Q&A Stasis Dungeons meeting Devs/Players

Today a Q&A meeting between Devs and players happened on the Beta. I translated all the information given by the dev team to the players. I hope it will help some of you !


17:11:51,121 – [Dy] : About the keys, we’re thinking about a solution to replace them with something else and not merely suppress them from the game.

17:12:45,773 – [Exi] : We’re keeping the Hardcore Gameplays for every dungeon having a hardcore version previously. You will have access to the level 20 which corresponds to those hardcore modes. Continue reading “Q&A Stasis Dungeons meeting Devs/Players”

[EVENT] Back to Arena : Inter-servers 6v6 PvP tournament on Bêta !

What is it ?

It’s the first inter-servers tournament organized by players from the community ! Do you want to see some 6vs6, highly motivated organizers and impressive prize ? Then come closer, you’re on the good post ! It is no longer possible to register your team, though you can still join the fun by spectating the fights ! Players are all french, but no need to understand the language to appreciate such great PvP ! Continue reading “[EVENT] Back to Arena : Inter-servers 6v6 PvP tournament on Bêta !”