captured by Otomai’s Disciples. They’ll free the archmonster for 1 hour if you pay the tribute which will allow you to try your luck fighting them. Beware! the archmonster will be joined by as many members of his monster family as there are players on your side. As a reward for beating them you receive their special material that can be used in the Moon dungeon steles as well as a chance at dropping powerful items that can be further upgraded through various crafts but remember that you can only drop once per activation. Don’t worry if you die though, you can try as many times possible so long as there’s still time and running out of it during a fight won’t kick you out so no need to rush things, take your time and do things carefully. You will find here a written guide to beat them but also a video !



Dandy Mos Croc is the Croc archmonster. It’s a game where the objective is to get your gobball to the end of the racing field to be able to deal damage and heal again. In fact, at the start of the fight, you will get a debuff (“Cursed”) that cancels every damages and heals of your character (also, prevents it to be revived). The game starts by Dandy Mos Croc placing some number tiles (dice) around his position. The number of tiles he places corresponds to the number of players in the game. The players then have to gather the number tiles by walking on them to be able to move their gobball to the finish line (It needs to be moved by 14 cells). Once the gobball reaches the finish line it’ll be possible for that player (Not all of them) to get the buff that allows you to deal damage again. At first, you can only deal damages to the monsters since the Dandy Mos Croc is invulnerable as long as there are monsters on the field !

Tips : Have your main damage dealer be the first one to collect the number tiles. It’s easier if you pick a very mobile class like a Xelor to collect them as they’re able to almost clear it alone. Challenge Dandy Mos Croc with a group of 4 people or less. You won’t have to deal with much mobs then (No shaman spawns if there are less than 5 players). Summons can’t gather the number tiles but it’s possible to push someone on the tile so he gets the bonus on his turn. The max number obtainable in 1 turn is 12 which means it’s impossible to reach the end in one turn.

Spawning order: Nyl Ripper > Nyl Ripper> Nyl Hunter > Nyl Hunter > Nyl Shaman > Nyl Shaman.


All the monster will have this buff. If a monster ends its turn next to another monster both of them will take 75% reduced damage from all attacks.

crocmob3Nyl Hunter : They have 3 spells and are weak to fire ! “Harpooning” (water): Deals damage and is the only active damage spell they have. “Cast Nets : Throws a net at a player, gives the “Captured Prey” status and teleports to an allied Nyl Ripper at the end of its turn. The Nyl Ripper receives the “Group Hunt” buff which increases the damage dealt by 20%. The netted player gets the “Captured” status and will be teleported in front (or back if the front of it is blocked or on the side if the back is blocked too) of the Nyl Hunter at the end of turn of the player and the player will receive the “Blood-Drenched Prey” status which reduces the player’s elemental resistance by 150 for 2 turns! To prevent the resistance loss you have to either be stabilized or end next to the Nyl Hunter who netted you. “Pointy Trap : The Nyl Hunter casts this spell on an allied Nyl Hunter with the “Captured Prey” status and spawns four traps next to the targeted Nyl Hunter. If a player steps into one of the traps the other traps will disappear and the player takes earth elemental damage and loses 4MP. To make the traps disappear simple move the Nyl Hunter.

Nyl Ripper : They have 3 spells and are weak to air ! “Cruel Disembowelment : Deals earth damage and ignores the armor of the target. Limited to 2 uses per target. “Relentless Hunt : Deals heavy fire elemental damage to the target, applies Incurable lvl.10 (-100% heals received) and Stabilize for one turn. Limited to 1 use per turn. “Whirlwind of Panic : Deals water elemental damage in a 4 tiles radius AoE around the Nyl Ripper. Every player hit by this AoE gets teleported next to the Nyl Hunter! This spell has a cooldown of 3 turns.

crocmob4Nyl Shaman : They have 3 spells and are weak to the earth element ! The Nyl Shamans have a unique buff called “Ancestral Crocodyl” which reduces all Single Target damage they receive by 50% so hit them with your AoE spells for full damage. If a Nyl Shaman starts its turn with less than 50% of its max HP they will heal themselves by approximately 20% of their max. HP. “Swamp Curse : Deals water elemental damage and removes 1AP (2AP if the spell lands a critical hit) from the target. This spell is limited to 2 uses per target. Soul Theft : Deals fire elemental damage and heals the Nyl Shaman by the damage inflicted with this spell. This spell is limited to 1 use per turn. Gift of Souls : The Nyl Shaman sacrifices 20% of its current HP and heals all allies by 20% of their max. HP. This spell has a cooldown of 3 turns.

dandymobDandy Mos Croc : He has exactly the same spells as the Shaman. The difference is the passive, Dandy doesn’t have the passive, no need to hit him with AoEs !



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The Croc’Odaille is used to craft The Recsenette, Slippyneedler to craft the Slippyneedle and the Cardashians to craft the Fanged Cards. Check this page to see the recipes and how to obtain the blueprints : Here.

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