[11.25] Beta 1.50 : New Information

Here we are again today to sum that new update up ! I advise you to read the Changelogs before as well as our previous articles not to feel lost :

Nogord Wungleezard

We already talked a lot about the new level 186 Ultimate Boss in previous news, so what now ? Well, several things ! First of all, we had the chance today to have access to the achievements linked to his fight. Indeed, before that we only had a “to do” instead of the description. But is it really joyful ? I would say that it’s pretty disturbing… Continue reading “[11.25] Beta 1.50 : New Information”

Beta 1.50 : What’s new ?

Today I decided to try the Beta in order to write a full report for you ! I hope this article will help you a bit to understand the incoming features !

Nogord Wungleezard

We already told you about this new level 186 Ultimate Boss in a precedent news. The famous Dragon hidden in Inglorium. It is possible to talk to the old man who seems to be a Dimensional Voyager. He is asking you to defeat Nogord in the past because.. His Dofus didn’t change.. Humm.. Mysterious, right ? We don’t know much for now, but here are all the pieces of information I managed to gather. Continue reading “Beta 1.50 : What’s new ?”