Chapter 3 – Bonta

Required level : level 25              Recommended number of characters : 1

Ready to continue your heroic quest ? You will finally visit the Nations and even… The Mount Zinit ! Where Ogrest is waiting for you.

1 – Nations – Chapter 3 – The IUB

“It’s confirmed ! You really do have the first 3 keys to open the door of the Sunken Temple of Sufokia. The message that Jenry Hones Jr. asked you to give to his father is clear : he wants you to meet him later at the prestigious Immaterial University of Bonta to share what he’s found out about the second Orichalcum relic. Go to the Kara region in Bonta and meet Jenry Hones Jr. at the gates of the Immaterial University of Bonta.”

  • Reach level 25 and win a fight
  • Find Jenry Hones Jr. at the Immaterial University in Bonta, in the Kara region of Bonta, in the Windy village.

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

Head to Bonta in Kara’s region. Jenry Hones’ position is indicated on the picture below (image changes on hover).

2 – On the way to University

“Jenry Jr.’s little shack had the desired effect : you were an inch off calling the IUB all the names under the sun ! Now that he’s clarified some things, there’s nothing left but to ask him to send you to the real Immaterial University of Bonta, then find him in its halls.”

  • Talk to Jenry Hones Jr. to get to the Immaterial University of Bonta from Kara in Bonta
  • Talk to Jenry Hones Jr. in the IUB hall

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

3 – The Path of Knowledge I – The spherolithic Encyclopedia

“A library ?! Really ?! You can out away your weapons and armor – you’re engaged in a struggle of a different sort; that of knowledge. Enter the IUB’s library and find the Spherolithic Encyclopedia, then take the precious work to Jenry Hones Jr. in the hallway.”

  • Go to the IUB Library
  • Get the Spherolithic Encyclopedia
  • Take the Spherolithic Encyclopedia to Jenry Hones Jr.

Reward(s) : 3 700 xp + Spherolithic Encyclopedia

Take the door on Jenry Hones’s left to enter the library. The Spherolithic Encyclopedia is indicated on the picture below. Take it and go back to see Jenry Hones !

4 – The Path of Knowledge II – The Abacus Compendium

“One book, that wasn’t enough ? Now you’re going to look for another book, this time in the hands of a professor at the Immaterial University of Bonta. You must go into a lecture hall during the class, and convince the professor to give you the Abacus Compendium, that’s all ! Go, take the first door on the right after passing Jenry Hones Jr. in the hall and get to work !”

  • Go to the IUB Amphitheater
  • Get the Abacus Compendium from the professor’s desk
  • Take the Abacus Compendium to Jenry Hones Jr.

Reward(s) : 9 250 xp + Abacus Compendium

Keep walking until you find a door on the right, enter to find the IUB Amphitheater. Click on the Abacus Compendium on the professor’s desk.

Oh no, the professor caught you red-handed ! Did you pay attention to the books in the library ? Because you will have to pass a test now, I hope you know your lessons by heart ! The professor will ask you 3 questions about the books you can read in the library. The questions are random and here are all the possibilities with their answers(name and choice number) :

Question 1 :

  • What is the subtitle of the Boxford Dictationary vol. XXXVI ?
    You want more definitions, there you go. (3)
  • What is the subtitle of the volume II of World of Twelve Cartographie?
    Amakna. (6)
  • What is the subtitle of the copy of the Gobbowlium Codex ?
    The whole of Gobbowl since its creation. (1)
  • What is the subtitle of the Spherolithic Encyclopedia ?
    Radius, circumference and sinusoidality. (4)
  • What is the subtitle of volume XXII of Exotic Zoomonology ?
    Taxonomy of Wabbits (5)

Question 2 :

  • What book bears the subtitle “Blades and tears” ?
    History of Brakmar vol. IV. (2)
  • What book bears the subtitle “Ogrest’s Cult and Dathura’s Sisters” ?
    Cult Compendium vol. XI. (6)
  • What book bears the subtitle “Kings and Disquiet” ?
    Bonta Arkaeology vol. V. (1)
  • What book bears the subtitle “Mimic mimics” ?
    Mimic Encyclopedia volume III. (4)
  • What book bears the subtitle “From sand to copper” ?
    Sufokia Emerged. (3)

Question 3 :

  • What scandal was caused by the review Anthropology Illustrated – year 33 n°42 ?
    Many enlightened people’s Aperirel fish pushed them to rip out an eye, to see if the socket held the secret of the universe. (2)
  • What is Chronicles of the Gray Moon volume XIV about ?
    Vissemeryd, cursed by the Emperor of the Gray Moon, is forced to eat nothing but fresh tuna, otherwise he’ll get horrific stomach cramps. (6)
  • From Incarnam to Externam tells a wonderful story. What is it about ?
    It talks about the sometimes romantic journey of an ordinary Twelvian : his everyday life, his death, his trek through Krosmoz, and his reincarnation. (1)
  • In the Summary of Ogrest’s Chaos News, what does the subtitle refer to ?
    The news was written at the start of Ogrest’s Chaos, a long time ago, and it was carried by the current of Ogrest’s tears. (3)
  • What is Sufokia Arkaeology vol. I about ?
    The author tries to make us think about the possible existence of an underwater present-day Sufokian Empire. (4)

5 – The path of Knowledge III – The Gobbowlium Codex

“It’s incredible ! Who would have believed that Arkaeology could be so boring ? One book, two books… And now, a third book ! And it’s back in the library ! If you hadn’t watched Jenry dig through the books for information, you’d swear he was just messing with you. But so be it. One last book, and you can finally flee this academic ambiance and put some distance between you and all these books, full of words…”

  • Go back to the IUB Library
  • Get the Gobbowlium Codex

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

6 – The Path to Knowledge III – The Cult’s Dirty Hit

“NO ! Ogrest’s Cult has your precious book, and their chief has run off with it. You must stop the remaining Cultists before they destroy the entire library !”

  • Defeat the invaders in the IUB Library

Reward(s) : 9 250 xp

How can someone be so heartless ? Burning books.. I can’t believe this ! Let’s roast them once and for all ! They have between 138 and 190 HPs, the tall ones will divide into two small ones when killed. Get rid of them !

7 – The Path to Knowledge – End

“It’s a catastrophe… The library is in ruins, the Cult has the Gobbowlium Codex, and you have to tell all that to Jenry Hones Jr. The good part if that you got to unwind a bit while beating on the accursed Cultists !”

  • Go back and speak to Jenry Hones Jr.

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

8 – The best 30% of Arkaeology – Start

“Jenry Hones Jr. had the great idea of replacing the stolen book – a solution which to you seems even crazier : exploring the ruins of Ancient Bonta – partially buried since Ogrest’s Chaos – looking for the original Gobbowlium Codex. Since there’s little time, he’s suggested using a more original method of transport : an aquatic elemental portal created by the Huppermages themselves. Head to the portal terrace, behind the last door to the right in the hall of the Immaterial University of Bonta.”

  • Go on to the Elemental Portals Platform at the IUB

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

You will find a third door at the end of the corridor, go through it it to get to the Elemental Portals Platform.

9 – The Best 30% of the Arkaeology – The Leap

“There you are… The portals aren’t very reassuring. But in the end, taking the aquatic portal isn’t as bad as, say, having to take the fire portal. Leap into the siphon and don’t forget to hold your breath – it’s gonna be rough !”

  • Jump !

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

Click on the blue portal and jump !

10 – The best 30% of Arkaeology I – Looking for the lost Library

“You’re there in record time ! Your clothes are just a bit moist. You just need to explore the underground caverns and find the Old Bonta Library…”

  • Explore the Old Bonta Ruins and go into the Library

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

Climb the stairs at the top of the map and follow the path until you get to what’s left of the library.

11 – The Best 30% of Arkaeology I – The Library

“Well ! The ancient city really suffered during Ogrest’s Chaos… Everything’s run down, half submerged… But don’t get distracted by the strangeness of the place. You must find the original copy of the Gobbowlium Codex !”

  • Find a copy of the Gobbowlium Codex

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

The right copy of the Gobbowlium Codex is the one on the picture below.

Note that if you take the wrong one, a fight will trigger against two unusual monsters. They have 125 HPs and don’t hit really hard.

12 – The Best 30% of Arkaeology I – A codex to covet

“It couldn’t have been that easy ! Greedy Mimiclopedias are ferociously guarding the intact books. If you want to leave with a copy of the Gobbowlium Codex, you’ll need to use both your brains and your muscles !”

  • Defeat the creatures to get the Codex

Reward(s) : 9 250 xp + Gobbowlium Codex

Finding the right book will trigger a fight against 3 creatures, the same as before. They have 125 HPs and don’t hit hard, no worries !

13 – The best 30% of Arkaeology II – En route for the Cup

“Jenry Hones Jr. has decrypted the Codex. It tells of a Gobbowl champion in the Dofus era who was the last owner of the cup containing the strange metal ball that is supposed to be the second Orichalcum. Khan Karkass, a skilled champion, must have been resting peacefully in his tomb in the Old Bonta Cemetery for some hundreds of years now. Off to the garden of graves !”

  • Find the Old Bonta Cemetery
  • Examine Khan Karkass’s grave

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

You arrive in the Old Bonta Cemetery. Be careful though, don’t touch the tombstone and keep going until you find Khan Karkass’s grave to examine it.

14 – The best 30% of Arkaeology II – The return of Team Missile

“Mimiclopedias, ok. But Team Missile and Mimi the Marvelous ? Again ? There’s really something suspicious about this whole thing… But it doesn’t matter. Now that they’re there, you’ll need to get rid of them to continue.”

  • Defeat Team Missile

Reward(s) : 11 100 xp

Yes… Again… There are several things to know for this fight : If you kill Miouze, the fight stops. If only Miouze is left, he will give up. Janes and Jemmy can summon 3 creatures : Crab, Arakne and a rat. Janes has 450 HPs, Jemmy 620 HPs and Miouze has 900 HPs. This time, there are graves on the field when the fight starts.

The graves have only 1 HP, if you hit a grave, a chafer will pop up. They have 154 HPs, try not to destroy graves.

15 – Beyond-the-grave Champion I – Venerable Spirit

“The fight was unforgettable, and even if Mimi wasn’t that marvelous, she was still more useful than at Bovis’s Lair – whether against Team Missile or Bovis. In any case, you’re now free of that infernal trio of egocentric nuisances. Now all you have to do is to take care of Khan Karkass’s Ghostof and you’ll be able to get back onto the path to that much sought-after cup. Theoretically.”

  • Talk to Khan Karkass’s Ghostof

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

16 – Beyond-the-grave Champion I – The Gobbowl Temple

“Yet another colorful character ! But Khan was still very useful in revealing the real Gobbowl Cup’s location to you. Now you’re in the home stretch to your objective, and maybe the second Orichalcum. You’ve already wasted enough time, so get to the Old Bonta Gobbowl Stadium !”

  • Find the entrance to the Old Bonta Gobbowl Stadium

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

17 – Beyond-the-grave Champion I – The Goddess

“That was nice ! Just when you thought you’d gotten rid of that arrogant young woman with blue skin, here she is on your path again… You’ll no doubt have to “enjoy” the marvelous Mimi’s company a little while longer, which must hardly be pleasant. She doesn’t seem to be bad at heart, just badly brought-up. Maybe you can kill two birds with one stone by helping her to track down her ancestor while you look for the cup… So go and ask Osamodas’s Goddess what she thinks of the idea…”

  • Talk to Mimi the Marvelous

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

18 – Beyond-the-grave Champion II – The grass is greener on the other pitch

“Between Jenry Hones Jr. and Mimi the Marvelous, you’re nicely surrounded ! A beautiful Osamodas with an overinflated ego, and an Arkaeologist who has a crush on the girl… Either way, so long as you don’t get weighed down by them… Now you’ll find out if the expression “Gobbowl hell” is real or not…”

  • Explore the Old Bonta Gobbowl Stadium

Reward(s) : 1 850 xp

1st Room : Since they are already dead, when you kill them, they don’t disappear from the field and will rise again after 2 turns unless you kill their body or end the fight before it happens ! And since they’re dead.. If you heal them, it will damage them ! They have between 190 and 241 HPs. There are also 2 chafers with 154 HPs, if you kill them though, they’ll directly disappear from the fight.

Exactly the same fight as before.

Alright, now you’re outside on the Gobbowl field. Well… What’s left of it. The fights are gonna be a bit different ! You have two options there, either you fight as usual or you do a Gobbowl match. You need to mark 3 touchdowns to win the match ! How does it work ? To grab the gobbowl, cast a single target spell on it, you will then carry it. Run to the red area (enemy’s area) and it will count as a touchdown. For each touchdown, the mobs will lose 1/3 of their max HPs. Be careful though, they also know how to play !

Now to get to the last room, walk to the top of the map until you find stairs, climb them. You need to pass through the terraces in order to get to the last gobbowl field.

19 – Beyond-the-grave Champion II – Khaaaaaan !

“What a traitor ! That Khan’s a double-crosser. And a selfish too ! But it is his cup, after all. Anyway, you’re still going to have to beat him, and on his own turf : in a Gobbowl match. But are the rules really the same as a traditional match when you’re up against a spectral team ? Don’t forget that all tactics are allowed, even cheating that’s the spirit of Gobbowl !”

  • Free Khan Karkass’ spirit
  • Get the Orichalcum on Khan’s Cup

Reward(s) : 11 100 xp + Unidentified Object

Try to take Khan’s Cup, it will then trigger a fight !

It is the same kind of fight as before except that this time, you are against Khan Karkass himself ! Khan Karkass has 1 120 HPs. It’s up to you, fight with spells or with a gobbowl… All you need to do is to win this fight.

To get out of the dungeon, head to the right until you find a geyser.

20 – Orichalcum – Second !

“There you go ! The cup’s strange metal orb is now well and truly in your hands. All that’s left to do is to find out if it’s really an orichalcum, more specifically the Orichalcum you need. The procedure is no longer a secret to you, and Jenry Hones Jr. reminds you of it : go to the Temple of Scriptures in Astrub to get the sphere authenticated by professor Jenry Hones Sr. !”

  • Get the Orichalculm identified at the Temple of Scriptures by Jenry Hones Sr.

Reward(s) : 37 100 xp + Bontarian Orichalcum Relic

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