Bilbiza Lvl.85

Required Level : level 85             Recommended number of characters : 1

In this festive adventure island aimed to Level 85 and above, you will find new families of monsters, quests downright “Jelly”, colorful dungeons… Only one thing will be prohibited: boredom!

1 – Vamos A la Playa !

“It’s time to reeeelax ! Stop off at the welcome kiosk on the pontoon to find a program of all the activities on offer. Forget about hunting Gobballs for a while : summer’s here, so kick back and enjoy Bilbiza’s hot sun and thumping summer tunes.”

  • Find the program of activies at the Welcome kiosk

Reward : 210 400 xp

2 – Somber Heroes for sale !

“The program of activies mentions an island where the party never stops. Go and show them who the real Lord of the dance is. Whow knows, the regulars might even teach you a few moves of their own !”

  • Go to the Full Jellix Party
  • Take on 5 Bilbiboyz

Reward : 774 800 xp + Emote : Beatbox

Tips : Here you will have to fight Bilbiboyz ! If you never fought them, here how to deal with them : When you hit a bilbiboy he will apply you a buff “Out of Sync”. The level you will get is the level of “Don’t lose the beat” that the Bilbiboy you just hit has. For example, I hit a bilbiboy who has “Don’t lose the beat” level 7, I get “Out of sync” level 7. In order to avoid taking damage and to get a nice buff, you need to reach the level 15 of this state using APs. You gain 1 level per AP used. So if I have “Out of sync” level 7 I will have to use 8 APs during my turn. If I do, I will get the state “You got the Beat” that will buff you with damages, APs, MPs.. If you don’t have “Out of Sync” level 15 at the end of your turn, you will get -1 000 HPs. So be careful, always keep the window of your character open and stay in rhythm !


3 – Bilby King

“Your dance steps have made you the talk of the town here on Bilbiza ! It’s high time you met the big cheese around here : Bilby King. Rumor has it he’s recruiting contestants for the Jellix Show…”

  • Talk to the Bilby King and try to get yourself scouted for the Jellix Show

Reward : 210 400 xp + VIP pass for the Bilbrary

4 – Spying at the Discotheque

“Bilby King has asked you to prove your talent on the Riff Raft. Go have a look around and shake those hips !”

  • Go to the Riff Raft

Reward : 210 400 xp

5 – I’ve got a Feeling !

“The Battle of the Beats is coming up… Finally, your chance to wow the crowd with your dancing and beatbowing talents ! What ? You don’t have any ? Better get to work, then !”

  • Steal the Show at DJ Bilbiboy’s challenge

Reward : 774 800 xp + 500 k

Tips : There will be four cells around you, and you will have four states. Step on the cell whose color matches the lowest level state, cast the spell matching its description, then repeat for the other colors.
Example : Here you can see that the blue buff has the lowest level, so I step on the blue cell. Then you have two blue spells (music, someone dancing), you can clearly see the drawing, and I have to dance. And so the next one is pink dancing, then green music and finally red music..

6 – Someone’s got Talent

“You were a star on the Riff Raft ! Bilby King is sure to be impressed by your performance, and then he’ll have no choice but to let you enter the Jellix Show.”

  • Go and see Bilby King

Reward : 210 400 xp

7 – Fear and Paranoia in Bilbiza

“If you want to perform in the Jellix Show, it’s not enough to be a good dancer. You also need to be at one with yourself. If Bilby King is right, the Hunters at the east of Bilbiza should be able to help you.”

  • Go and see the Hunters near the totem

Reward : 210 400 xp

8 – Interior Adventure

“Search your inner colour by immersing yourself in the Lemon Dimension or the Mint Dimension.”

  • Return victorious from the Lemon or the Mint Dimension

Reward : 1 394 500 xp

Tips : The Lemon Dimension is a game of Pac-Man (Aka. Pac-Jelly) and the Mint one is a Plant vs Zombie-like (Aka. Plant vs Jelly). I personally prefer the Mint Dimension, I think it’s funnier ! I will explain it all further soon. For now, I leave you with a video guide !

9 – Stand By Me

“You’re finally ready for the Jellix Show. Ask Bilby King for an invitation and then travel to the Jellith Dimension to take part in the greatest show of all time… on Bilbiza, at least.”

  • Go back and speak to Bilby King to get into the Jellix Show

Reward : 210 400 xp + Pass to the Jellix Dimension

Tips : First, you have to enter the Jellith Dimension, on the top of the map. Then there will be a zaap for the Jelliw Show on the right of the map.
jellith jellix

10 – Jellpardy !

“Pass the first test of skill at the Jellix Show : the Bilby Music Quiz. With the Jellies’ help, reproduce the melody played by the Bilbydeck.”

  • Copy the sweet melody produced by the Bilbydeck

Reward : 1 394 500 xp

Tips : If you can’t make the difference between the sounds (which I can’t do…) here is the good order : Yellow, Green and Red.

11 – Bilbiza Gladiators

“Pass the second test of skill at the Jellix Show by facing the Bilbiboyz.”

  • Defeat the Bilbiboyz

Reward : 1 394 500 xp

12 – Jellificator

“Win the final of the Jellix Show by overcoming the Jellificator.”

  • Defeat the Jellificator

Reward : 1 394 500 xp + 20 000 k

Tips : That last fight can be easy, but you still have to be careful ! Every hit the Jellificator takes lowers his level of Jely drop by one. Once he reaches 0, the Jellificator loses the fight. Therefore, use spells that doesn’t cost many APs like 1 or 2 APs. Because no matter how strong the attack is, it will just remove one level. So the point is to attack as many times as possible in a turn. But be careful, every turn, your level of Jellification increases. Once you reach level 50, you lose the fight. Be careful, you can get levels of jellifications by many means : the jellies when they hit you, the boss will sometimes put a red area on the ground giving +5, every 5 hits the boss takes he will drop purses on the ground (or they lower your jellification level, or they increase it)…


End of the quest on Bilbiza, you will have to wait for your level 100 to get to the next quest, on Chillberg Island !

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