Boze : the Goddesses’ creator

Today we meet again for a new interview and this time it’s Boze ! I discovered his work a long time ago and instantly fell in love with his art style. Open your eyes and enjoy the colourful journey.

 When and why did you start drawing?

I started drawing the moment I was born, it’s really all I’ve ever done and everything in my life revolved around art.

What tools (paint, crayons, graphic tablets) do you master and what are your favorites?

Apart from digital painting (I use a Cintiq when I’m home and a little Intuos when I’m elsewhere) I still love drawing on paper from time to time, it’s a feeling that can’t be replaced. I actually have about six or seven pencil cases with everything ranging from regular pencils to inks, pens, markers, all kinds of rubbers and much more…it’s my little treasure.

– Have you studied art or are you self-taught?

I always went to art school, but I don’t feel like I learned as much as I did on my own (which is very sad), I remember in high school I was frustrated that I wasn’t being taught what I wanted and started teaching myself. Starting from anatomy, that’s when I also decided to tackle the biggest fear of every artist: HANDS!! After that I took a two year course in digital illustration in Florence, which I’m also sad to say didn’t teach me much at all. Then I took three online courses by Nathan Fowkes on, I learned about color, composition, and light. I never learned so much in my life and I suggest any young artists to take these courses. Right now I’m in London studying animation, which is not exactly my thing but I think it’s going to make me grow as an artist and a person, and also open some doors for my future.

– What do you like the most in your activity ?

The creation process, even if the rendering of the drawing is important, that’s kind of the part that makes a project get into a state of eternal work in progress. Trying to get a linear and solid rendering process is something that every artist should aim to get as soon as they can, so that they can avoid too much frustration and actually enjoy the creation that is behind every drawing. I’m currently coming out of that struggle and I’m trying to feel more confident about the rendering, but it can be frustrating that’s for sure.

– Why did you start playing Wakfu and what do you like most about it?

I started playing Wakfu when it was still in beta, I knew about it because I was already playing Dofus since a long time. I like Wakfu for many reasons, I guess what makes it different, to me, is the way the world of Wakfu works and looks: politics, environment among other mechanics and the richness in detail of the terrains make me feel like I’m in a different world. I like when games are able to take you to another dimension, I think Wakfu does a great job at this.

– Why did you decide to create fanarts related to Wakfu?

I draw about Wakfu because, after having played it for so long I’ve acquired a knowledge and love bigger than that of any other game, I feel like I understand it very well and I can’t resist representing it and giving my own spin and style to it, it’s very fun for me. Plus I’ve been admiring and studying Ankama’s art since I was about 14, which I think is the reason it’s easy for me to come up with designs and keeping an “Ankamaish feeling” to it.

– What are your favourite creations ?

I don’t have a favorite, every time I paint something new that’s my new favorite, because I usually hate my old stuff! hehe. Although I guess that’s the case for every creator or artist, it’s very true though. if I had to choose one, with all it’s flaws, and I hope I’ll get to do remake of it sometime… I’d say the Osamodas Goddess, I still like how those horns turned out in the end.

– I saw you started a series of Goddesses, why and will you continue ?

The Goddesses series started from a random sketch I did more than a year ago and it was what would then become the Osamodas Goddess. I didn’t think about her as a Goddess at first but I thought it would fit the character, and then I thought it’d be cool to make one for each class, it seemed like a good idea for a personal project. I’ll definitely continue the series, I just finished the Iop one and I have sketches of other Goddesses, some on paper some on digital. I think it’s going to take a lot of time to finish them all but I also feel like I’m getting way faster at painting, so maybe not so long after all. Plus it’s a lot of fun to come up with their design so I’m definitely not going to stop.

– There is always that “movement” in your creations, how do you work on that ?

That movement is given by my obsession with finding cool anatomical poses. Anatomy is the first of the “fundamentals” that I learned, as I mentioned earlier. The human body fascinates me and by now I can just have fun with it, almost like a tool. I don’t know if there’s a reason that goes deeper than that, I just try to have fun with it as much as I can before I get to rendering, pushing as much as I can and looking for the “cool factor”.

– Do you have any project for 2017 ?

The Goddesses are definitely going to be continuing through 2017, and as far as other personal projects go: I have something else up my sleeve, it has nothing to do with Wakfu but I’m very passionate about it, I don’t really want to say anything about it but it has to do with nature (what a surprise) and sci-fi. I’ve been putting down ideas about it for years now and I want to create some real solid art about it. It’s also very exiting for me because I think it’s a pretty original idea, and it’s kind of hard to come up with those nowadays.

– What are you looking forward the most : Ouginaks, Wakfu season 3, Dofus 3 ?

Ouginaks! Ouginaks! bau! 🙂 Although it’s really hard to decide, all three are incredibly exciting. I’m very much looking forward to Dofus 3 as well.

– Do you have any idol/inspirations for your work ?

I have too many idols, I guess the biggest of all would be… Leonardo Da Vinci! I know…out of nowhere, heh? But he really is the kind of man who I aspire to be, but 2000s version (hey, a man can dream). For what regards people today: a very inspiring man to me is Jim Carrey, for a variety of reasons… but mainly his originality, genius silliness and underneath it all, a very deep personality. Then come the artists, and I cannot avoid mentioning Xavier Houssin (Xa), his art has been inspiring me since I was very young, and I guess you can see it my style, too. His ways with anatomy and colors have always been one step ahead of most other artists out there, at least to me. I really admire his work a lot. Other artists that I admire incredibly and might actually be aliens include: Chris Sanders; Claire Wendling; Arnold Tsang; Alexandre Diboine; Paul Lehr; Moebius; Sergio Toppi; Alphonse Mucha; Hayao Miyazaki; Akira Toriyama… I’ll stop here but the list goes on and on.

– Where can we find your work ?

The best place to follow my works is my Behance portfolio (, as I keep it always updated. My Facebook aswell, since I use it mostly to connect with other artists and share art that I like, image quality there is poor though so I’d suggest Behance to look at the actual paintings. Although, I’m more than happy to add anyone who has an interest in art so you can find me there aswell.

– Anything you would like to add for the community ?

I just want to say: Have fun! Wakfu is a game, it’s meant for you to relax and forget about your worries, not to get more concerned. So don’t take things too seriously, and I’m referring to the complainers that have a lot of frustrations all the time and can’t express themselves properly. Always remember to have fun and be positive. Don’t be toxic, it helps nobody and doesn’t get your point across.

I leave you here with a small teasing of the Sram goddess!

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