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30 thoughts on “Builder

  1. Hey ppl first, love the work you have done here, is amazing!!!
    second, i find an error (or not) im lacking of a AP and a MP on some builds, i compared the same build in another web site (wakfubuildfr) whit this one (!9r2w4 ) is the same and i still lose the ap and mp mentioned before…..

    thats all! love the website !

    1. Hello Daniel,

      Can you explain the issue a bit further and/or link to your build? The AP/MP in the build you linked are the correct amount you should have outside of Dragon Form.
      You have 6 AP base and get additional AP from your: Major point, Weapon, Cape, Epic (Helmet), Relic (Boots), Amulet and Breastplate for a total of 7 AP which puts you at 13 AP as shown in the build.
      For your MP, you have 3 MP base and get additional MP from your: Major point and Boots so 5 MP as shown in your build as well.

      Sorry if I misunderstood your issue and thank you.

        1. Hi Daniel,

          The creator of the guide added the bonus you get from Dragon Form to the build which results in the 1 extra AP/MP/Range.

    1. Meka set parts, as opposed to the set are not called “meka”, but “mecha”. That’s probably why you couldn’t find them.

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