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36 thoughts on “Builder

  1. How is it possible that 10 runes x 20 distance mastery = the same distance critical damage output when compared to that of 10 runes x 20 critical mastery? Am I missing something?

  2. Hey just wanted to ask if the 200% elemental damage you get when you reach level 200 is added to the base elemental%.

    It’s 100% at level 100-199
    I’m pretty sure it is an in battle machanic.

    Anyways method wakfu is amazing, you people do gods work!

    1. Hello Mauquai,

      The elemental mastery bonus you get from your levels is limited to only 100 mastery, even at level 200. That bonus depends on your level and it’ll get added to your build if you have the required level for it.

  3. Hey 😀
    So there is an issue with the pandawa spell Milk Wave. It’s not too big of a deal but i thought you should know.
    When Milk Wave is cast onto the barrel it makes it an aoe, you did add the damage of that which is awesome, although it adds single target damage to the aoe version of milk wave, and does not add AoE mastery.
    I got curious and tested it in game and it does change from single target mastery to aoe mastery when cast on the barrel.
    Thanks! Love the sight and marvelous job!

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