Chillberg Lvl.100

Required Level : level 100              Recommended number of characters : 1

Starting at level 100, a quest will ask you to take a boat to visit Chillberg Island. This island is the favorite playground for players between level 100 and 125. The island will offer a main quest consisting of three chapters. Each of these chapters will allow you to visit an area with its own Clan Member and its own ecosystem. Of course, you’ll also come face to face with new families of monster. Doing this quest will allow you to unlock the Count Harebourg’s Story Arc, don’t miss it ! The xp rewards are also very good and will allow you to reach level 104 in no time !

1 – Cold Calling

“Several adventurers have told you about the discovery of a large, frozen island. What treasures and pleasures await? Head to your Nation’s port, find a boat worthy of your patronage, and let the adventure begin !”

  • Board a boat to Chillberg Island

Reward : 130 250 xp

2 – It’s Grim up North !

“Chillberg Island is particularly inhositable, mainly due to the fact that it’s so cold! Mind you, the Enutrof Styffen Chillberg, the island’s namesake, seems to have found happiness there. Go and see him and find out more about the region.”

  • Speak to Styffen Chillberg at Chillberg Camp

Reward : 130 250 xp

Tips : Styffen Chillberg is the Clan Master of Chillberg. He is indicated on the map by a yellow star.

3 – You’re not Ready !

“Chillberg nearly caught the Lurgi just looking at you. To avoid the same thing happening to new arrivals, he’s suggested you go and see the Guild of Hunters, experts at surviving in the most inhospitiable places. They should be able to put together a suitable outfit for you to wear.”

  • Speak to David Croquette at the Guild of Hunters’ camp

Reward : 760 000 xp

Tips : He is indicated on your map by an orange “!”.

4 – Not by the Hairs on my Chinny Chin Chin

“Listen, little adventurer, you may have defeated monsters more powerful than enraged Tofus, but it’s the cold that’ll kill you here! I can make you some survival gear. Fetch me what I need from out Brrrbli reserve, unless you want to end up looking like a Freezepop.”

  • Find 10 Untreated Brrbli Furs in the Guild of Hunter’s park
  • Take the furs to David Croquette of the Guild of Hunters

Reward : 2 605 000 xp + Icy costume + 600 k

Tips : Enter the cave downstairs, near David Croquette. One Brrrbli will give you one fur, so you have to kill 10 of them ! Those are weaker versions of the real monsters, do not worry, they are easy to kill.

5 – Trampling and Sampling

“Now that you’ve got the proper equipment, you can start harvesting samples of Pure Taroudium for Styffen Chillberg.”

  • Extract 10 samples of Pure Taroudium
  • Take the samples of Pure Taroudium to Styffen Chillberg

Reward : 1 302 500 xp + 600 k

Tips : The Taroudium mines are indicated by orange/red dots on your map.

6 – Pirates of Taroudium

“The god Enutrof is starting to get on Chillberg’s nerves, and on yours by proxy. Having heard about the price of Taroudium on the World’s markets, a band of pirates has stolen the explorer’s merchandise. You’ve been looking forward to giving those pirates a good kicking ever since that episode on the Dark Hurl ! When you’re done you should finally get the climbing equipment you need to explore the rest of the island and uncover its hidden treasures…”

  • Find the pirate’s lair at the south of Chillberg Island
  • Find 10 Stolen Cargo in the pirate’s place
  • Take the Stolen Cargo to Chillberg
  • Ask Chillberg for some Climbing Gear

Reward : 3 256 250 xp + Climbing Gear + 600 k

Tips : To get to the Pirates’ Lair, you have to take a boat indicated by the green dot on the the image below.
Now, you have to harvest “Stolen Cargo” from the crates there. But be careful ! The pirates are on the watch and they don’t like someone to sneak in their Lair. They will attack you when they notice you. When you defeat them, you will have 1 Stolen Cargo per Pirate in the fight, as a loot. Do not worry, they are not dangerous, you will defeat them easily.

7 – Cliffhanger

“Now that you have rediscovered the mountaineering equipment, descend into the Gorge and find a way to access the Tower and its long lost treasures.”

  • Use the Climbing Gear at the Gorge Plateau
  • Explore the Ruins of the Asparah Gorge

Reward : 651 250 xp

Tips : The Gorge Plateau is indicated by an orange dot on the image below. Click on the rope to go down the cliff.

8 – The Strange Village in the Snow

“As surprises go, this is pretty surprising – it looks like a village once stood here. But where are the people? There’s a creature dressed a little like a priest standing by the ruined church, and it looks like it wants to talk to you. Perhaps it knows more about what happened here.”

  • Meet the Father Deepboar in the Snowbound Snowbound Village

Reward : 651 250 xp

Tips : Father Deepboar is the Clan Master of this area, he is indicated by a yellow star on the map.

9 – A Story of the Past

“It all makes sense now – you’re on the legendary Island of Frigost! According to Father Deepboar, the Ice Dofus is at the top of Count Harebourg’s castle. Unfortunately for you, since the Second Burial, the only way to access it is to go through the locked basement of the Manor at the end of the village. The Manor is now home to a certain Missiz Freezz, a former lieutenant of the Count. She leads an army of Chafers. Father Deepboar kept a register in the clinic under his church. Have a look through it and see if you can find any more clues.”

  • Enter Father Deepboar’s clinic
  • Find a clue concerning the snowbound passage

Reward : 1 302 500 xp

Tips : Enter the trapdoor on Father Deepboar’s right and click on the “Desk” at the end of the room !

10 – A Tale from the Crypt

“As you read Father Deepboar’s notes, you find yourself drawn into the past, to the time of Ogrest’s Chaos. Try to find out where the key to the Snowbound portal is as you tend to the survivors from the village.”

  • Treat Herr Peece
  • Treat Mayor Cantile
  • Treat Cap’n Tankerous
  • Treat Al Ive
  • Treat Hippolyte Thermia
  • Treat Jean-Pierre Kofkof
  • Treat Geoff Rey
  • Treat Lisa Kaya
  • Treat Lou Bricante
  • Treat Quentin Flush
  • Speak to Father Deepboar

Reward : 1 302 500 xp + Snowbound village Library Code

Tips : Heal them all, to do so, just click on them and “heal”.

11 – The Day After

“The information gleaned from Father Deepboar’s notes is clear. The key to the portal and the treasures contained in Harebourg Castle must be in… the library !”

  • Go to the library to find the key to the buried passage
  • Search the books for a clue about the location of the key

Reward : 651 250 xp

Tips : The library is just a little bit more on the right than the Clinic. Enter and click on the “Pile of Books” at the end of the room.

12 – Oh Ye of Brittle Faith

“The book you found in the library tells the story of Father Deepboar and his resistence against the tyrannical Missiz Freezz. Perhaps if you keep reading to the end you’ll find out what he did with that flipping key !”

  • Tell Father Deepboar you are ready to fight Missiz Freezz
  • Resist Missiz Freezz’s Assault

Reward : 5 427 000 xp + 600 k

Tips : That fight is not really clear. It says to survive but do not use heroes to defeat her or the quest won’t complete. In fact, you have to “SURVIVE”. At the 7th turn, she will kill Father Deepboar and on the 8th turn, she will kill you. You have to survive 8 turns to be killed by Missiz Freeze in order to complete the quest. If you die before, by the hands of Chafers or by the ice state, you won’t validate the quest. Yes.. Not that easy to figure it out. 

13 – The Key to the Castle

“In the Frigostian flashback, you clearly heard Father Deepboar tell you where the key was: in the stack of books detailing the benefits of chastity and frigidity. Take this key and head to the heart of the ancient continent of Frigost: Harebourg Castle.”

  • Take the key from the book called The Benefits of Chastity and Fridigity
  • Go through the Snowbound Manor to reach Harebourg Castle

Reward : 1 302 500 xp

Tips : In the library, read the book on the right.
Harebourg Castle is indicated by a green dot on the image below. Enter the Castle and take the stairs on the right, go through the Frozen Passage until you find a door, open it.

14 – Mechaccino

“You have finally reached the heart of Harebourg County. The area is patrolled by strange machines that resemble living creatures with unnerving detail. If such an accurate imitation of like is possible, then it is highly likely that at least one of them will be able to interact with you. Explore the courtyard of Harebourg Castle and talk to the Frigostian Communication Protocol Mecha.”

  • Speak to Klap-Klap

Reward : 651 250 xp

Tips : Klap-Klap is the Clan Master of this area, he is indicated by a yellow star on the map.

15 – Sylargh’s Secret

“Klap-Klap says that the top of the tower is inaccessible. However, he remembers that his master had started work on a flying machine. Make your way to Sylargh’s workshop and see what you can find.”

  • Head to Sylargh’s workshop
  • Solve the enigma to gain access to the ship

Reward : 5 427 000 xp

Tips : Sylargh’s Workshop is indicated by a green dot on the image below.
When you enter the Workshop, you will face a puzzle. Read the paper on the table to get the clue. Umm.. Interesting, you have to find out the last pattern and to reproduce it on the ground… How does it work ? Look closer ! If you put the 3 first patterns together, it makes the last one ! Oh easy ! So the one we need looks like an horizontal T.
25 25.2
To do so, pull the first lever on the left and the second on the right. Tadaaam !

16 – Ticket Please

“Enter the zeppelin and find a way to get it working again.”

  • Enter the zeppelin
  • Reactivate the machine

Reward : 5 427 000 xp

Tips : To be able to use the machine, you need Taroudium, there are some crates at the top of this room, go take some and activate the machine.

17 – Higher ! Higher !

“The Harebourg Pearl is back in action! Make your way to the cockpit and then up to the top of Harebourg Tower !”

  • Head to the bridge of the zeppelin
  • Reach the top of Harebourg Tower with the zeppelin

Reward : 7 598 000 xp + 600 k

Tips : Go through the door and use the rudder, a fight will automatically start. That fight is a bit peculiar since it will have 3 phases. The monster in the back is invulnerable and he will summon monsters. First turn – 100 feet : Summons one monster. Second turn – 300 feet : Summons one monster. Third turn – 500 feet : Summons one monster and becomes invulnerable, joining the fight as a normal monster. Those are weaker versions of the real monsters, you shouldn’t have problem to kill them fast.

18 – Hibernatus

“You have finally reached the top of Harebourg Tower. Have a look around, there are treasures hidden here for sure !”

  • Search the top of the tower

Reward : 50 000 xp

Tips : Go to the center of the room and touch the Frozen Harebourg.

19 – Five finger Diss Count

“You have freed Count Harebourg from his icy prison. Maybe it wasn’t the right thing to do… He seems kind of bummed that you woke him up. Use force to get him to snap out of it !”

  • Hold your own against Count Harebourg

Reward : 7 598 000 xp + Count Harebourg’s Chambers Key + 600 k

Tips : It will automatically start a fight against.. Harebourg himself !!
Yes.. You right click on Harebourg to check his statistics and you realize you don’t stand a chance. Still try to enjoy that cool moment.
Congrats.. You woke up the Count Harebourg.. You will have to fix that mistake and save the world. But not in that questline ! If you want to see what is next, you will have to go to Wabbit Island to continue Harebourg’s Story Arc.

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