Where to find all the new 1.53 resources?

Resources are changing with the 1.53! The Astrub Model was now applied to the harvesting professions: lumberjack, herbalist, miner, fisherman and farmer. Each profession is now composed of 26 different resources, one for each level range. Your old resources from 1.52 are automaticaly switched for the new resources of the same level range with the 1.53.

In order to help you not getting lost with the next update, we wrote guides for each harvesting profession (except for trapper). You will find the visual, level and localisation for each resource. You can already find them on the website in the menu “Guides” > “Professions” or directly right here. I hope it will help you in your quest for the level 100+ professions!

Lumberjack 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Herbalist 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Miner 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Farmer 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Fisherman 1.53 (click here to go to the guide)

Comparing harvesting professions between 1.52 and 1.53

Hello everyone,

I thought that writting an article to compare the different resources you can harvest between the 1.52 and the 1.53 could help some people. Here are the new resources you can harvest for each harvesting profession.

Level Before After 1.53
0>5 Ash Ash
5>10 Ash Hazel Tree
10>15 Hazel Tree Chestnut Tree
15>20 Chestnut Tree Api Tree
20>25 Api Tree Birch
25>30 Birch Boabob (new)
30>35 Dry Pine Weeping Willow
35>40 Weeping Willow Hornbeam
40>45 Palmito (will disappear with the 1.53) Baby Redwood
45>50 Bramble Pooplar
50>55 Baby Redwood Citronana Tree
55>60 Sylvan Pine Tadbole
60>65 Cherry Tree Creeping Vine
65>70 Citronana Tree Frozen Wood
70>75 Tadbole Yew
75>80 Pooplar Cactus
80>85 Hornbeam Mosscandel
85>90 Mahogany Marmalot
90>95 Yew Cherry Tree
95>100 Yew Sylvan Pine
100 Marmalot, Wood of the Hours (will disappear with the 1.53), Frozen Wood, Cactus, Divi Divi, Kamaquat (will disappear with the 1.53), Kokonut, Creeping Vine, Mosscandel, Blood Elderberry Dry Pine
105>110 Blood Elderberry
110>115 Divi divi
115>120 Kokonut
120>125 Mahogany
125>130 Bramble

Level Before After 1.53
0>5 Crowned Thistle Crowned Thistle
5>10 Crowned Thistle Plain Flax
10>15 Plain Flax Disty Flower
15>20 Disty Flower Wild Mint
20>25 Wild Mint Scented Clover
25>30 Scented Clover Orchid
30>35 Reed Fuzzy Fern
35>40 Orchid Dendron
40>45 Funkus Gorsegoyle
45>50 Dendron Reed
50>55 Nettle Nostril Algae
55>60 Fuzzy Fern Funkus
60>65 Nostril Algae Cotton
65>70 Volcanic Plant Edelweiss
70>75 Puffball Puffball
75>80 Edelweiss Aloa Vera
80>85 Cotton Venutian
85>90 Gorsegoyle Nodincludid
90>95 Death Cap Kamamille
95>100 Death Cap Eterny
100 Aloa Vera, Venutian, Eterny, Grace, Kamamille, Momoss, Nodincludid, Tahitiare Volcanic Plant
105>110 Death Cap
110>115 Tahitiare
115>120 Grace
120>125 Nettle
125>130 Momoss

Level Before After 1.53
0>5 Primitive Iron Primitive Iron
5>10 Primitive Iron Finest Sea Salt
10>15 Finest Sea Salt Classic Coal
15>20 Classic Coal Bright Copper
20>25 Bright Copper Shadowy Cobalt
25>30 Shadowy Cobalt Bronze Nugget
30>35 Bronze Nugget Shard of Flint
35>40 Shard of Flint Rugged Quartz
40>45 Grainy Manganese (will disappear with the 1.53) Grievous Kroomium
45>50 Dark Carbon Wholesome Zinc
50>55 Wholesome Zinc Koral
55>60 Rugged Quartz Blood Red Amethyst
60>65 Hazy Lead Double Carat Sapphire
65>70 Silver Taroudium
70>75 Royal Bauxite Hazy Lead
75>80 Sovereign Titanium Sandy Ore
80>85 Grievous Kroomium Black Gold Ore
85>90 Blood Red Amethyst Mythwil
90>95 Double Carat Sapphire, Taroudium Royal Bauxit
95>100 Double Carat Sapphire, Taroudium Sovereign Titanium
100 Amber, Koral, Mercury, Black Gold Ore, Rust Ore, Sryanide Ore, Sandy Ore, Mythwil, Obsidian Sryanide Ore
105>110 Dark Carbon
110>115 Amber
115>120 Mercury
120>125 Silver
125>130 Obsidian

Level Before After 1.53
0>5 Wheat Wheat
5>10 Wheat Artichoke
10>15 Artichoke Tuberbulb
15>20 Tuberbulb Barley
20>25 Barley Cawwot
25>30 Cawwot Babbage
30>35 Pumpkin Oats
35>40 Oats Melon
40>45 Babbage Rye
45>50 Beanstalk Mottled Mushroom
50>55 Rye Vanilla Rice
55>60 Vanilla Rice Makafee
60>65 Sweat Jute Watermelon
65>70 Jollyflower Corn
70>75 Corn Beanstalk
75>80 Melon Desert Truffle
80>85 Sunflower Mushray
85>90 Watermelon Black Cawwot
90>95 Chili Jollyflower
95>100 Chili Sunflower
100 Palm Rod, Mottled Mushroom, Mushray, Curarare, Makafee, Maniok, Blackberry, Black Cawwot, Desert Truffle Strawberry (new)
105>110 Pumpkin
110>115 Maniok
115>120 Palm Rod
120>125 Sweat Jute
125>130 Chili

Level Before After 1.53
0>5 Breaded Fish Breaded Fish
5>10 Breaded Fish Bow Meow Fish
10>15 Bow Meow Fish Sturgeon
15>20 Sturgeon Crabby Anchovies
20>25 Crabby Anchovies Grawns
25>30 Grawns Loots
30>35 Loots Hairy Rays
35>40 Hairy Rays Salamons
40>45 Salamons Moonfish
45>50 Sea Boowolves Perch
50>55 Troutuna Dragocarp
55>60 Dragocarp Maskerels
60>65 Eels Grawfish
65>70 Maskerels Chehorses
70>75 Grawfish Eels
75>80 Perch Scincus
80>85 Chehorses Hydawheys
85>90 Moonfish Piri Pirhianas
90>95 Piri Pirhianas Troutuna
95>100 Piri Pirhianas Kamasandres
100 Knemo, Hydawheys, Scincus, Caimans, Kamasandre, Fish bone, Salamander, Seacod Seacod
105>110 Sea Boowolves
110>115 Knemo
115>120 Caimans
120>125 Fish bone
125>130 Salamander

Beta 1.53: New Update

Already a new update?! Yes, Ankama doesn’t do things by half and you won’t be disappointed! So, ready. Let’s discover what’s new with this update.

Zinit 2

Zinit 2 is an area designed for high level players as you probably already know. An area which offers its first level 200 monsters to the game! But then.. first level 200 monsters means first level 200 equipments? Exactly! We already showed you the items available from the two new dungeons’ token machines yesterday, today we show you the crafts! (right click and show the image to see it better!).



Leather Dealer


Close Combat Weapon Master

Distance Weapon Master

Area Weapon Master

We’ve seen the crafts and the items available from the token machines.. But what about the drops? We’ve seen some from the Badgerox family with their upgrades.

Eventually, know that all Kali’s equipments now have a visual on the Beta server. Therefore you can try them and create yourself a.. unique kind of style!

Astrub Model

Does that remind you of something ? Yes, you have had to hear this term quite frequently lately and for good reason, more and more areas are moving to this “Astrub model”. So what is it ? To summarize very briefly, it is a model that contains:

  • For each family of monsters, in addition to those we know, we now have 1 archmonster and 1 dominant monster (which allows you to drop very interesting items!).
  • The items are adapted to the level range and have possible improvements via crafting.
  • The tokens are obtainable via weekly and daily quests (already applied to all areas of the game with the 1.51 update).

And in this update it is Moon and Xelorium who adopt this new model adding new archmonsters, a standardization of the items at a single level as well as improvements of scarcity via craft for each of them! Note to me: I will seriously have to find a solution for the builder which will soon have too many versions of a single item! In the meantime, use the rarity filter.

Ultimate Bosses Items

The zones are stuffed .. Yes .. But the Ultimate Bosses are too! No no, no new archmonsters etc, but a possibility to improve the equipment via crafting! The items taken from the croupier are now of mythical rarity and therefore nerfed accordingly. You will now have to go through crafting to unlock their full potential.