Update 29.12.16

Hello everyone,

After months of hard work, I’m really excited to present you the new Builder’s features. In fact, if you already know it a bit, you probably noticed the new “Spells” tab ! Why spells ? It will allow you to share complete builds with your spells deck but most of all…  We added something that was never done before for Wakfu, a system to preview your damage depending on your own characteristics ! Indeed, I think it’s important to create builds with a real preview to understand the full consequences of our skill/stuff choices.

  • It is now possible to create spells deck on the builder.
  • It is possible to take your deck code from the game to the builder and from the builder to the game.
  • Effects of equipped passives are automatically added to your characteristics except for some particular cases (all passives applying a bonus while in fight).
  • When clicking on a spell, a pop up opens displaying its description, its cost, its damage base… And a preview of your damage depending on your characteristics ! After several tests we noticed that critics could have 10 to 30 damage of difference with the game which is barely noticeable.
  • In order to get the best result, it is possible to change the preview settings depending on the context of the attack : Range, Melee, Backstab, Berserk and the monster’s resistances.
  • Tabs “Critical” and “Conditions” for spells.
  • It is possible to click on the states to see their effects.
  • Passives with an effect on a particular spell are not taken into account into the preview yet (ex : The Way of the Bow)
  • Passives applying buffs/debuffs of characteristics we can’t find on the characteristics interface are not taken into account into the preview yet. For example : Non-critical damage, Inflicted damage at range/in melee… As for now you can cheat a bit by adding them yourself in the custom bonus tab if you’re always in distance or melee.

  •  Customization : From Panda to Pandawa.
  • Guild’s colours choice : We modified colour 1/colour 2 to Coat of arms background and Coat of arms icon.
  • Characteristics : Removal of the cap at 100 for the % Critical Hits and Block (so if you have more than 100, which is useless, you can change your points for more optimization).
  • Equip : The system now memorizes the type of rune used by differentiating the slots (before it memorized the same type of runes for support and defense, now it doesn’t mix up the different slots).
  • Alteration of the multiple effects choice box, now you need to check, this seemed more intuitive.
  • Multiple choices now possible for the item type.
  • The class emblems now appear correctly (showing the costume).
  • The adjustable level system emblems were updated.
  • Miscellaneous : The size of the fields to be filled now adapt to all screens, your numbers should no longer be cut.

  • Customization : All 10 body type choices for the Huppermage class are now available.
  • All customization colors are now present on the Builder.
  • Characteristics : On hover, a window will appear for every characteristic with a description for it.
  • We added armor to characteristics.
  • Equip: When you click on an empty item slot, the system puts itself on the “Gear” page and adds the selected item to the search.
  • Element choices is now automatized, the system selects automatically your highest elements.
  • Additions of the states for particular items : Legano, Makabrano, Shushu’s items…
  • Miscellaneous: The new versions of the Builder adapt automatically (no more need to use F5 after an update).
  • When hovering over a rune, a little window appears with the bonus of that rune (e.g. +30 healing mastery).
  • When an item is runed, a little diamond appears on it in the interface “inventory”. When hovering on the diamond, a window appears indicating all bonuses given by the runes on that item.
  • Loading times were greatly reduced.
  • The window of the Builder has been enlarged.

Update : 04.11.16

Changes :
  • New more intuitive order of the tabs
  • New inventory interface (post Astrub revamp, like in game)
  • Level filter now blocked from 0 to 200
  • We aligned icons and removed % in the custom bonus tab for a better visibility and a clean and harmonious interface
Additions :
  • You can choose your guild colours in order to preview guild costumes
  • % for AP/MP resist. and removal chances in the characteristic tab
  • % of HP in the characteristics (for example : Rock)
  • Boxes to check in order to apply automatically the full Nation and/or Guild & HW bonuses
  • Windows popping up while hovering the runes with your mouse, displaying the type and level of the rune.
  • Arrows to turn your character