Translated Beta Changelog 10/03

Dungeon Leaderboards:

  • New achievements added to all dungeons in the game for beating a dungeon in Stasis 21, 31 and 41
  • Several improvements to the new Stasis states. We invite you to retest them
  • It won’t be possible anymore to lose the effects linked to the Stasis Dungeons on the dungeon’s monsters by giving up in a fight
  • Addition of a leaderboard shortcut button on the dungeon entrance interface. The leaderboard interface will automatically open on the dungeon you’re about to enter
  • Fixed a display bug causing many empty spots in the ranking
  • It’s not longer obligatory to keep the same team composition from start to finish to be ranked on the leaderboards
  • Addition of a notification to indicate the rank obtained when finishing a dungeon (if the conditions are respected)
  • Addition of the guild name whn hovering over the coat of arms

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Translated Beta Changelog 20/01

Secure Crafting:

  • Interface finalization. The function per page has been reviewed for something much more fluid, do not hesitate to try it out ! Note: new machines are not yet available for this beta update.
  • All crafting recipes now appear in ascending order (the previous system displayed them per level range).
  • 7 recipes appear per page.
  • The various sort filters appear at the top, above the recipes.
  • The search bar allows you to quickly find the object you want to craft. This search is now carried out on all the pages, and not only on the current page !
  • The level filter allows you to display only the recipes between a minimum level and a maximum level. (Default: 1-100)

And since a gif is better than a long story:


  • The price of a craft is displayed correctly according to the option “Free for the guild”.
  • The price of a craft is now based on the level of the recipe and not on the level of the item.
  • Added a filter per recipe level.
  • The price of a craft is displayed correctly when both characters do not have a guild.
  • The user of the machine can now correctly choose the recipes learned by means of a plan.
  • The user of the machine can now correctly choose the recipes of the items without knowing the associated trade.
  • It is possible to cancel a series of craft correctly.
  • The tooltip in the Tips interface now explains what the different categories are.
  • The craftsman is correctly notified when objects are created by his clients.
  • In the Tips interface, two new icons appear for categories.


  • The items obtained in the token machine will no longer be linked to the account. Note: already linked items remain linked.
  • The items linked when equipped are now exchangeable. Note: linked items that have already been equipped will remain linked.
  • Balancing the token cost of all croupiers :
  1. A common item (white) costs 20 tokens.
  2. A rare item (green) costs 50 tokens.
  3. A mythical item (orange) costs 160 tokens.
  4. A legendary item (yellow) costs 300 tokens.
  5. An epic item (pink) costs 500 tokens.
  6. A relic fragment costs 8 to 12 tokens.
  • The fragments obtained are no longer linked. The linked fragments can now be exchanged for unlinked fragments.


  • In the secure craft interface, by default, it is the reduced version of the character sheet that appears.
  • In the token machines, the color of the name of the item indicates the rarity.
  • In the dungeon interface, a name and level filter was added.
  • It is again possible to summon the archmonster in the Snaptrap dungeon.
  • It is necessary to have obtained the three Haiku on the various Shhhudoku Kingdom bosses in order to enter the Hushquarters. The Haiku have become quest items and must only be obtained once. It is no longer necessary to create a key of whispers with the Haiku. Since they only need to be obtained once, their drop rate has been reduced to 10%.

[11.25] Beta 1.50 : New Information

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Nogord Wungleezard

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