Chapter 2 – Amakna

Required level : level 20              Recommended number of characters : 1

Ready to continue your heroic quest ? You will finally visit the Nations and even… The Mount Zinit ! Where Ogrest is waiting for you.

It is important to note that since Astrub’s revamp, you can’t leave Astrub before reaching the level 25. This quest unlocks at level 20, but you won’t be able to complete it before reaching level 25.

1 – Nations – Chapter 2 – National Arkaeology

“A dragon ?! The artifact allowing you to tackle Zinit’s cliffs is a dragon ! You’ll need lots of training if you want to confront the dangers leading to this artifact. You’ll also need some leads and additional information from your Nation’s Arkaeologist.”

  • Reach level 20 and win a fight
  • Speak to your nation’s Arkaeologist

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

Their position is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover).

  • Amakna : Fertile Prairie – Northwest
  • Bonta : Cania Plains – West
  • Brakmar : Mourning Wood – Center West
  • Sufokia : Terrana Dune – Southeast
  • Riktus Clan : Hold of a boat north of the Riktus Clan’s Lair

2 – Like a Blibli in a China Shop

“Once more, fate is conspiring against you. The Arkaeologist is somewhat difficult, and demands that you prove you’re capable of visiting an arkaeology site without breaking everything. Complete the three tasks set for beginning Arkaeologists, and prove that you’re worthy of accompanying them to the site of Oktapodas’s Temple.”

  • Analyze the research scrolls in chronological order
  • Find and identify 4 ancient relics
  • Move the ancient relic without breaking it

Reward(s) : 3  000 xp

Click on the door to the Arkaeology site and enter. You now have to find the 4 scrolls and to read them in the right order ! When reading one, you will gain a state with its number and will have access to a small part of the story. Here is the solution :

Alright, now all you have to do is to find 4 ancient relics and to identify them. It’s really easy, simply click on the pieces you’ll find inside the squares until you indentify enough.

Finally, you have to go through the room without breaking the relic ! There are some traps on the way, walking on them would make you go back to your starting point. They are indicated by red squares on the picture below. Follow my steps !

3 – Arkaeologist Skill Assessment

“A job well done ! Now that you’ve completed the three tests, you can speak to your Nation’s Arkaeologist. Who knew that Arkaeology could be so interesting, boring and dangerous, all at the same time !”

  • Go and see your Nation’s Arkaeologist to assess your skills

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp + Title Unlocked : Honorary Arkaeologist – Nation of …

Their position is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover).

  • Amakna : Fertile Prairie – Northwest
  • Bonta : Cania Plains – West
  • Brakmar : Mourning Wood – Center West
  • Sufokia : Terrana Dune – Southeast
  • Riktus Clan : Hold of a boat north of the Riktus Clan’s Lair

4 – The Big Dig

“Well, look at you with your honorary Arkaeologist title ! You have permission to visit Arkaeological dig sites around the World of Twelve, but more importantly, you can go to the Oktapodas Sunken Temple of Sufokia. When you are ready, go and speak to your nation’s Arkaeologist so he can go with you.”

  • Go to Sufokia’s big dig site

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

Simply talk to your Nation’s Arkaeologist to get there !

5 – The Sunken Temple of Sufokia

“You’re finally there, and given the monument’s small size, you’re willing to believe that the rest is buried or sunken under the water… Now you just need to find a way to get in.”

  • Examine the nearby door of the Sunken Temple

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

6 – Jenry Hones Jr. – Bontarian Arkaeologist

“Arkaeology still holds a few surprises ! The door seems to be impenetrable, but should open with three keys. The Arkaeologists all agree that these keys must be spheres of Orichalcum. Some of the Arkaeologists seemed to hesitate for a moment when the word was mentioned. They must know something, but don’t want to talk about it. They must be interrogated, one by one ! Start with the Bontarian, Jenry Hones Jr.”

  • Speak to Jenry Hones Jr. at the site of the Sunken Temple of Sufokia

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

7 – Eminerell Lebbocq – Brakmarian Arkaeologist

“Jenry Hones Jr. is a man of his word. You can trust him when he says he’ll seek and find the trail to the Orichalcum he saw in Bonta. The enthusiasm he displayed should be enough to convince Eminerell Lebbocq to agree to cooperate with you, so as not to seem petty in front of his long-standing rival, even if it goes against his twisted beliefs. Now it’s his turn to be interrogated at your hands.”

  • Speak to Eminerell Lebbocq at Sufokia’s big dig site

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

8 – Laura Craft – Amaknian Arkaeologist

“The Bontarian Hones and Brakmarian Lebbocq are no use to you at the moment. You have to wait before they can help you. But there is still the Amaknian Arkaeologist Laura Craft, who seems anxious to tell you about what she remembers. Don’t dally too much, what she wants to tell you must be highly important !”

  • Speak to Laura Craft at Sufokia’s big dig site

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

9 – Magnum Bairefute – Otomai’s Disciple

“Tada ! Finally, a solid clue. An orichalcum was seen in the hands of a hunter with Otomai’s Disciples. This hunter, named Magnum Bairefute, will currently be posted in the Fertile Prairie, in Amakna. Go there and try to convince him to give you the artifact. No matter what, you must recover it if you want to have the slightest chance of recovering the artifact hidden within the sunken temple. Off to Amakna ! You can take the boat east of the site. It will drop you off on the shores of Sufokia, near a boat that can take you to Amakna or to your Nation.”

  • Go to the Fertile Prairie in Amakna and speak with Magnum Bairefute at the Hunter’s Camp of Otomai’s Disciples

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

His position is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover).

10 – Things that go splash in the night

“Everyone thinks you’re just a lackey ! Magnum Bairefute has the orichalcum, but he’ll only hand it over if you perform a couple of small services for him. Under the guise of testing your trustworthiness, he’s sent you off to complete two apparently dangerous missions. Finish them quickly and claim what you’re owned. The dragon won’t wait forever !”

  • Complete Magnum Bairefute’s wet mission
  • Complete Magnum Bairefute’s night mission

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

The position of the Wet Mission is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover). Click on the wheel to start your investigations.

It starts a fight against puddlies ! They have between 43 and 60 HPs. But the most important is that they have a special state “Invulnerable to damage when near water”, they’ll be invulnerable as long as they stand on the blue glyphes. Push them, attract them and kill them all (even though they’re really cute).

The position of the Night Mission is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover). Click on the fire to start your investigations.

The night has fallen on the World of Twelve, click on the fire camp to “wait”. While you gently fall asleep, you’re attacked by larvae ! They have 46 HPs, but be careful, when you kill them an arachnoplasm appears with 69 HPs and very low resistances to water. Get rid of the nuisance !

11 – A new day…

“You can already feel the wind flowing through your hair, your hands caressing the magical scales of your dragon as he carries you on his back, flying high above the World of Twelve. It is time for Magnum Bairefute to give you his Orichalcum and for you to find the remaining two rare metal relics. These two tests were too simple and you’re wondering if Magnum is trying to make a fool of you. Return to the Hunters’ camp of Otomai’s Disciples in the Fertile Prairie and give an account of your wet and nocturnal exploits to Magnum Bairefute.”

  • Speak to Magnum Bairefute in the Fertile prairie

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

His position is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover).

12 – Quarter Heart

“It seems that in your absence, Magnum gathered some info on his side. What he’s telling you about the larvae confirms that it’s definitely not magical or paranormal phenomenon, and agrees with your research. The situation seems serious, and the few larvae that you crushed are just the tip of the iceberg. A swarm of the Arachnoplasms are causing trouble in the region. Analysis of the dispersion of incidents in the region, which have been happening within a rather regular perimeter, would lead one to believe the nest is in the basement of an old sheep pen. Head there and eliminate the Arachnoplasm menace !”

  • Complete Magnum Bairefute’s urgent mission

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

The basement’s position is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover). Click on the wool to get down.

Start the fight against the larvae. The mad larvae have 50 HPs and the Weakened Spectral Arachnes have 101 HPs.  The mad larvae can summon possessed larvae like the one you fought previously. You have no other solution than to kill them all.

13 – Fragmented Report

“Disguised as Arachnoplasms, you found yourself face to face with an adult Spectral Arachnee as well as the swarm that took control of the larvae. No matter. With this mission taken care of, you’ve largely surpassed Magnum’s requirements. If he’s still “not sure he can trust you”, he must be making fun of you. Go back to see him and show him your worth.”

  • Report back to Magnum Bairefute in the Fertile Prairie

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

His position is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover).

14 – Bovis, the Rockwooled, take one !

“What a farce ! You have proven your worth to Magnum Bairefute, but now he’s given you a mission “of the utmost importance”. The leader of Otomai’s Disciples has asked him for a tuft of Rockwool, but he doesn’t have enough men to go with him. So he has asked you to go to Bovis’s Lair for him, once you’re powerful enough. In this hole lives an extremely wooly gobball that now runs wild after decades without its herd.”

  • Reach level 23 and win a fight
  • Explore Bovis’s Lair

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

Bovis’s Lair is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover).

Go on the right and open the door to trigger an animation. You can now start the first fight ! They have between 138 and 166 HPs but there’s a trick to beat them fast ! Do you see those red glyphs on the floor around the pillars ? Each pillar has 100 HPs, if you destroy one, everything around it (on the red glyphs) will die instantly ! You won’t get hurt though, so walk on them in order to have as many enemies as possible around you !

The second room works exactly the same. Now you also have gobballs to fight and they have 203 HPs, use the pillar to defeat them quickly !

15 – “Mimi the Marvelous”

“Well, you didn’t expect that ! Not only has Ogrest’s Cult invade, but also a so-called incarnation of the god Osamodas is treating you like a no-name minion. Fortunately it is in your interest to get rid of the bumbling duo, otherwise you would have gladly left this “Mimi the Marvelous” to deal with the two clowns and their cat herself. Well anyway, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and give the Cult’s henchman a good hiding !”

  • Save Mimi from Ogrest’s Cult’s clutches in Bovis’s Lair

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp

Yes… We have to deal with them again ! Janes has 354 HPs, Jemmy 487 and Miouze 600. There are several things to know for this fight : If you kill Miouze, the fight stops. If only Miouze is left, he will give up. Janes and Jemmy can summon 3 creatures : Crab, Arakne and a rat.

You can kill them faster if you break a pillar near one of them, it will damage them with 50% of their max HPs.

16 – Bovis, the Rockwooled, take two !

“It seems you and Mimi have yet another common goal. She wants to capture Bovis, the Rockwooled Gobball that lives in this hole. In exchange for your help capturing the beast, she is offering to allow you to take a tuft of Rockwool from her soon-to-be pet. You’ve already lost enough time with Ogrest’s Cult, you might as well make use of an extra pair of hands. If only you could just use the hands and not have to tolerate the insufferable person they’re attached to.”

  • Find and defeat Bovis the Rockwooled

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp + Bovis the Rockwooled Miniature + Bovis Rockwool

Finally the Boss ! He has 800 HPs. He attracts and summons a little stone creature. Breaking a pillar while he is on a red glyph will damage him with -250 HPs.

17 – A good Bit of Business

“Praise the gods ! You’ve killed two birds with one stone : you have a tuft of Rockwool and you’ve rid yourself of that strange Mimi woman. Deliver the Rockwool to Magnum Bairefute and finally collect your “precious”, the first of the three Orichalcum relics you need to open the door to your pet dragon.”

  • Take the “Bovis Rockwool” to Magnum Bairefute in the Fertile Prairie

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp + Unidentified Ancient Object

His position is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover).

18 – Return to the Arkaeological Source

“Hallay Looyah ! You have the Orichalcum relic. Well, it seems so. You should see if you really do have the first key you need to open the door to the Sunken temple of Sufokia. Go to your nation’s Arkaeologist, who should be able to verify whether this small metal sphere is indeed the Orichalcum.”

  • Go and see your Nation’s Arkaeologist

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp + Half-Hero Breastplate

Their position is indicated on the image below (image changes on hover).

  • Amakna : Fertile Prairie – Northwest
  • Bonta : Cania Plains – West
  • Brakmar : Mourning Wood – Center West
  • Sufokia : Terrana Dune – Southeast
  • Riktus Clan : Hold of a boat north of the Riktus Clan’s Lair

19 – Orichalcum – A valuable Alloy

“Your Arkaeologist is not 100% certain that it’s Orichalcum you’re looking for. He recommends you go and see Jenry Hones Sr. at Astrub’s Temple of Scriptures. There’s nothing better than the wise words of a Grand Master to confirm the suspicions of ambitious young Arkaeologists, even though he looks more like your little brother than a scholar. Off to the Temple of Scriptures we go !”

  • Speak to Jenry Hones Sr. at Astrub’s Temple of Scriptures

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp + Orichalcum of Amakna

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  1. Explore Bovis’s Lair is glitched how do i get into it? i click and click despite being over lv 30 and it refuses to allow me the option to even get into it. the option is greyed out as if it’s just not accessible. i’ve reported it multiple times is there a work around it?

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