Chapter 1 – Nations

Required level : level 15              Recommended number of characters : 1

Ready to continue your heroic quest ? You will finally visit the Nations and even… The Mount Zinit ! Where Ogrest is waiting for you.

It is important to note that since Astrub’s revamp, you can’t leave Astrub before reaching the level 25. This quest unlocks at level 15, so you can start it but you will only be able to complete the first 3 steps. I advise you to wait for your level 25 to begin the quest.

1 – Nations – Chapter 1 – The Call of Ullu

“Pappy Pal asked you to go back and talk to him once you’re ready to go to Mount Zinit. While he waits, he’s going to find out more about ways to get to the cursed island. In order to build your character and increase your strength – don’t hesitate, for example, to complete the sets of quests for the Mercenaries and Hunters in each of Astrub’s three regions (Town, Plains, and Sewers), or visit dungeons in those same areas.”

  • Reach level 15 and win a fight
  • Speak to Pappy Pal

Reward(s) : 1 500 xp + Mercenary Cape

His position is indicated on the image below (the image changes on hover). 

2 – En route for Mount Zinit

“Pappy Pal has advised you to speak to the Hullcatz, sailors who regularly take the World of Twelve’s most courageous and temerarious adventurers to Mount Zinit. Increase your strength – don’t hesitate, for example, to complete the sets of quests for the Mercenaries and Hunters in each of Astrub’s three regions, or visit dungeons in those same areas.”

  • Speak to the Hullcatz at Astrub Port

Reward(s) : 2  000 xp

His position is indicated on the image below (the image changes on hover). 

3 – A Real Hero – The Start

“The Hullcatz are definite : they’ll only take a real hero, recognized by a nation, to the shores of Mount Zinit. If you want to go there, you’ll have to leave Astrub and head out on an adventure to become a real hero. Having a nation is the first step of your journey, but for that you’ll need a Passport that only Master Bossowl can give you.”

  • Speak to Master Bossowl

Reward(s) : 2 500 xp

His position is indicated on the image below (the image changes on hover). Then choose a Nation from the board on his right. 

4 – On Board for Adventure

“Master Bossowl has confirmed you can head to your Nation… If you’ve got one ! If you haven’t yet chosen one, head to the Nation Choice board, just next to Master Bossowl !”

  • Head to your Nation using the boat or a Zaap (if you’ve already unblocked them)

Reward(s) : 2 500 xp

Use the boat in Astrub’s Port, near the Hullcatz.

5 – New Missions

“Take your nation’s boat to pay Jonk a visit. It’s sure that he can put you on the path to heroism.”

  • Speak to your nation’s Jonk in the Outpost

Reward(s) : 2 679 xp

Jonk is waiting for you at the center of the Outpost.

6 – From Zero to Hero I – Preparation

“Jonk has entrusted you with a mission notebook, a very important book if you are to become the nation’s hero. Read it well, because it contains only the most important info.”

  • Lure and defeat the Gobballs
  • Lure and defeat the Tofus
  • Go back and speak to your nation’s Jonk once your missions are complete

Reward(s) : 5 000 xp

Baits’ location is indicated on your map. Here are their visuals, it can be hard to find them sometimes ! Click on them to activate them, it will start a fight against a small group of monsters. No worries, you’re now level 25 minimum, you shouldn’t struggle !

7 – From Zero to Hero II – The Challenge

“You’ve set out to become your nation’s hero, but you’ve a big fight in store in order to get the recommendation of your Jonk. Read the mission notebook well, because it has very important information.”

  • Defeat your nation’s enemies

Reward(s) : 7 000 xp

Your enemies’ location is indicated on your map. I’ll take Sufokia’s example here. You have to fight a group of monsters in a swiming pool (why not ?). Be careful though, since you are underwater, you will lose 1 level of oxygen every turn. Don’t forget to walk on the oxygen glyphs in order to add some levels to your buff. Monsters don’t have a lot of HPs, the fight should be easy.

8 – From Zero to Hero III – Consecration

“After confronting numerous tests and a bitter battle, it’s time to report back to the Jonk to get your well-deserved reward !”

  • Speak to Jonk

Reward(s) : 2 500 xp + Title Unlocked : Novice Heroine – Nation of …

9 – En route for Mount Zinit – Second !

“Congratulations ! You’ve proven to your Nation and to Jonk that you can become the hero they are looking for. But now isn’t the time to rest on your laurels – Astrub’s Hullcatz are waiting for you to travel the dangerous route to Mount Zinit !”

  • Speak to the Hullcatz at Astrub Port

Reward(s) : 2 000 xp

His position is indicated on the image below (the image changes on hover).

10 – Mount Zinit – The Journey

“You thought you were through the hard part, but the toughest is yet to come ! Will you be able to handle the breakers during your sea voyage ?!”

  • Get to the shores of Zinit and speak to Buddy Hully

Reward(s) : 4 000 xp

The journey is hardly restful ! You are attacked by a group of 3 Albatrocious. They don’t have many HPs and a cat from the crew will join the fight. Be careful though it brings bad luck !

Speaking of bad luck… Your boat is attacked by pirates ! A group of 5 pirates is trying to take over your boat. Once again, they don’t have many HPs and a cat will join the fight. Avoid the glyphs, they apply a poison.

Finally in peace… Or maybe not… a huge storm is raging ! A group of 6 Tornados is facing you. They don’t have many HPs and a cat will join you. Note that the big tornados will divide in two smaller ones when killed.

Your boat is now blocked in the reefs. Talk to the captain.

11 – Mount Zinit – Reefs

“Your transport can’t advance any further. You’ll just have to depend on your own two legs to get you through the reefs and to the beach !”

  • Cross the reefs around Mount Zinit to get to the Beach

Reward(s) : 2 500 xp

Now you have to cross the reefs ! Use the compass you got from the previous quest to cross the blue fog. When going through the fog, you’ll arrive in a different world, a blue world. You need to find your way by using portals and switching between worlds. Here is a map of those two worlds (hover your mouse on the picture below to see the different maps). Follow the yellow numbers to get out of the labyrinth.

Be careful through, you will meet some enemies on your way. You will find some piles of garbage on the beach, they will change into portals if you defeat the group of monsters present in the area. Fights in the “normal” world are pretty simple, monsters have low HPs. But the fights in the blue world are a bit special ! In fact, there is a skull in the middle of the map, he has lots of HPs. How to beat it ? For each excarnate you kill, the skull will lose a good amount of HPs. You have to kill enough excarnate to defeat the skull.

12 – Mount Zinit – Beach

“Your feet are finally on the soft rock of the Zinit Beach… If only you had your towel with you, this would be paradise… But don’t sit there daydreaming too long; Ullu’s won’t wait until the year 1 000.”

  • Explore Mount Zinit Beach to find Ullu

Reward(s) : 2 500 xp

Head to the left to start a short animation.

13 – Mount Zinit – Ogrest’s Cult’s Blast Hole

“Ogrest’s Cult made their Blast Hole on Zinit’s Beach. You’ll have to be as discreet as possible to keep confrontations to a minimum and join Ullu later on Mount Zinit as soon as possible !”

  • Cross the abandoned cave, Ogrest’s Cult’s Blast Hole
  • Speak to Ullu on Zinit Beach

Reward(s) : 9 000 xp + Novice Hero Belt

Enter the dungeon, you don’t need a key.

You’re facing a first group of monsters. They don’t have many HPs and they’re not difficult to defeat. Note that the tall one will divide into two smaller ones when killed.

Keep going, you’ll stumble upon a second group of monsters. Kill them and you will win an activation key for the drilling machine you’ve seen before.

Go back and activate the drilling machine !

A new fight is starting, kill them and get out of here !

Finally you found Ullu. Talk to him to continue the quest.

14 – Mount Zinit – A Far Artifact

“It’s impossible to tackle the cliffs of Zinit’s Beach without a new artifact… And you thought you could get there by boat… well, it was true at least for the first part… Now you need to find out how to obtain this artifact that Ullu must have assumed you already had. Pappy Pal must know some people who might have the information you’re looking for.”

  • Go back and speak to Pappy Pal in downtown Astrub

Reward(s) : 2 000 xp

His position is indicated on the image below (the image changes on hover).

15 – Looking for the Lost Artifact

“Jenry Hones Sr. is a good old friend of Pappy Pal and is a renowned Arkaeologist ! No doubt he’ll be able to give you some information about the artifact that can help you overcome chasms ! Head to the Temple of Scriptures at full speed !”

  • Go to the Temple of Scriptures and ask for Jenry Hones Sr.’s help

Reward(s) : 3 000 xp + Old Archive Scroll

The temple’s position is indicated on the image below (the image changes on hover). If you never went there, then you need to take the boat in Astrub’s forest and don’t forget to save the Zaap. Enter the temple and speak to Jenry Hones.

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