Calamar Island

Required Level : level 55              Recommended number of characters : 1

Calamar Island is the only conquerable island, for the moment. To get to it, you will just need to board a boat from any docks of the World of Twelve. It will cost you 30 kamas.

1 – Calamari Damacy

“This island is like heaven on earth! Before you immerse yourself in its diverse activities, though, you should probably go and introduce yourself to its main man.”

  • Go and see Captain Calamari

Reward(s) : 100 000 xp

He is indicated on the picture below (hover to see his location on the map).

2 – Reel Steal

“The captain is probably just playing some kind of practical joke, but a treasure hunt is always fun, and who knows what you might find? Your first step is to steal a compass from one of those dastardly pirates!”

  • Find Cache 22 using a compass pillaged from the pirates

Reward(s) : 100 000 xp

Captain Calamari will give you 10 shovels. Here is where you need to dig (hover to see the location on the map).

3 – Shadow of the Calamari

“It seems this hunt has its fair share of enigmas to solve. This one shouldn’t be too difficult, though.”

  • Find Calamari’s map and copy it out

Reward(s) : 500 000 xp + 50 K

Now, you need to walk on the two tiles and activate the lever in order to open the door, simple, right? Note that it was changed during an update. You needed to call friends for them to stay on the tiles while you activated the lever before. It’s easier now!

Enter the room and click on the miniature to get the map. You’ll find it in your inventory, double click to see the next location!

4 – Earthurn Jim

“It must be a local tradition to systematically bury absolutely everything. Fortunately, the good ol’ Captain is giving out shovels. Now all you need to do is have a proper look at that treasure map.”

  • Find Macawker’s Cache

Reward(s) : 100 000 xp

Here is where you need to dig (hover to see the location on the map).

Now it’s the same as before. Light all tiles by walking on them in order to open the door (yes, we needed 6 players to open it before the update!).

5 – Chowder’s Gate

“The treasure is nearby; any Drheller will tell you that! Now you just need to open that huge door – the one with no keyhole…”

  • Seize the Golden Cage

Reward(s) : 100 000 xp + Macawker

Enter the room and click on the golden cage to start a fight.

You find yourself in a fight against 4 Bontarian pirates. They have between 485 and 650 HPs, they are the same you can find on the beach. What is singular in that fight though, is that you can kill the four pirates but it won’t end the fight. Indeed, every two turns, a new wave will join. One for each Nation! Bonta>Brakmar>Sufokia>Amakna. You need to survive the 4 waves in order to complete the fight and get your reward!

6 – Battle Chest

“Tell Captain Calamari about your victory”

  • Tell Captain Calamari about your victory

Reward(s) : 900 000 xp + 100 K

Simply go back to Captain Calamari, his location is indicated on the picture below (hover to see his location on the map).