Translated Beta Changelog 13/01

Big update hitting the Beta server and Method is here again to translate the changelog for you ! Are you excited? Because we sure are !

Secure Craft !

You can now use the different professions of other players in order to make the items you need without taking the risk of losing the resources you have gathered!

We have named this feature: secure craft ! A devblog will arrive very soon to explain in more details how it works.

How to profit from secure crafting

  • As a crafter: go to your haven bag and set up the workshops corresponding to your crafts. You will be able to define a tip that your customers will have to pay in order to reward you for the service provided, depending on the level of the item crafted.
  • As a customer: go to your crafter’s haven bag and take advantage of the workshops at your disposal. Do not forget that any work deserves a salary !

We will let you discover the secured craft feature by yourselves and we will return with all the details thanks to the devblog we’re preparing for you. In the meantime, discover some work done by the graphic designers on the new designs of the haven bag management machines !

Adjustable levels:

A Modulox token machine will be located in the basement of the Astrub tavern allowing to exchange your Modulox tokens for any tokens of the different level ranges.



Some visual effect on Enutrof’s spells have been reworked. These modifications don’t bring any major visual changes and mainly allows us to alleviate the size of the files we use.


  • The “Dungeon” category of the achievements has been standardized. Each dungeon now has 3 achievements and 1 meta achievement.
  • Dungeon achievements now reward 10 tokens for the level range of the dungeon. This change isn’t retroactive for the completed achievements.
  • The profession quests to obtain the different seals will be found in the achievement interface in the “Profession” category. They’ll still work the same way.
  • All “Pokémobs” achievements will now be found in the “Discovery” category.
  • All “You-Goh!” achievements will now be found in the “Discovery” category.
  • Hunter quests (Otomaï’s Disciples) were added/modified for all the level ranges and will allow to acquire the tokens usable in the dungeon tokens machines.
  • Therefore, the Boss no longer directly drops tokens. (Except for event dungeons and the quest of Nations)
  • Each level range has 4 to 5 families/dungeons and proposes to bring back resources and seeds. These quests reward 2 tokens and experience.
  • In addition, each level range has a daily quest to defeat one of the bosses corresponding to the dungeons of the level range. These quests reward 20 tokens and experience.
  • A weekly quest that asks to beat all the bosses of a level range. This quest rewards 80 tokens and experience.


Ow El Dungeon:

The map border tiles of the fight against Robowl the Outcast are again “Mortal Vortex”. The map border has been enlarged with this change but still remains smaller than the previous Hardcore version.


Mimic packs will appear in 5% of the cases (1 chance out of 20) instead of 6% (1 chance out of 16.7).

Whisper Crisper Dungeon:

Correction of a bug that caused the Immobilized Cracklers to not desincarnate after the death of the Whisperers which stopped the battle from ending.

Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon:

The “Nyl King” state will no longer gain levels each time a Mimic is killed in fight.

Amaknian Riktus Den:

Correction of a bug that made it impossible to start the first fight.

Sham Moon:

Moon will no longer start before Darkli Moon which made the fight a bit more complex.

Koko the Nutt:

  • Koko the Nutt will no longer summon Kokolerics.
  • Koko the Nutt will only gain 2% of the damage suffered in resistance instead of 3%.

The fact that Koko the Nutt was able to summon healers was frustrating since he could get healed by a huge amount of HP after going through the pain of removing them. We also reduced the amount of resistance that he gains in order to reduce the fight duration.


The level requirement for the Hushquarters (Shhhudoku Kingdom) was lowered from 111 to 96.


Change of the Tuderbulb level to 15 (visually AND to be planted).


Correction of a case where players who had merged the fragments before they were at the correct quest stage would no longer be able to merge them and thus continue the quest.


Fragmented Mimic:

The minimum level to obtain fragments of a given type will no longer be based on the level of the relic but on the level requirement of the dungeon where it’s acquired which is more coherent. On average, this decreases the minimum level to obtain the fragments.

For example, the Bygone Fragments are no longer obtained on Mimics level 174 or higher but on Mimics in dungeons 156 and above.

Let the fragments drop in bulks !

Moon Archmonsters:

Fixed a bug that caused all the mobs to play after each other in the timeline in the case of Koko Riko and Gengas Kin.


  • Drop rate considerably increased on the Archmonster Hatilla the Fun.
  • All Megabomb and Gigabomb drops are changed to 1 attempt per player instead of 1 attempt per team.
  • The drops of the monsters Private Badskin, Centurion Badgoat, Brigadier Badenalt and Major Badaclocom won’t be abnormally high anymore.


  • The conditions of use of the transformations are standardized so as not to be able to accumulate more than one.
  • The Boss resources specially dedicated to the recipes of the Mercenary Counter are now replaced by the “real” resources corresponding to the Boss. The resources will be deleted from the inventories.
  • It’s no longer possible to stack the visual effect by launching several times the Blizzard emote.


  • Sidekicks now get Transmutations on dungeon bosses. Note that this will not be the case for Flaxhid and Tormentor since sidekicks do not have the daily quest.
  • Sidekicks now benefit from the same bonuses of automatic equipment as the players in the case where at least one object equipped on the companion is of an invalid level or when the sidekick has no equipped items. In the case where automatic bonuses are taken into account instead of equipment, a message in the chat will tell you which bonuses of which level are activated.


  • The Compensation machine now proposes tokens of the different level ranges instead of those of each dungeon.
  • The Compensation machine is moved to the basement of the Astrub tavern.
  • Dungeon token machines now use tokens that are common to all dungeons in the same level range to get the rewards. It’s always possible to exchange the old tokens at the rate of 1:1.

Translated Beta Changelog 12/09

Here we are again to translate a new changelog for you ! Are you excited for that new 1.50 update ? We are too and here are more information for you. I invite you to read other articles about this Update :

Stasis Dungeons

  • The highest difficulty recorded now displays correctly in the Dungeon interface (D). We also corrected some bugs related to the interface.
  • We improved and cleaned the Stasis Dungeon interface.
  • Level 171+ dungeons can now be accessed in Stasis 21+ without adjusting your level.
  • Correction of the bug preventing the rest of the group from entering a dungeon if someone using heroes entered already.
  • Progress won’t be saved anymore if you lose the fight against the Dungeon’s Boss.

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Translated Beta Changelog 12/02

Here we are again to translate a new changelog for you ! Are you excited for that new 1.50 update ? We are too and here are more information for you. We will post a new article tonight after investigating the Beta ! I invite you to read other articles about this Update :

Chapter 5 : Nations Quest

  • Correction of several bugs happening during the quest
  • The whole quest was improved
  • We encourage you all to try the quest on the Beta server with heroes/sidekicks or in group in order to test it in many different ways. The very end of the quest (after defeating Gankr) is not available on the Beta server.

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