Chapter 5 – Sufokia

Required level : level 45              Recommended number of characters : 1

Finally, here is the last chapter of the Nations quest ! Let’s head to the Steamulating Shore in Sufokia to meet the arkaeologists from the previous chapters ! It’s time to use our 3 orichalcums to open the door to Oktapodas’ Sanctuary. What are we gonna find in the depths of that sunken temple ? …

  • A 4-part quest for level 45 (or above) players, continuing on from Chapter 4 in the Quest of Nations (a pre-requisite)
  • A visit to sandy Sufokia and Oktapodas’ Sunken Temple for a whole ton of surprises
  • An epic dungeon adventure
  • A new 9-piece hero set: the Tenacious Hero Set
  • Haven Bag decorations, titles and tons of rewards to unlock or purchase from the dungeon croupier
  • Last but not least, a new artifact, that will open up many new horizons in your exploration of the World of Twelve
  • Not to mention, some extra surprises and twists!

1 – The Arkaeologists and the Sunken Temple

“What had to be done is done. The streets of Brakmar are impenetrable, but first and foremost, they not reliable for kamas. Scams, crime and profit make and unmake laws and regulations. Whichever path you’ve chosen, today, you have the 3 Orichalcums. The final step is to meet up with Milo Tchatch and the other Arkaeologists on the islet of the Sunken Temple’s International Furrows, in order to open its doors to Sufokia. The Arkaeologists aren’t really sure of the way forward, and you need to wait for the green light to be able to go there. While you wait, keep your Orichalcums in a safe place; Ogrest’s Cult is never far away. The boat heading to the international Furrows of the Sunken Temple is waiting for you in the Steamulatin Shore region of Sufokia”

  • Reach level 45 and win a fight
  • Find Milo Tchatch at the Sunken Temple’s International Furrows in the Steamulating Shore region of Sufokia
  • Open the door to the Sunken Temple using the 3 Orichalcums
  • Enter Oktapodas’s Temple
  • Unblock the passages to the Temple room
  • Defeat Koutoulou’s creature
  • Try to go through the flooded gallery

Reward(s) : 50 000 xp

Find Milo Tchatch at the Sunken Temple’s International Furrows in the Steamulating Shore region of Sufokia

Head to the Steamulating Shore in Sufokia. The boat that you’ll have to take to access the international excavations is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover). Talk then to Milo Tchatch, the person in blue.

Open the door to the Sunken Temple using the 3 Orichalcums

It’s finally the big moment! Use your Orichalcums to open the door, admire the cinematic and enter.

Unblock the passages to the Temple room

Here you are in front of your first puzzle! In front of you are 3 different flagstones, if you talk to the archaeologists, you’ll understand that you’ll have to use emotes on the flagstones. But beware, not any emote! In fact, if you choose the wrong flagstone or the wrong emote, a fight will start against several Kraloves. All the hints that you need are in the archaeologists’ dialogues and they’re really well done, I’ll suggest to hear them. All the emotes necessary can be found in Incarnam or Astrub, I invite you to check out our emote guide: Click here. There are the emotes that you’ll need: Bow, Laugh, Be Scared, Yawn (Incarnam) and Applaud, Cry, Freak Out (Astrub). When you find the right combination (flagstone + emote) the mecanism activates and a bridge appears.

Here’s the complete solution for the lazy ones! Beware: For the first one, bow, you’ll have to face Oktapodas, the statue in the middle (click on the image to enlargen it).

Defeat Koutoulou’s creature

This monster has 510 HP and applies the state “Madness” for a turn: Reduce the elemental mastery and X% to apply a negative effect at the start of its turn (X being the level of “Madness”). Don’t worry, you’ll be able to beat it easily!

2 – We’re going to need a bigger boat

“The temple suffered heavy damage during the flood. The entrances leading to the heart are all blocked, and the only gap you have found cannot be swam through. Only a submersible could make its way through safely. A hangar located on the Steamulating Shore of Sufokia is dedicated especially to submarines and scuba diving.”

  • Head to the Steamulating Shore’s submersibles hangar
  • Speak to Milo Tchatch
  • Hire the Fleebagh’s crew’s services
  • Hire the Smash’kull’s crew’s services
  • Hire Nautilor’s services
  • Get on board the Nemotilus

Rewards(s) : 110 000 xp

Head to the Steamulating Shore’s submersibles hangar

The Hangar can be found in the Steamulating Shore and is indicated in the image below (image changes on hover).

Speak to Milo Tchatch

Hire the Fleebagh’s crew’s services

Talk to the captain, he’ll ask for 500 kamas for the travel. Sadly, a crew member has betrayed you and your ship is attacked by Riktus! They have between 351 and 486 HP, they don’t do a lot of damage and Amelia Hartlyss joins you in order to help. You shouldn’t have any issue!

Hire the Smash’kull’s crew’s services

It’s a ship… a bit special! You must past your diving license in order to be able to get on. Pay the 700 kamas fee to the Captain of the “Briz’Kâne” and take the ladder behind you. And here is our first underwater mini-game. you must collect the Captain “Briz’Kâne”‘s briefs at the bottom of the water. Beware, you have an oxygen supply and some obstacles block the way! If you are hit, you get teleported to your previous position (before your last turn), so you must avoid it! Strange sand dunes produces a wave of bubbles every second turn, avoid them or use them wisely! Beware, the briefs weigh their weight and you lose 1MP after having picked it up, the return trip is therefore a little more difficult! Here is the solution to this mini-game in video:

Hire Nautilor’s services

  • Speak to Captain Nautilor
  • Look for some Kokopalm Oil in the Kokoko Dungeon (switch to level 50 or less)
  • Pay the travel costs

Head finally to the last submarine and talk to Captain Nautilor. He asks you to bring him oil. You drop this resource automatically on the fight against the boss of the Kokokobana dungeon under a certain condition: you must reduce your level to 50 or less. The dungeon can be found in the Jumpin’ Jungle of Sufokia. Then go back to the boat and board!

3 – A league under the Sea

“You’re finally on your way to Oktapodas’s Sunken Temple on board the most impressive submersible ever : the Nemotilus. Enjoy your cruise, but keep an eye open, because danger’s never far away !”

  • Explore the Nemotilus
  • Leave the Nemotilus
  • Defeat Nenark
  • Convince Merkator to offer you passage to the Sunken Temple

Reward(s) : 110 000 xp + Title Unlocked : Takoyakitoriste

Explore the Nemotilus

  • Visit the submersible’s hold
  • Go to the navigation station and talk to Nautilor

Head to the right to the holds and then turn left to find Captain Nautilor.

Leave the Nemotilus

  • Reach the hatch
  • Find a way to unlock the hatch
  • Disable the locking system
  • Leave via the hatch

Head to the left and click on the ladder in the corridor.

Sadly, the hatch is locked! Head towards the main room and activate the level. Milo then joins you to disable the security system. Nautilor’s henchmen have heard you and come to stop you! A fight starts and your goal is to protect Milo from attacks as he unlocks the hatch. Push back the waves of enemies with the help of Mimi and Amelia Hartlyss. Watch out if Milo dies, your mission fails. You must survive 5 turns. Your enemies have 257 HP and can swap places with characters, they can also push and pull. I advise you to stay to the left so they will attack you rather than run towards Milo. When you kill them, others usually reappear on the left side of th screen. You can block them direcly. Be careful though, if Milo takes any damage, he will loseone charge and you will have to survive for one more turn !

Defeat Nekark

You’re finally outside the submarine but you’ll find yourself face to face with a gigantic creature. You need to protect the Nemotilus.

On the field, you’ll find harpoon barrels, take them to attack Nekark. You have 3 spells: Pick up (to use near a barrel to take a harpoon), “Throw” (allows you to launch a harpoon on a target if it’s more than 2 squares away) and finally defense (if you are attacked, the tentacle will lose HP). Be careful, if you use a harpoon, it’ll disappear and you must take anoher one. The life of Nautilor represents the life of the boat, if it falls to 0, it’s the end of the fight.

How to play? For each tentacle killed, Nekark loses 1 HP and he has 11 HPs. It’s necessary to hurt a tentacle 3 times so that it dies. Each tentacle has 3 different postures : folded as on the picture above (immune to damage), straight moving slowly (can be damaged and won’t attack next turn), straight moving fast (can be damaged and will attack on next turn). The best strategy is to spot the tentacle that are ready to attack and stand before them using the defensive position. Indeed, when they’ll attack, it will hurt them and will protect Merkator. If none of them is gonna attack, just throw your harpoons at them ! When he’ll reach the 4 HPs, kill only one more tentacle and he’ll die. Good luck! Be careful : In tactic mode, the fight is bugged and you can’t target the tentacles directly, target their images in the timeline.

4 – The Legend of the Sunken Temple – The Heart

“Captain Nautilor was in reality, none other than the terrible mercenary, Merkator ! Gankr, who is in collusion with him, has Mimi’s Ocarina. And to top it off, Gankr and Team Missile took advantage of the monstrous Nekark’s attack to slip off quietly. You must stop them before they pillage Oktapodas’s Temple !”

  • Catch Gankr
  • Repair the Sacred Pools’ door

Rewards(s) : 50 000 xp

Catch Gankr

  • Intercept Gankr
  • Defeat the Koutoulou creatures

These monsters have between 281 and 510 HP. You’ve already fought the first one, the others are simply weaker versions of it.

Repair the Sacred Pools’ door

  • Collect the Orichalcum in the Sacred Azure Pool
  • Collect the Orichalcum in the Sacred Turquoise Pool
  • Unlock the door

Do you remember the diving license? I hope you liked that mini-game because now you’ll have 2 other new puzzles. Same rules: pay attention to your oxygene, beware of obstacles or use them to your advantage. You will lose 1 MP after having picked up the orichalcum and will have to make the return trip with only 3 MPs! Here is the video solution for the two basins:

4 – The Legend of the Sunken Temple – The Artifact

“You’ve finally repaired the door that was previously destroyed by Gankr, after gathering the Azure and Turquoise Orbs in the Sacred Pools. The only thing left is to confront this terrible character and finally end their evil schemes !!!”

  • Stop Gankr in the heart of the temple
  • Defeat Osamodas’s corrupted avatar
  • Collect Osamodas’s artifact

Reward(s) : 110 000 xp + Draconic Ocarina

Stop Gankr in the heart of the temple

  • Defeat Team Missile

It’s the time to the Temple of Oktapodas, are you ready? Well then, you meet other Koutoulou creatures in the first room as well as some swarming creatures of the Ogrest Cult. The monsters have between 191 and 281 HP so you’ll have no issues beating them. Moreover, Mimi and Amelia are joining you. Beware, the big monster splits into two smaller ones when he’s killed.

In the second room on the other hand… You are facing “Team Croquette” (between 623 and 1200 HP) accompanied by a few monsters. Again, Mimi and Amelia are at your side. You can defeat them!

Finally the heart of the Temple… But Gankr is there too! You have to stop him, start the fight.

Gankr has 2722 HP, he puts Stasis glyphs on the ground “Stasiliplasme”: applies +1 lvl. “Stasiliplasmé”, -2% max HP, -5% max HP. Be careful and avoid them, they sting a bit!

Defeat Osamodas’s corrupted avatar

So we did not expect this! Mimi transformed. We will have to defeat her. She has high resistances and HP. When you kill a summon, she gains in damage but loses resistances. You know what to do!

Collect Osamodas’s artifact

5 – A tenacious Hero

“What an adventure ! Mimi transforming into a terrifying Osamodas entity wasn’t in the plans, but you managed to save her ! You have her Ocarina, graciously given by Mimi in person, you’ve spoken once again with Ullu, and finally, FINALLY, you’ll be able to get your Wyrmling from the Oktapodas Machine.”

  • Speak to Ullu
  • Speak to Milo Tchatch in front of the entrance to the Heart of Oktapodas’s Sunken Temple
  • Return to the Temple of Scriptures and speak to Janry Hones Sr.

Reward(s) : 20 000 xp + Harched Lazurite Dofus

Speak to Ullu

Return to the Temple of Scriptures and speak to Janry Hones Sr.

Return to the Almanax Temple and talk to Jenry Hones Sr., this will launch a cinematic that will close our adventure!… For now.

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