Castuc Dungeon Lvl.111

Required Level : level 111
Location : Ohwymi

7757ae1ece8a90a82c7935c992ad2403There is one important thing to know about Castuc dungeon : At the start of the fight some purple crystals with shadow around them will appear. Since that desert is really hot, you need to hide a bit in the shadow or you’ll get hurt ! Each turn you spend outside the shadow will give you 1 level of “in Heat”. When you reach the lvl 3 of that state you get -2 max AP and -200 HP non-reducible at the start of each turn. If you walk in the shadow, you will get healed of 250 HPs and lose 1 level of the “in Heat” state. So try to walk in there as often as possible !

First Room

Composition : 2x Schankers, 2x Molochs, 2x Castupods

All the monsters will get buffs each time you hit them, depending on the element you use ! They will get 1 level for 1 AP used (the maximum is lvl 10). For example, a 5 APs fire spell will give Castuc Fire Absorption lvl.5. Air will give 5% Critical hit/per lvl, Earth gives 20 Elemental resistance/per lvl, Fire gives 20 Elemental mastery/per lvl and water gives 8% Block/per lvl.

schankerThe Schankers level.115 🐾 : They have 2 spells, 2 passives and are weak to fire ! “Tailwhip : Deals water damage and removes 150 maximum HP non-reducible for the whole fight. The attack removes max. HPs only once every 2 turns. “Snip Snip” : Deals water damage and applies “Lead Legs” (The target is bound, can no longer move and can no longer lock). The passive “Scorpioid Defense” : It applies after using “Snip Snip”. When attacked in close-combat from the front, reflects -50 HPs (water) at its attacker. And “Scorplosive” : When the schanker is close to death, it becomes vulnerable and self-destructs on its next turn causing 200 (water) damage in area around him. It hits really hard so avoid being near him !

molochThe Molochs lvl.117 : They have 2 spells, 1 passive and are weak to water ! “Spiky Sweeping : Deals air damage and removes 80 elemental mastery. “Sandy Tongue : Deals earth damage and attracts by 3 cells. The passive : Every 3 turns, if they end next to you, they will summon a 5 tiles glyph (in cross) on you, teleport away and place one on them too. That glyph, the “Quicksand Glyph” applies the Quicksand state as long as you stand on them, it increases the cost of AP spells by 2 APs.

castupodThe Castupods lvl.119 : They have 3 spells, 1 passive and they are weak to water. “Spiny Shock : Attack in line, deals air damage, the Castupod jumps next to the target. “Spiñata : Deals fire damage and removes 5% Critical hit for 1 turn. “Air Spores One : Buffs 50 elemental mastery to all his allies. The passive “Barbed Shield” : Applies at the end of the Castupod’s turn, once every 3 turns. The Castupod reduces damage taken by 30% and reflects -60HP (fire) at its attacker for one turn.

Second Room

Composition : 2x Schankers, 1x Castupod, 2x Pampastuc, 2x Saguaro

pampastucThe Pampastucs lvl.121 🐾 : They have 3 spells and are weak to air ! They can only use one attack (Spineslaught) if you’re not in close combat, so stay away !. “Pamparush : Deals water damage and removes 40 Dodge. “Spineslaught : Deals fire damage and heals the Pampastuc for approximately 1/3 of the damage dealt. And finally, “Pampaslash : Deals water and fire damage and removes 100 healing mastery (150 in critical) to the target for one turn.

saguaroThe Saguaros lvl.123 🐾 : They have 3 spells and are weak to air ! “Multipoink : Deals earth damage in AoE and removes 1 range in AoE for one turn. “Backapoink : Turns the gaze of the target in his direction then teleports in their back to deal earth damage and heal of approximately 1/3 of the damage dealt ! And the last spell, “Poinkaway : Deals water damage and the Saguaro moves 1 cell away from the target by jumping in the air.

Third Room

Composition : 2x Schankers, 2x Castupod, 2x Pampastuc, 2x Saguaro

Boss Room

Composition : 1x Schanker, 1x Moloch, 1x Castupod, 1x Pampastuc, 1x Saguaro, 1x Ponktius

ponktiusPonktius lvl.135 : Ponktius has 3 spells ! “Rain of Spines” : AoE attack dealing earth damage. Hits in a cross of 5 cells. “Watermelon Crush” : Deals water damage in close-combat and adds +20 levels of Cactible (1% damage inflicted per level of the state). “Boomling” : AoE attack dealing water damage. Hits in a cross of 3 cells.

The Strategy : Ponktius is invulnerable. To make him vulnerable, you have to make his buffs reach the level 10 ! All you have to do is to hit with 10 APs/MPs with the 4 elements. When he’ll become invulnerable, he will get a state “Mad Castuc” : gives +100% damage, +2MPs. When reaching 6 000 HPs he will get a new state “Hopping Mad Castuc” : +2MPs to all allies, +200% damage to all allies, +150% resistances, + 2 000HPs, stabilizes the target, +150 elemental mastery, +2MPs. That state will make him really strong so finish him as fast as possible !


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  • Normal Dungeon drops :

  • Normal Boss drops :


    • Castuc Dungeon I : Complete the dungeon
    • Castuc Dungeon II : Kill the boss first
    • Castuc Dungeon III : Kill the boss last
    • Castuc Dungeon Final : Complete Castuc Dungeon I, II & III – Rewards : Ponktius Miniature

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