Chapter 4 – Nations Quest

Required Level : level 35              Recommended number of characters : 1

Ah, Brakmar! The fresh smell of sulfur, the infamous alleyways and dicey cul-de-sacs. The world’s most colorful and incisive city fauna… A nation where the birth rate is rivaled only by the crime rate! It’s also where we need to go for that 4th chapter ! Now you will need to be a true Brakmarian, be ready to be sneaky, to bribe people and try to stay alive… What is that quest about ?

  • A 3-part quest for level 35 (or above) players, continuing on from Chapter 3 in the Quest of Nations (a pre-requisite)
  • A visit to a normal Brakmarian neighborhood (in other words, a dive!)
  • New and colorful, full-blooded Brakmarian characters
  • A majestic dungeon adventure
  • A new 9-piece hero set: the Tough Hero set
  • Haven Bag decorations, titles and tons of rewards to unblock or purchase from the dungeon croupier
  • Not to mention the third and latest Orichalcum, which opens the doors to the final chapter in the next update!

1 – Nations Chapter 4 Brakmarcheology

“And two! Two tepid and mysterious Orichalcums, in the palms of your hands. One more and you’ll finally be able to open the door to the Sunken Temple of Sufokia. Who knows what secrets it holds… But while waiting for this joyous day, it’s Eminerell Lebbocq’s turn to fill his part of the bargain to track down the third and final Orichalcum which he says he sold by accident… Eminerell has asked to meet you in the slums around the Sidimotes & Co. Factory, to little further to the west. After having found Lebbocq in the slums, you now have to find the customer, in an office deep within the Sidimotes & Co. Factory. Their failure to get you into the Factory compels you to act. With or without the locals’ help, you must go through the airlocks to enter the Factory Proper. Once through the airlocks, all you’ll need to do is go through the Factory and reach Charles-Henri of the Vileardent’s Office.”

  • Reach level 35 and win a fight
  • Find Eminerell Lebbocq in the Sidimote Moors
  • Reach the Slums around the Factory
  • Talk to Lebbocq near the Factory
  • Try to enter the Factory
  • Find out more about the local Brakmarian customs
  • Enter the Factory Proper
  • Go through the Factory and enter Charles-Henri of Vileardent’s Office

Reward : 110 000 xp

Find Emirell Lebbocq in the Sidimote Moors, his location is indicated by a green dot on the image above (roll on hover). Then just follow your compass until you reach the Slums, enter and go directly to the Factory’s doors to meet Lebbocq.


Find out more about the local Brakmarian customs

  • Talk to Savhanna the Silky
  • Talk to Tonguetwist LaMouth
  • Talk to Skrapur Kutmairo
  • Go back and talk to Lebbocq


Enter the Factory Proper

  • Deal with the 1st Guard
  • Pass through the 1st Airlock
  • Deal with the 2nd Guard
  • Pass through the 2nd Airlock
  • Deal with the 3rd Guard
  • Pass through the 3rd Airlock

The goal is simple, you have three guards and to be able to pass without being kicked out, you need to find their weak point ! Tonguetwist LaMouth knows a lot about the Slums, go talk to him and ask him for information about each guards. He will tell you little “juicy” stories about them from which you will have to deduce their weak point. You can enroll Skrapur or Savhanna to unlock more options for 2 000 kamas each.


  • Talk : Use talk if LaMouth tells you anything about threatening a guard and then choose the option “Let me pass, snout-face, before I smash into […] discuss with your boss…” and he will run away crying for his mummy !
  • Charm : If Lamouth says anything about beautiful girls or “a swing of the hips” go ask for some help to Savhanna, pay her 2 000 kamas to unlock the “Charm” option.
  • Eliminate : If Lamouth talks about a guard dying and no one looking for him/no one who will miss him, you have to eliminate him ! To do so, go ask for help to Skrapur, the Sram and pay her 2 000 kamas to unlock the “Eliminate” option.
  • Sneak in : If Lamouth talks about a bad guard that can be distracted easily, use “Sneak in”. Lebbocq will enter the room and distract him (please, turn your volume on, Lebbocq’s voice is totally worth it).
  • Bribe : If Lamouth talks about money then you have to bribe the guard, though there are 3 options ! If it’s about a guard being bribed easily then choose 1 000 kamas. If it’s the story about the guard having many mistresses then choose 10 000 kamas. If it’s the one following Brakmar’s tradition, therefore asking for a high price, choose 100 000 kamas !
  • Attack Guard : You can simply attack the guard to pass if you have enough strengh to beat them !

Go through the Factory and enter Charles-Henri of Vileardent’s Office

You are finally in ! Now you need to go to Charles-Henri’s Office. You will have to go through two fights because the guards are watching you ! In the first room you are against 2 Mechan-0s (250 HPs) and 2 Guards (250 HPs).


In that second room, the fight is a bit more difficult ! You are against 2 Mechan-0s (250 HPs), 2 Guards (250 HPs) and 2 Trained Bythards (110 HPs). Kill them and go through the door on the right !


2 – Charles-Henri of Vileardent

“Getting to Charles-Henri’s office is no mean feat. But convincing them to trade the Orichalcum wasn’t any less difficult. Whether you stuck your hand in some questionable places or just reached it into your pocket for your purse, you had to play lab assistant to help Charles-Henri accomplish a final experiment before he would agree to give you the Orichalcum. Once the work was done, Charles-Henri lived up to the Brakmarian reputation: he double-crossed you and used the Orichalcum in the assembly rather than giving it to you. As in a similar way, the creature turned against its creator. Unfortunately for you, it ran off with your Orichalcum. You have no choice but to chase after the Mechamummy…”

  • Convince Charles-Henri to give the Orichalcum back
  • Take Charles-Henri the resources he asked for
  • Speak to Charles-Henri
  • Successfully complete Charles-Henri’s experiment behind the curtain

Reward : 110 000 xp

Now you have to convince Charles-Henri, be a true business man ! Here is one of the possible solutions to seal a deal with him ! The dialogue will differ depending on the character. Some dialogues are only available for certain classes or even certain levels in different professions… You won’t all have the same !

first second

Now that you made your deal, be prepared to be treated like a slave… Charles Henri will ask you for many resources !

Phase 1 (you can get all those resources from the Abandoned Scarapit, lvl.21 dungeon in Brakmar. One or two run alone should be enough) :

  • 1x Golden Wing
  • 20x Dried Dung

Phase 2 (you can get all those resources from Morbax Necropolis, lvl.36 dungeon in Brakmar – Sidimote. One or two run alone should be enough. Those resources are droppable on monsters outside contrary to the first ones) :

  • 1x Skull
  • 2x Spinal Column
  • 10x Chafer Bone

Phase 3 (those are crafts from different professions) :

  • 1x Crate – Handyman craft lvl.5 requires : 5x Iron Ore, 15x Coarse Bracket (5x Ash wood, 5x Hazel Wood)
  • 2x Basic Handle – Weapon Master craft lvl.10 requires : 5x Apiwood, 5x Chestnut Wood
  • 2x Basic String – Herbalist craft lvl.10 requires : 5x Disty Flower, 5x Mint Leaf
  • 10x Osamodas Powder – Chief craft lvl.0 requires : 5x Bucket o’ Water, 1x Coarse Tiramisoup (fisherman workshop lvl.0)
  • 100x Bucket o’ Water

Successfully complete Charles-Henri’s experiment behind the curtain

And now you have to deal with a crate puzzle ! I made a little video for you if you need some help ! Follow my moves.

3 – Tutaur’Kama, the dominant Mechamummy

“After having been fooled by Charles-Henri, you’ve now become a savior! The unscrupulous Ouginak’s plots have turned against him, and he’s come back to take down the monster he made you create. Enter the Mechamummy Palace and finish Tutaur’Kama off in order to recover the third and final Orichalcum.”

  • Speak to Eminerell Lebbocq in front of the Mechamummy Palace dungeon
  • Defeat Tutaur’Kama in his dungeon, the Mechamummy Palace

Reward : 110 000 xp + Unidentified Ancient Object


After talking to Lebbocq, head to the Mechamummy palace. That dungeon is so beautiful, take your time to admire the details. Now let’s begin ! Mimi and Lebbocq will join your fights tohelp you, don’t worry.

Room 1 : 
Room 2 :
Room 3 :

Boss Room :

You are finally facing Tutaur’ Kama ! Each turn, he will apply a buff on his allies depending on the glyph he is standing on. Often check the buffs of the monsters before hitting them. There are 2 mummies in fight. No matter how hard you hit them, they will always only lose 1 HP. If you hurt them, they will explode near an ally dealing big damage, be careful. They don’t have many MPs so they’re really slow. If you kill the 2 of them before the boss, he will summon new ones !


4 – Orichalcum – Third!

“The strange metal orb the Mechamummy was using for a heart is now in your hands. All that’s left to do is to find out if it’s really an Orichalcum, more specifically the Orichalcum you need. The procedure hasn’t changed, and Eminerell Lebbocq begrudgingly reminds you of it: go to the Temple of Scriptures in Astrub to get the sphere authenticated by Professor Jenry Hones, Sr.!”

  • Get the Orichalcum identified at the Temple of Scriptures by Jenry Hones, Sr.

Reward : 20 000 xp + Brakmar Orichalcum Relic

You finally have it, congrats ! Now go to the Temple of Scriptures (Almanax) to talk to Jenry Hones.


This is the end of our quest. Meet us here for the Chapter 5 in the next update. Prepare your fins, mask and snorkel because we’re going underwater to discover Sufokia !



There are many achievements to get titles, sets and a costume at the end ! But there’s also a hidden achievement rewarding you with 5 KenKOs and a title : Stabbed Sprinkler. How to get it ? You need to go talk to Skrapur Kutmairo in Brakmar’s slums. Talk to him and start with “Let me guess, you’re a specialist in snappy comebacks, right ?” then always choose the taunting option. Be as annoying as possible and tease Skrapul as much as you can. He will be so upset that he will kill you at some point, unlocking the hidden achievement !

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